Rich Eisen & Suzy Shuster pay $8 million in the Crest Streets

While trendy neighborhoods such as Trousdale Estates and the Bird Streets may hog the majority of the LA real estate headlines, there’s another, lesser-known neighborhood just to the west of those sexy areas where prices can climb nearly as high.

The “Crest Streets”, as they have been labelled by real estate agents, are a collection of several narrow, twisting roadways in the lower Beverly Hills Post Office area, sandwiched between heavily-trafficked Coldwater Canyon Road and Trousdale Estates. They are also treasured by a certain set of folks for the privacy the neighborhood affords while still offering easy access to all the local hotspots. Some of these people include Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Molly Sims (who just sold her Crest Streets house recently to Pacific Palisades). Then there’s P. Diddy (who leased a house belonging to Paris Latsis for five years before buying his new Nile Niami mansion in Holmby Hills) and China-based advertising mogul Dan Mintz, who spent $18,000,000 for a Nile Niami-built modern extravaganza at the top of the Crest Streets back in 2012.

It’s also here where, since 2003, NFL Network 24/7 talking head Rich Eisen and his fellow talking head (and Emmy Award-winning) wifey Suzy Shuster have resided with their two sons in a fully-updated-but-relatively-modest-by-celeb-standards 3,162-square-foot pad they bought way back when for $1,940,000.

Mr. Eisen & Ms. Shuster

Now, kids, Mr. Eisen & Ms. Shuster are rich as hell. So it was really no shock when late last year (2015), as noted by our friends over at the LA Times, the couple hoisted their longtime home up on the market with an asking price of $3,255,000. Yolanda felt certain the pair were ready to upgrade to a mogul-worthy mansion.

Sure enough, kiddies, it’s happened. But what surprised Yolanda is how much love Mr. Eisen and Ms. Shuster have for their longtime neighbors. Not only is their big new mansion also in the Crest Streets, it’s essentially right around the corner from their former home. They could literally carry all their junk over to their new crib! (Okay, maybe it’s not quite that close. But trust us, it’s pretty damn close.)

Mr. Eisen & Ms. Shuster have mad love for the neighborhood, obviously

The couple’s new I’ve-made-it-real-big mansion was never on the (open) market, so unfortunately Yolanda don’t have any pictures to share with y’all. However, we do know that the vaguely-Tudor-style house was originally built way back in 1937, sits on a big (for the area) .78-acre lot, and sprawls out over 4,658-square-feet of living space with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

So maybe it’s not exactly a “mansion”, but it’s definitely a big upgrade. And the $7,750,000 that records reveal Mr. Eisen & Ms. Shuster paid for the property through their “Juice Bar Trust” would put most mansions in LA to shame. How you like them apples?

The seller, also per property records, was Golden Globe-winning film producer Mike Lobell. He and his wife Aase acquired the residence for just $2,403,500 back in 1998. So everyone should be happy in this deal! The Shuster-Eisens got their big house, and the Lobells walked with a huge profit.

Mr. Eisen & Ms. Shuster’s pedigreed new $8 million house

According to the fine folks at The Movieland Directory, this house was also once owned by Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac. It would appear to Yolanda — from a cursory glance through records — that Ms. McVie acquired the house way back in 1978 and was the one who sold it to Mr. & Mrs. Lobell twenty years later.

The completely walled-and-gated property encompasses a spacious front motorcourt with a two-car garage off to one side. Satellite imagery also reveals there’s a classic, Golden Age of Hollywood-style oval swimming pool to the south of the structure. It would appear that the property has enough space for the new owners to add a full-size tennis court, but we really have no idea if they will undertake the installation of such.

And as for their polished and art-filled prior house (above), records show Mr. Eisen & Ms. Shuster finally sold it this July (2016) for $3,255,000 or just $40k under their initial asking price. The buyer was a lady named Veronica Dashev. And our Mrs. Dashev — who goes by Ronnie — is also a big name in the entertainment industry, wouldn’t ya know! Mrs. Dashev once partnered with her Madge-sty Madonna to launch an entertainment company known as Maverick, whose first releases were Madonna’s uber-controversial coffee table book Sex and her studio album Erotica. (Both Ms. Dashev and Madonna are no longer part of Maverick as it exists today).

You know Yolanda’s having a good day when she can work Madonna’s name into a story about an NFL anchor buying a new house. May our next post be so fortunate. Until then — toodles, betches.


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