Bird Street Week: Here’s the insane mansion (with three pools) that’s replacing the old Megan Ellison compound

Before we close the book on Bird Street Week, we wanted to give y’all a quick and dainty treat. Thanks to our real estate insider Don Won, we’ve got a right delight for everyone.

You see, Mr. Won dug up renderings of the uber-modern mega-compound that will be replacing two of Oracle heiress/film producer Megan Ellison’s three old houses on Nightingale. All three have been razed by their respective new owners, and we already showed you Ted Waitt’s plans for the third lot.

The other two, smaller lots were sold in separate but concurrent transactions to the same buyer: billionaire British heir (and new daddy) Ashley Tabor. Want more details? See Yolanda’s previous post on the subject. Suffice to say that Mr. Tabor has 1 acre of dirt up there (not all of which is usable). And for that, he paid more than $26,000,000. Yes. You read right. That’s $26 million of dirt, kiddies.

While his neighbor Mr. Waitt sought out ubiquitous mega-mansion architect Richard Landry to design his new modern coke palace, Mr. Tabor went a slightly less (in)famous route with the glammy-house-specialist firm XTEN Architecture, also based in LA.

What XTEN hath wrought is a swoopy, louche-y, and dare-we-say ritzy extravaganza of disappearing glass walls, hard angles, and infinity edges for days.

Because the two adjacent parcels are not level with each other, the giant new compound is actually two separate structures (one two levels tall and the other, three) linked by a giant and completely glass-walled living room overlooking the massive (main) pool. This living room is so huge, kids, Mr. Tabor could probably dock his Gulfstream G650 in there if he’s feeling pinched for time.

A closer inspection on the renderings reveal there appear to be not one, not two, but three swimming pools, all on different levels. The main (and largest) one is outside the living room, then there’s one on the second floor of the structure immediately to the west. The lower structure also has an L-shaped pool that partially surrounds a sunken outdoor living room/lounge with a built-in firepit.

Blah, blah, blah. We know you don’t want to hear us blab on. So without further ado, here are the pics.

Oh, just one more thing. In a couple years, we just know this house will be the talk of Boystown. So if any of you WeHo boys out there score an invite, which you will ’cause Mr. Tabor loves the fellas — be a dear and send your gurl Yolanda your pics and your stories about this place. Anything, really. We don’t mean to sound desperate, but for a crazy place with three pools like this, well, we’d sell our firstborn. If we had one.



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