Ed Snider’s widow Lin Spivak shells out $7 million in Brentwood

Last April (2016) billionaire entertainment and pro sports magnate Ed Snider succumbed to cancer in his colossal Montecito estate (more on that place in a minute) at the ripe old age of 83. He left behind a colorful legacy of multiple successful businesses, millions of dollars donated to philanthropic causes, expensive homes across the country, and a turbulent personal life.

In case you didn’t know, Mr. Snider was the owner and founder of the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers team. He was also — at one time or another — full or partial owner of both the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers.

Arguably Mr. Snider’s most notable business venture, however, was his founding of Comcast Spectacor, a business conglomerate that owns Philly’s Wells Fargo Center, runs a property management company, and operates a food service business plus an event ticket distributor. In 2012, Mr. Snider’s net worth was pegged at an Oprah-style $2.5 billion. Somehow in the midst of all his work, he found time to divorce his first three wives and sire six children.

At the time of his death, Mr. Snider had been married for only about three years to his fourth (and final) wife, Philadelphia socialite Linda “Lin” Spivak Snider, who was more than 30 years younger than her late hubby. Did he find true love at long last, at the twilight of his life? We may never know!

Ms. Spivak and the late Mr. Snider (RIP)

We don’t know much else about the Widow Snider except from what online images tell us. She seems to be a well-dressed, attractive brunette who appears younger than her actual age (late 40s). She’s been married at least once before — sorry, we ain’t got no sordid details on the ex-husband — and she must not have wanted to stay in her late husband’s Montecito estate. We say that because we know she paid $7,400,000 last October (2016) for a mini-compound in the tony Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. We’re just getting around to discussing it now because we’re way behind like that. Capiche?

Oh, but before we go in on the house, one interesting detail. Yolanda discovered tons of evidence online — including this — that indicates Mrs. Spivak-Snider gave birth to a baby in summer 2016, just a couple months after her husband passed on.

What?! Really? Yolanda does not mean to be nosy or unclassy, but we’d love to know whose kid this is. Mr. Snider’s? (Man, he was frisky for an 83-year-old cancer victim!). Was it someone else’s? (Escándalo!) Is she a surrogate mama or something? Please, Bueller, do let us know.

Anywho, Ms. Spivak and the enigmatic baby will be moving into this house. If they don’t decide to demolish it, that is.

Located a block south of Sunset Boulevard and just about a block east of the super-prime Brentwood Park neighborhood, the compound is privately situated on an unusually large (for the neighborhood) 1.35-acre lot. The only thing visible from the narrow street out front is a wrought iron gate and a black-topped driveway that passes over a whimsical wooden bridge on its way to a huge black-topped motorcourt and two-car garage.

Outdoor spaces are quite charming and include lots of mature trees, a rose garden, a kidney-shaped pool, and large lawns. There are brick and concrete terraces with multiple outdoor dining options and a pizza oven.

Four structures are hidden on the property’s extensive grounds: a 4,198-square-foot main house with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, a 2-bed/2-bath guest house of unknown square footage, a second guest house (also of unknown square footage), and a rather cool-looking greenhouse/solarium as shown in the right photo above.

Unfortunately, the inside of the house completely loses Yolanda with its overly fussy Grandma-esque frou-frou decor. (No offense to any grannies out there!). According to the listing, the property had not been on the market in 47 years, and it shows. There is chintz and drapery and knick-knacks in nearly every room, and that red carpet coupled with the pink ceiling treatment in the family room is giving poor old Yolanda a searing case of heartburn.

Like a horrific car crash, Yolanda can’t seem to tear her eyes away from these photographs. The pool table/library room has a cheetah-print carpet, the kitchen has cocks on the green barstools and a cluttered pot rack, and the formal dining room has a ton of random crap and a barrel for churning butter. That reminds us of one of our favorite scenes in Bridesmaids, naturally.

Yolanda is quite certain that a fancy lady like Ms. Spivak will not move into this house without giving it a full renovation, if not just razing it and building anew. We shall see, shan’t we?

Reportedly Mr. Snider’s favorite home was his custom-built Mediterranean-style mega-mansion in tony Montecito, CA. It was here — as previously mentioned — where Mr. Snider passed on. And while discussing death generally gives us the willies, we really can’t think of a more idyllic setting to spend your final hours on this earth.

Back in 2012, Mr. Snider listed his house for a throat-constricting $52,000,000. Although there were unconfirmed rumors that the property was put into escrow at an unknown price with a pharmaceutical tycoon named Jack McGinley, the deal was never consummated and the home eventually delisted. Within three months of Mr. Snider’s death, however, the home bounced back onto the open market with a familiar asking price ($52 million). The 21,345-square-foot behemoth remains available for sale.As a bonus, the house comes with a very famous next-door neighbor — Oprah herself.

At the time of his death, Mr. Snider owned several other properties including a 15,000-square-foot mansion in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia), a family compound up in Maine, and a townhouse in New York City’s Gramercy Park that was sold last September (2016) for $7,300,000 to Revlon CEO Fabian Garcia. The Maine and Pennsylvania homes appear to remain in the Snider family’s possession.

We’ve yet to see Ms. Spivak (or her alleged baby) sashaying around town, but if/when she moves to her Brentwood crib, she’ll be neighbors with lots of rich folks, including billionaire SnapChat founder Evan Spiegel. His $3.3 million starter house is just a few doors away, though he’s already moved on to bigger and better Brentwood digs.

Listing agents: Beth Styne & Brendan Morris-Banfield, Coldwell Banker
Ms. Spivak’s agent: Adi Werthman, Hilton & Hyland

  1. Kaye says:

    Thank you. Wondered what happened to her
    Baby. God help baby. Wouldn’t want her to be my Mother.

    Wonderful wonderful man. Kind and nice to all. Loved loved his doggie “Tammy”. Even doggie didn’t like her!!!!!

  2. pederoway says:

    the woman is a monster, she treated this wonderful man so horribly, she was removed from the home before he passed away. not one of his family or friends have any contact with her. she’s moving back to west coast again, as life in Philadelphia was unbearable for her. everyone knows how horrid this woman is, nothing but money and power does she seek, now all are aware.

  3. Donna says:

    Well the devil Lin Snider , she would like to say but she is divorced from a wonderful wonderful man!!!! He is the reason she has what she has! She has never worked a day in her life. Back home in Philadelphia she was named THE MAINE LINE WHORE!!! And her own father gave her that name!!! I am just puzzled how a wonderful, smart genius man could get himself involved with such a ruthless cold hearted BITCH!!!! WATCH OUT LA SHE IS COMING THERE TO LIVE THIS WEEK!!! LADIES BEWARE!!!!

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