Sasha Spielberg scoops up a Silver Lake starter house

She may not be anywhere near as rich or well-known as her older sister, the mansion-buying Jessica Capshaw, but Sasha Spielberg is still the daughter of a living Hollywood legend who makes do with a modest net worth in the vicinity of 3.8 billion bucks. So it’s really not particularly surprising that when it came time to select her first home — let’s call it her bachelorette pad — Miss Spielberg took a serious look-see at houses with pricetags well beyond the seven-figure barrier.

Before we get to her stylish new Silver Lake home, however, a little background. Miss Spielberg is the fourth of seven children in the blended Spielberg family and the eldest of the three biological spawn born to Steven Spielberg and his longtime wife, actress Kate Capshaw. The 26-year-old Miss Spielberg has appeared in several of her father’s movies, formed an indie band with her brother Theo, dabbled in modeling, and is also an Ivy League graduate.

Miss Spielberg

Though she is the daughter of a multi-billionaire, Miss Spielberg doesn’t automatically get everything she wants. Take this house, for example. The sale price of $1,780,000 is actually a shocking $185,000 more than the seller — who appears to be LA Times fashion critic and jewelry designer Tom Binns — was asking for the property, indicating that Miss Spielberg had to fight, whip, and even snatch weaves from some very fierce real estate competition before she got the keys to her new house.

For the record: Miss Spielberg’s name does not actually appear on the deed for this house. Public documents only list the buyer as something called “Mi Casa LA LLC, as Trustee of the Tree House Trust”, whatever that means. But Yolanda happens to know for a fact that it’s her.

The mid-century modern gem was built circa 1954 by architect Robert A. Pratt and constructed almost entirely from redwood, maple, concrete and steel. Sited on a .29-acre, three-parcel lot in the Silver Lake hills, the property is thickly wooded, affording the house near-complete privacy from the neighbors and the street yet still retaining lovely city views.

A 1,885-square-foot house with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms may be very modest by celebrity (and billionaire) standards, but it’s certainly plenty of house for a single young person. The selling points here are the architecture, privacy, and views. And the home plays quite a strong game in those categories.

And lookie here — we’ve even got a lovely floor plan for y’all to peruse.

The first thing you may notice is that the structure has no garage, just a single-vehicle carport adjacent to the entryway. The floor plan is masterful in its simplicity — kitchen, dining room, living room, and guest bathroom downstairs. Master suite and guest suite upstairs. 800 sq. ft. of deck space.

Really the only awkward thing — besides the cramped kitchen — is the fact that the master crapper is not connected to the master bedroom. Miss Spielberg must leave her inner sanctum and brave the harrowing journey across the hall to access the bathroom.

A narrow and twisty and obstacle-filled pathway leads from the street to the redwood-slathered home’s entryway. Don’t attempt this pilgrimage when tipsy.

Here we have the light-flooded living and dining rooms. Yolanda covets that wooden oval table and that hanging light fixture above it. Miss Spielberg, if you should happen to read this, drop your gurl Yolanda a line and we assure you we can work out a mutually advantageous deal. Or you could just be a dear and donate them to poor little Yolanda, too. Pretty please?

Anywho, the hardwood floors are maple. Nice kitchen pass-through up there, too.

The kitchen is cramped by modern standards but well laid out and entirely functional. While the house has plainly been updated since 1954, most features still retain their original look. With a house this distinctive updating can only alter so much, right?

Both levels have huge wooden decks for parties or simply basking in the oppressive solitude and reflection of our microscopic existence, as we are but a mere dash — a fleeting jolt — of electricity on eternity’s infinite celestial plane. (Sorry, Yolanda had a wee nip of the cooking sherry this morning.)

The master bedroom retains the “treehouse” vibe. Wouldn’t you like to wake up to that view every morning? And we love the ceiling beams that do not intersect the bed. Good feng shui.

As for the master bath, we think the wood could use a staining or replacement or something. But we will say that we adore the unconventional candy-apple-red tiles. We don’t even care!

The previous owner appears to have used the second bedroom as a sitting room. The outdoor lounge is where Yolanda would plant her tushie every weekend with a good murder mystery book or perhaps an assortment of organic crackers and hummus. Don’t judge.

Listing information says the street-to-street lot has ample “room for expansion and additional structures”. There’s also — again per the listing — plenty of room for a cement pond but we really have no idea if the fair-skinned Miss Spielberg is at all interested in undertaking the installation of such.

Of course, the once unfashionable but now expensive, hipster-approved and almost totally gentrified  Silver Lake area — next door to Los Feliz on LA’s Eastside — is home to a healthy handful of other celebrities that include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morena Baccarin, Mark Duplass, and Jorja Fox.

Sad note: Yolanda will be traveling for much of the next two weeks so we may not have enough time to post our normal flurry of stories. We do apologize and beg forgiveness. Yolanda will try her very best to stay regular with y’all. In the meantime, stay cool, don’t act a fool, and don’t cry too much over the Brangelina divorce. It’s just money and houses and not even ours at that. Capiche?

Selling agent: Robert Kallick, Sotheby’s
Miss Spielberg’s agent: Ann Eysenring, The Agency


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