Megan Ellison’s old compound bites the dust

It’s official, kids. Though he bought both houses from her nearly 2.5 years ago, it was only this month that British heir Ashley Tabor finally razed Megan Ellison’s old Bird Streets compound. RIP.


Property records show Mr. Tabor – who became a father recently via surrogate, congrats! – paid $10,875,000 for the smaller house and $15,375,000 for the larger one. No, Yolanda has not been hittin’ the bottle. No, we didn’t mistakenly add an extra zero or two. Mr. Tabor really did pay a throat-constricting $26,250,000 in total, beotches. For two teardowns. Remember kiddies, these sales came just prior to the peak of the LA spec-mansion boom.

We think Mr. Tabor will build one giant mansion to cover both lots, but to date we have not seen any plans. If you or yo’ mama know of any lurking on on the interwebs, be a dear and point your gurl to them.


Of course, these two houses were only two-thirds of the baller Miss Ellison’s three-structure spread. The third and largest piece of her real estate puzzle was sold for $20,500,000 (also in 2013) to computer entrepreneur Ted Waitt, who we’ve been told has also torn down his house.


Goddess Megan has, of course, relocated to her new monster pad up in the well-located but little-lauded “Mount Olympus” neighborhood. Property records show she forked out $20,000,000 for the house as well as another $10,000,000 for some additional acreage on the hillside below.

As for Mr. Tabor, Yolanda happens to know that he’s bought a temporary LA house in which to live while he waits for the new pad to be completed. Records show he forked out a blistering $11,570,000 for his Beverly Hills “crash pad” nearly two years ago. The property sits on a very swanky hilltop street where some of the nearest neighbors are very, very, very rich folks like Tony Pritzker, James Murdoch, and Sandra Bullock.

What all that means, beezies, is that the obviously mega-rich Mr. Tabor currently owns nearly $38 million worth of LA real estate. And that’s not counting the millions more he has spent and will spend for the demolition, plans, and construction of the new Birds mansion. Ka-ching!


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