“Game of Thrones” co-creator D.B. Weiss lays out $9 million in Hancock Park

As Yolanda has said before, we have never watched that bizarrely popular HBO montage of nudity, violence and swear words that is Game of Thrones. And we very likely never will. But although we publicly roll our beautiful eyes and purse our luscious lips whenever a friend mentions that silly show, we do recognize its immense impact and respect the mountains of moolah it has generated for its creators and assorted cast of actors.

For the last several months, Yolanda has been attempting to uncover the identity of the person who secretly paid a fat $9,000,000 (through a mysterious blind trust) for a lovely ol’ house in the historic old-money bastion of Hancock Park. Turns out, as we finally discovered, that person can afford to live in $9 million splendor because of that damn stupid series. Okay, we’ll shut up about GoT now, because we fear there are multiple fans sharpening their spears in preparation for piercin’ Yolanda’s throat. Forgive us!

The $9 million Hancock Park mansion

This house sale went down totally off-market, so y’all already know what that means: we unfortunately have no (current) photos of the house to share. But we will link y’all to a site that shows how the house looked back in late 2012, when it was publicly sold for $3,110,000. (Yes, in just five years the house tripled in value. How crazy is that?)

Keep in mind that the property has undergone a significant remodel in the last five years and the interior photos do not reflect the current look of the home. But use your imagination and you can see that this is a very lovely 1930s Mediterranean in an equally lovely neighborhood.

According to records, the property sits on a flat .36-acre of land. There is a two-story main house plus a detached garage/guest house combo out back for a total of 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms in 5,828-square-feet of living space. As of late 2012, the house sported formal living and dining rooms, a sun room, a wood-paneled library, and a big swimming pool out back.

The buyer? Oh heavens, didn’t we mention? It’s Dan Weiss, aka D.B. Weiss, who with David Benioff created the Game of Thrones madness. As an aside, Mr. Weiss’s writer wife Andrea Troyer is also longtime BFFs with Mr. Benioff’s wife, actress Amanda Peet. Oh, but we digress…

Mr. Weiss’s former home in the Beverly Grove area near WeHo

Although Mr. Weiss and Ms. Thoyer have already moved into their new Hancock Park mansion, they still have yet to sell their old house, which is located only about 5 minutes (by car) due west from their new spread. Records show they laid out $1,250,000 for the Beverly Grove property way back in 2007, when GoT was still just a golden twinkle in Mr. Weiss’s eye. Although the house is not currently listed for sale, if you happen to be on the lookin’ to buy a cute Beverly Grove Spanish, we think Mr. Weiss and Ms. Troyer would be happy to show y’all the one above. Just give them a ring-ring.

  1. James says:

    Well, this is interesting. I love simple Mediterranean houses like this. It almost reminds me of Nora Walker’s house from Brothers & Sisters.

    By the way, Yolanda: any news on Jennifer Aniston selling her Bel Air abode? Is Jade about to list it? I always doubted that rule “featured in Architectural Digest – sale imminent”, but it does seem to be very, very true…

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