Megan Ellison wants $15 million for her trash cans

On this Fourth of July holiday, we hope you’ll pause in the midst of celebrating our independence to hold a moment of silence in remembrance of the countless men and women who donated their lives to fight for the freedom we enjoy today.

Were it not for these brave men and women, dearies, we would likely not be able to sit on our wide behind and discuss the $15 million pricetag heiress-turned-film-producer-extraordinaire Megan Ellison just slapped on her trio of (used) Beverly Hills trash cans.


Well, maybe it’s not just the rubbish containers she’s selling. Based on the listing description, we’d guess the nearby house is probably included in the purchase price, too. But since the listing photo prominently features the smelly barrels, we’re going with that.

You’ll recall it was your ol’ gurl Yolanda who first whispered that Miss Ellison somewhat inexplicably paid $13,500,000 via an anonymous blind trust for a well-maintained but undeniably dated ranch-style abode in what many folks (including Yolanda) believe is the best pocket of Beverly Hills.

Just days after we discussed the purchase, we heard from two separate anonymous sources that Miss Ellison purchased the house because she needed a “crash pad” while she razed her entire $35 million compound up in the oft-maligned but well-located Mount Olympus neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills.

Well, apparently Miss Ellison quickly changed her mind about bunking up in the Bev Hills rancher (if that was in fact her original intention) because as our boss beotch Your Mama over at Variety first revealed, she’s thrown the put the property (and the trash cans) up for sale with an ask of $14,995,000. Or nearly $1.5 million more than what she paid a couple months ago.


Unfortunately, the ol’ gurl is a bit camera-shy, because the listing contains just one photo that shows nothing of the property except the front gate, the big-ass privet hedge shielding the house from view, and three black trash cans.

Dayum, Miss Ellison. Gurrrrl! Ain’t you ever heard of recycling? Where’s your green waste cans, too? And leaving them out in your driveway? We oughtta slap you silly for that mess, boo.

(NOTE: the picture appears to have been taken from Google Maps and thus was probably snapped before Miss Ellison ever acquired the property. Also, Miss Ellison has never actually lived in this house, so we doubt she had anything to do with this rubbish bucket conundrum. We’re just trying to drum up drama ’cause there’s precious little else here to discuss! Shut yo’ mouths.)

ANYWAY. Public records tell us the property spans a sizable .88-acre. The single-story sprawler was  built in 1955 and has 5,603 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 8 full bathrooms. Miss Ellison’s listing described the structure as a “Mid-Century Hawaiian Ranch” and points out that “the house has not been on the market in more than a generation”, which is true. Miss Ellison purchased the house, as mentioned, in a totally off-market deal from Lynne Wasserman, the only child of Tinseltown legend Lew Wasserman and the mother of up-and-coming mogul Casey Wasserman. Yolanda strongly suspects that Ms. Wasserman owned this house since the 1960s, which means that this is likely the place where Casey W was raised and also indicates that Miss Ellison may only be the 60-year-old house’s third owner.

The property also contains, per the listing, “mature landscaping, beautiful gardens, huge motor court, [and a] swimming pool.

All of that may not matter much, however. The listing also not-so-subtly implies the house may be a teardown. “Perfect for remodel or rebuild. Your dream estate.”

Given that the house is surrounded by substantial mansions owned by a fabulously wealthy coterie of folks, we’d agree that a teardown or substantial remodel is almost certain. Right behind this house is the 27,000+ square foot glassy mega-mansion built by the late shopping mall mogul Guilford Glazer (still owned by his widow Diane). Just a quick skip away is the shockingly awesome Sunset Boulevard compound of billionaires Stewart & Lynda Resnick. Also very nearby is the mansion that Tom Cruise just sold for $38,000,000 to billionaire financier Leon Black.

So would anyone be surprised if one of those high-end spec-mansion developers pays Miss Ellison the big bucks for this pad? We wouldn’t, not in the least.

And as for our gurl, we fully expect her to proceed with the Mount Olympus teardown, which means she’s gonna have to find some new temporary digs right quick. We’re expecting something back in glassy and modern in the hills, but we shall see.

Choose wisely, dearie. And put those damn trash cans away.





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