Harvey Weinstein Sells New York City Townhouse in Secret, Off-Market Deal

Harvey Weinstein House
location: New York City, N.Y.
price: $25,629,826
size: 5,066 square feet

Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein sold his townhouse in New York City’s West Village in a secret, off-market deal for the unusually complicated price of $25,629,826, according to documents filed with city tax offices. Currently hiding out in a rehab facility near Scottsdale, Ariz., and facing an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations and criminal investigations for rape, Weinstein purchased the townhouse on picturesquely tree-lined Bank Street in 2006 — the year before he married his now second ex-wife, red-carpet gown designer Georgina Chapman — for $14.95 million. City records show the 22-foot wide red brick Georgian residence was built shortly after the turn of the 20th century and measures in at 5,066-square-feet over five floors.
The townhouse sale isn’t too much of a surprise to avid real estate watchers given in the last few months the once omni-powerful entertainment industry kingpin has unloaded most of his residential holdings. In January a waterfront estate in the Hamptons went for $10 million, a punishing $1.4 million dollar loss, not counting carrying costs, improvements and real estate fees on the $11.4 million he and Chapman paid for the place in June 2014, and last month he made a hush-hush off-market deal to sell his longtime residence on 5.71 prime waterfront acres in Westport, Conn., for $16 million to one of his deep-pocketed neighbors. Weinstein continues to own a substantially more modest and stylishly renovated Tudor cottage in West Hollywood, Calif., he picked up in late 2015 for $1.55 million. The house had been occupied by one of Weinstein’s children but came up for rent earlier this year at $7,500 per month and unconfirmed word on the celebrity real estate street is the property will likely be sold in the not too distant future.

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  1. Responcible Media says:

    Variety acts like an Evil Brat.
    Real Estate amongst Hollywood high rollers….the actor the Public needs to relate too.
    Trump in the OVAL OFFICE and Real Estate.

  2. FJjd says:

    His victims better go after that money before Weinstein commits some more rapes and the pie has to be split more ways.

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