“Rented lifestyle” guru Christy Bamber flips her (owned) Trousdale Estates house

Listen, everyone, Yolanda is sick like a dog today so we’re going to be uncharacteristically brief with this one because we need to go kneel before the porcelain goddess once again. But we digress!

Here we have a young blonde lady from Nashville named Christy Bamber. Miss Bamber has a fairly popular Instagram account (18,000 followers) called “Rented Lifestyle”. The mission of this Instagram account, so says Ms. Bamber, is to give “luxury travel, fashion, and lifestyle tips from a serial renter!”

“Renting a lifestyle is much easier than owning it. Returning an item after it has been worn or played with, becomes a freedom. With less ownership, comes less responsibility. Variety increases, while costs decrease.”

Sure, hunny. That all sounds well and good. But just what does plunking down $14,500,000 last year on a sexed-up Beverly Hills mansion have to do with living a rented lifestyle?

For the record, Ms. Bamber and her Nashville entrepreneur husband Larry Beckwith purchased the property via the rather boringly-named “Trousdale BH Properties Trust”. Yawn. If it were up to Yolanda she’d rechristen that mess the “We gotta lotta money so we actually don’t need to rent Trust”. But we suppose that’s irrelevant since they’re trying to unload the place now, right? Right.

Situated in a prime section of one of Trousdale’s main thoroughfares on a sizable .55 acre lot, the sleek contemporary residence (originally built in 1959 but essentially rebuilt from scratch in 2014) boasts 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms in approximately 6,000 square feet. The asking price today is $17,995,000.

We haven’t the faintest idea why Ms. Bamber & Mr. Beckwith are attempting to sell their Beverly Hills baller crib scarcely a year after purchasing it. And we also don’t see why the residence is asking $3.5 million more than what it sold for just 12 months ago. It does not appear that Mr. Beckwith and Ms. Bamber have made any significant alterations to the property.

But que sera, sera. Trousdale Estates is still as hot as ever. There’s Brian Sheth who splurged $38 million on a much larger new house up the street, Maurice Marciano who copped a similarly-sized crib for $20 million, and a $50 million teardown way up high on Hillcrest.

The completely walled and gated front entryway leads to the three-car garage and motorcourt.

Inside, everything is as cool and modern as you’d expect of a newly-remodeled Trousdale house. Terrazzo and marble are everywhere.

Honey-hued oak flooring runs throughout the main living spaces. Walls of glass create that seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor living.

Just a few steps away from the living & family rooms is the ultra-modern kitchen, which sports a Chevy-sized center island topped with what appears to be a massive slab of black marble. There’s also a walk-in wine cellar/closet nearby for the booze hound in your family.

The sizable master suite has more of the oak wood flooring, marble, and walls of glass.

There’s also a petite room with floor-to-ceiling mirrors that Ms. Bamber appears to be using as a yoga studio.

The bathrooms look like they were imported directly from some boutique 5-star hotel. Even the crappers look super fancy.

The backyard is surprisingly small but does manage to accommodate lots of outdoor seating and a zero-edge saltwater swimming pool. There’s also a damn firepit that runs up uncomfortably close to the edge of said pool.

Frankly, y’all, Yolanda would sooner inject Frank’s Red Hot into her eyeballs than half to hoist her fat ass over a damn firepit every time she wanted to go for a swim, but whatever.


Ms. Bamber & Mr. Beckwith appear to own (or rent?) a Mercedes G-wagen and a late-model Porsche 911 Cabriolet. Yolanda will take the Porsche, thank you very much. Ms. Bamber & Mr. Beckwith, you can keep the old brick-shaped clunker of a Benz.

Speaking of Mr. Beckwith, our boy has a lot of money. The Nashville native/resident founded Eco Energy Inc. in 1992. Eco Energy is a “leading provider of biofuel supply chain management solutions, handling 10 percent of the domestic market. Together with our partner, Copersucar S.A., we are the largest biofuels, logistics, and trading company in the world, handling 12 percent of the market share worldwide.”

In late 2012, Mr. Beckwith sold his energy company for a big-time $100 million, which is probably how he and Ms. Bamber (they were married in 2014) can afford to buy a $14,500,000 house in what is perhaps the most desirable neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

As chronicled by the our UK buddies at the Daily Mail, Mr. Beckwith was sued by his ex-wife (the first Mrs. Beckwith) in 2013. Chief among her concerns was that Mr. Beckwith significantly undervalued his company’s worth prior to their split. (the former Mrs. Beckwith eventually dropped her lawsuit.)

Mr. Beckwith has since gone on to found Iconic Entertainment, a “full-service entertainment company”. Iconic’s main client appears to be an up-and-coming country singer named Kelsea Ballerini.

Anyway, Mr. Beckwith and Ms. Bamber do what all newlywed couples do and split their time between their $3.5 million estate in the swanky Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee and their sexy (soon to be sold?) $14.5 million pad in Beverly Hills. By all accounts, they are madly in love.

Aww, sweet. Can’t buy that happiness. But you can rent it, we suppose…

  1. The absolute truth says:

    Larry Beckwith has had three wives, not two, and he is 30 years older than Ms Bamber. He is 62 and she is 32.

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