Yolanda’s Apology

Listen, my dears, if you happened to try logging onto Yolanda’s hot mess of a blog sometime in the past couple days, you probably experienced a tragedy. Yes, babies, our site was offline for about 48 hours. For that, we do apologize and beg forgiveness.

And no, Yolanda had absolutely nothing to do with that disconnect of services. You see, your gurl has a few haters. Mostly we suspect they’re jealous of our jewels and our Caddy. They might also be bitter because Yolanda stole their man (hey, it’s not your chick’s fault. 9 times out of 10 these fellas insist they ain’t even married!).

Anyway, some Bitter Betty with too much time and money on her hands unleashed a vicious flood of spam bots on Yolanda’s blog, forcing us to abandon our original host for more secure waters. Try us now, beotches. You thought a few of your minions would scare your gurl off the interwebs?! Think again. Yolanda’s dealt with a lot of doubters in her lifetime. We ain’t scared of y’all. And we ain’t goin’ nowhere. Trust.

Now then, all our content has transferred to our new site (naturally Yolanda backs up her shit). All the links should also be working properly, but if you come across a 404 error, be a doll and let your gurl know via the comment section or via our email at yolandayakketyyak@gmail.com.

The only thing we are missing on here is all our photos. Naturally we still have them — all saved and nicely backed up — but transferring them over has proven to be a wee bit tricky. We think we’ll have them up shortly, but for now sit tight.

This ugly format will not be staying for long, either. Your gurl Yolanda has a talented designer friend who will be making this ugly confection much prettier cute.

Have a happy 4th. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff on the way. So stay tuned — and keep those haters nice and shaken off.

  1. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says:

    Welcome back Ms. Yakketyyak! May your hackers win the lottery, so that they can afford only the finest specialists, who discover new cures for them every year!

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