“Hawaii Five-O” producer Peter Lenkov buys a slender slice of Malibu oceanfront

Malibu real estate seems a bit sluggish for this time of year, don’t it? Are folks just too busy to get out to the beach nowadays? We keep thinking it’s going to pick up, but here we are in August already. Ah, well…

Well, at least one family is having some fun. Powerhouse TV (and film) writer/producer Peter Lenkov and his second wife, all-but-retired bit-part actress Audie England, have tossed out $6,575,000 on a petite (but obviously expensive) oceanfront crib.

Mr. Lenkov has a long list of credits to his name, but he may be best-known for developing and producing the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, a highly-rated CBS show now entering its 7th season. He’s also produced a whole bunch of episodes for hit shows such as 24 and CSI: NY and will produce the upcoming “eagerly anticipated” MacGyver show reboot.

Listing information says the La Costa Beach home “takes modern minimalism to a new level”. Well, some of that modern minimalism must’ve rubbed off on the listing description, which clocks in at a miserly three lines long on Redfin. Well, we never!

The online marketing materials also do not call out the home’s square footage, but tax records say it weighs in at 1,704 so we’ll go with that. The house was originally a fairly standard 3 bed, 2.5 bath abode, but the most recent owner — a hedge funder named Jim Curtis — remodeled the place to take it down to just 2 beds. We imagine that Mr. & Mrs. Lenkov, parents to four rugrats, might be inclined to restore the place to its original configuration. But who knows!

We’ve got to say, we’re liking this place. This is Yolanda’s idea of what a great beach house should be: not too large. Open. Simple — something that doesn’t distract from the scenery outdoors. A radiant teak hardwood deck on the lower level has a short, private ladder to the beach — fortunately the sandiest stretch of La Costa.

Indoors, the first floor is essentially one large room that combines the living and dining areas and a minimalist kitchen with dark wood cabinetry, high-end appliances, bar seating on the center island, and what appears to be grey linoleum (or possibly granite) countertops.

Upstairs, there’s an ultra-narrow balcony, another disappearing wall of glass that blends the indoors with the out, and one of the most spare master suites Yolanda has ever laid her gorgeous eyes on. Gotta say, it seems like the perfect place to use for a couple nights in a quick pinch.

Out front on PCH, there’s a two-car detached garage.

The Lenkov family are longtime residents of the celebrity guard-gated enclave of Hidden Hills (CA), deep in the San Fernando Valley. Back in August 2012, they paid $5,250,000 for a 3.8-acre property with a 8,836-square-foot, 7 bed / 8.5 bath mansion that’s essentially right next door to a $10.5 million, two-house compound recently purchased by bizarrely rich 19-year-old Kardashian Klan member Kylie Jenner.


Mr. & Mrs. Lenkov’s current home in Hidden Hills, next door to Kylie Jenner

Also in August 2012, the couple sold their old Hidden Hills pad for $2,133,000 to actor Scott Foley. The modest ranch-style number is — oddly enough — all but directly across the street from a massive spec-mega-mansion that was sold for a record-breaking $19,750,000 to behemoth-booted bovine Kim Kardashian and her unstable hubby Kanye Kardashian West.

Mr. & Mrs. Lenkov’s former Hidden Hills house, sold to actor Scott Foley

Stay tuned because starting Thursday and continuing through next week we’ll have a whole bunch of juicy stories for y’all. Sit back and enjoy.

  1. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says:

    I also like this beach home; however, I’d layer the spare master bedroom with additional texture, textiles, and art. And I’m looking forward to your kit and caboodle of naughty stories.

  2. Greg says:

    Let’s ask if his loballing the two Asian stars of five o is raci*t. Picket his house. Sounds like a plan.

  3. Jamie says:

    LOL You guys have no idea how billing works. DDK and GP weren’t paid the same, because they were third and fourth billed. That’s how contracts work. If they wanted the same pay, they needed to renegotiate their billing. They were supporting cast, and they certainly had no problem with it for 7 seasons. Then, all of a sudden it’s an issue. lol For the record, Grace wanted to be with her family more. She was never keen on living in Hawaii, she simply saw it as a job. It has nothing to do with race. Don’t just believe one side of the story, because it involves your fave.

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