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Last week, Yolanda and Our Mama over at Variety both discussed billionaire heiress and disruptive film producer Megan Ellison‘s secret new $13,500,000 house in Beverly Hills, the one she acquired in an off-market deal from Lynne Wasserman of Beverly Hills’ Wasserman dynasty.


At the time, Yolanda was a bit confuddled as to why Miss Ellison would want this large and private but rather ho-hum crib. For one, it looks like no home she’s ever bunked up in. For another, she’s fairly recently plunked down a total of $35,250,000 for a Brobdingnagian view compound up at the tippy-top of the little-lauded but conveniently-located (and expensive) Mount Olympus neighborhood.

If you’ve ever trolled the Sunset Strip and happened to glance up at the hills, chances are good your eye has caught the somewhat otherworldly spaceship mansion squatting up there, awaiting takeoff. Looks like something E.T. would build, if E.T. phoned home to his billionaire daddy and got the cash.

But we digress. Why, oh why, would she want that Beverly Hills house?

Miss Shapiro & Miss Ellison

Yolanda’s theories ranged from mildly plausible to decidedly outlandish. Could it be housing for her production company, Annapurna Pictures? (No, she just spent $40 million on luxury office space for that). Is it another remodel-and-flip project? (Right, like she isn’t busy enough with producing already). Maybe it’s a gift for her lady love Robyn Shapiro? (Oh puh-leez). An investment? (Yawn).

So why?!?!


Turns out Yolanda should have given Miss Ellison a little more credit. We should have known she wouldn’t want to spend the rest of her days living in that porn-tastic (seriously, they shot umpteen porn flicks here, not that Yolanda can personally vouch for that, of course) 90’s coke palace.

You see, a few days days after we uploaded that story, we unexpectedly received a message from a tipster who contacted us through an anonymous burner email account. John D’oh, as we’ll call him (we don’t even know his/her real name), whispered to Yolanda that Miss Ellison is about to move into that unlikely Beverly Hills ranch-style house. Yep, that’s right.

Wanna know why? Well, according to Mr. D’oh, our Miss Ellison has long been plotting the ultimate supervillain mega-compound up there on Mount Olympus, and she needs temporary housing until construction is complete.

That’s right. It’s teardown time. She’s bulldozing the whole big beotch!

“Goodbye to you… for now.”

But wait! There’s more. The following day, after we received that first email, the suddenly popular Yolanda received yet another mysterious message from an anonymous individual cloaked behind another burner email account. We’re gonna call this tattletale Maggie DuBois.

We’re not sure if it was all just a coincidence, or if Ms. DuBois is acquainted with Mr. D’oh, or if they might even be the same person. We just don’t know. Regardless, not only did our Ms. DuBois also squeal about Miss Ellison using the Beverly Hills pad as temporary housing while she preps her $100 million+ mega-mega-compound, she also provided some very juicy and downright salacious details about Miss Ellison’s personal life.

Is the pernicious Ms. DuBois a (former) friend of Miss Ellison? Someone with a grudge? Oh dear, Yolanda strongly suspects just that. But sorry, kids, we can’t repeat what she told us. Both because it’s not relevant to the real estate matter at hand and because it was snitched in a rather mean-spirited fashion. Ms. DuBois, let your gurl remind you this is not a forum for public shaming. (But keep the dirt comin’, gurl. Please!!!)

Yolanda, armed with two (or one?) anonymous tips, rushed to our trusty real estate insider pal Don Won to see if we could get an amen on the teardown matter. “Gurl, pleeze,” Mr. Won scoffed. “Don’t give me none of that late ol’ bullshiz. I’ve been hearing that place was sold as a teardown since day one.”

So there you have it, kids. Miss Ellison has been secretly planning a massive complex up on Mount Olympus since 2013. And that also explains the $10 million purchase of the adjacent, vacant hillside land.

And yes, we know this is all a bit crazy since Miss Ellison paid absolute top dollar for the properties ($20,000,000 for the big house, $10,000,000 for the vacant land, and $5,250,000 for the small house). But it also makes perfect sense in an odd way, don’t it?

And no, we have no clue who the architect of choice will be or if plans have even been drawn up yet. So don’t bother asking, you’ll just get slapped. But when we locate the official renderings, y’all will be the first to see. Oh, and Miss Ellison — don’t forget your old man is reportedly the 7th-richest guy on the whole darn planet. You’ve got the moolah to do this 8.8-acre site up however you like. So, baby, do it real big.

  1. Jake says:

    Love this onslaught of construction updated!

    Do you perhaps know is there something happening on that lot next to Sarwono Sutrisno’s house in Beverly Park and who owns it? I think the address is 45 Beverly Park Circle.

      1. Jake says:

        Wow, look at that… I saw some trucks or something in the satellite photo and thought “Finally, the construction started!”

        I also checked LCRA Architecture and Planning’s website, thinking they might have updated the information on Sarwono Sutrisno’s house, but they even removed the drawings of it.

          1. Jake says:

            I seem to have it mixed with Putra Masagung’s lot when it comes to trucks.

            Could you reveal who owns that lot next to Sutrisno?

  2. James says:

    Yolsie, I know you’re busy as hell, but if you ever need an inspiration for an article, given that Sandy Gallin and his Hamptons house are kind of in the news again, would you be kind to do a big whopping bomb of an article on all the properties owned, sold, still owned, re-done and so on by Mr. Gallin? I’d love to read all about it!

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