CAA super-agent Jeremy Plager spends big in the Hollywood Hills

Yolanda had a hectic Sunday — our third ex-husband Randall got whacked upside the head with a dead platypus wielded by yours truly, but we digress — so all we got time for tonight is this quickie tale about a mega-successful talent agent and his actress wife. But stick around for the rest of the week. Promise it’ll be worth your while — we’ve got lots of fun material in the hopper.

For the moment, let’s discuss this spread high in the Hollywood Hills. The totally redone home just sold for over $5 million, which is a big number for this particular neck of the LA woods.

The owners technically took title under a blind trust, but a wee bit of sniffin’ around reveals they are are A-list talent agent Jeremy Plager and actress/comedian Andrea Savage.

Jeremy Plager & Andrea Savage

Mr. Plager and Ms. Savage — both in their mid-40s — have been married for at least a decade, or basically since the dawn of time by Hollywood standards. Despite their busy careers, the couple found time to make a daughter together (the young lass is now a preteen, or “tween” as the fashionable folks would say).

Mr. Plager represents some of the biggest names in entertainment — on his client roster are Jennifer Lawrence, Gerard Butler, Sally Field and Elle & Dakota Fanning. Just to list a few of the bigger ones. Imagine how much cash he hauls in from those money makers alone!

As for Ms. Savage, she’s a very funny lady who has been acting since her teenage years. She is perhaps best-known for Hulu‘s reality TV parody series The Hotwives, and she currently stars in the TruTV comedy series I’m Sorry. Oh, and Ms. Savage is also quite the smarty-pants — she graduated from the Ivy League’s Cornell University.

Last sold in 2015 for just $2.03 million, the structure was once a rather dowdy mid-century modern but has been radically reimagined by a local developer. Walls of glass, new outdoor entertaining areas and a stunning infinity pool are guaranteed to wow guests and the hired help alike.

Like many Hollywood Hills homes, the residence sits rather hard-up on the street. But it’s also blessed with eight off-street parking spaces and an unexpectedly deep lot with extensive landscaping — the setting feels more like a remote tropical jungle than a crowded neighborhood in the LA hills.

And yes, we know the house doesn’t look particularly special — or expensive — from the street out front. But Yolanda kinda enjoys the subtlety of this property. Nobody, not even some of their closest neighbors, will ever suspect that Mr. Plager and Ms. Savage have got one of the sexiest homes around.

Interior spaces go for the glam with high ceilings, glossy (marble?) floors and monumental walls of glass. At a button’s touch, those walls glide away to blur the line between the indoors and out.

The ultra-chic kitchen features a Chevy Suburban-sized center island with pricey Thermador appliances. Listing information indicates there are 3 beds and 3 baths in the main house, plus a downstairs media/games room which can be “easily configured as a guest suite.”

The master bedroom sports a snazzy fireplace and disappearing walls of glass granting direct backyard access. Watch your step, though, as the pool is quite close to the house — don’t y’all dare venture out yonder if you’ve consumed more than four bloody Marys in a 10 minute period.

This place is all about the outdoor entertaining, clearly, and it excels on that front. The large lawn has a built-in firepit, and there are views over the tree-choked canyon (and beyond).

On the hillside below the pool — just down a wooden flight of stairs — lies a rockin’ open-air pavilion with wet bar, kitchen, and a huge terrace for al fresco dining. Hidden somewhere else on the lush grounds is a wee “artist’s studio” for you crazy creative types. Yolanda would just store her secret bourbon stash in that shed, but we digress yet again.

The old Savage-Plager Sherman Oaks abode

Before buying this place, Ms. Savage and Mr. Plager lived in the uber-suburban San Fernando Valley community of Sherman Oaks. Records show they picked up the Mediterranean McMansion back in 2010 for $2,415,000 and sold it in late 2016 for nearly $3 million. (The buyers were a non-famous couple, if anyone was curious.)

And some of the Savage-Plager family’s nearest new Hollywood Hills neighbors include celebrity Pastor Judah Smith — he’s livin’ large for the Lord, apparently — John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, and at least one of those whackadoodle YouTube stars.

Listing agent: Billy Rose, The Agency

  1. Sandy Santa Monica says:

    Perhaps the fact JLaw has recently gone the ‘Indy-by-way-of Rick Yorn’ route ( Γ  la Leo), has something to do with this choice. After all, someone has to be blamed for her last four choices and sure ain’t her, duh! πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š. I would file this under ‘Nice House/Good Value’ (by local standards, of course).

  2. 2CentTrick says:


    Howdy, colleague! My two cents on the JLaw fiasco: she left CAA for Rick Yorn and the same attorneys that handle Leo in a last ditch effort to save her career. Yes, CAA has been on a losing streak recently but that’s not the only reason why the road has gotten pretty narrow for her. She has alienated audiences with her immature antics on the red carpet and on talk shows, and what was once cute about her unfiltered personality has worn on them.

    Oh and nice house, Plager!

    -Just the opinion of a friendly UTA agent

    1. Sandy Santa Monica says:

      A lot of self-inflicted wounds on her part. Her Q score went from +27 to single digits in three years. I always arm myself with analytical data when co-workers argue that a client’s polarizing views/behavior haven’t impacted his/her market value. Almost without exception it does. I’m on the content side now, which has given me fresh perspective on how important audience perception is. UTA now diving headlong into content. Yeah! It’s a brave new world.

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