Dr. Prem Reddy Buys Big Brentwood Park Mansion

It was only last October (2015) that a jury found Southern California hospital juggernaut Prime Healthcare Services liable for $1 million in damages stemming from a sex scandal lawsuit.

Salacious details aside, it seems the negative publicity and substantial judgment haven’t slowed the spending of Prime’s notoriously extravagant owner, Dr. Prem Reddy (for what it’s worth, Prime stated they plan to appeal the desicion). In fact, he seems to have celebrated the occasion by spilling out $15,800,000 on an A-List style property in LA’s quietly swanky Brentwood Park ‘hood.

The house, a rambling Mock-Mediterranean style residence generously described in listing details as a “Timeless Richard Landry estate” (Timeless?!?! Seriously? Whatever…) was built in 2001 by the seller, private equity guru Gary Pokoik, and was hoisted onto the market in June 2015 with a heavy-duty $18,500,000 pricetag. Within weeks the property was in escrow with an unknown buyer at an unknown price. For also unknown reasons, that escrow eventually went kaput and the property returned to the market. By October, the price had tumbled down to $16.5 million. Then along came the good Doctor, who snatched it up through a corporate entity at the still-lower bargain basement price of $15.8 million.

The house sits on an entirely-flat triangle-shaped .71-acre parcel south of Sunset, and the property can be accessed through a choice of two connecting gates that lead up a notably-wide cobblestone half-circular driveway.

Interior surfaces are mostly beige or neutral-toned and include an airy kitchen with beige tile flooring, creamy white cabinetry, white granite countertops, and white double doors that conveniently lead to both to the outdoor lounging patio area and the surprisingly compact step-down formal dining room.

Upstairs, there are wide-plank medium-brown wood floors in the master bedroom, and somewhere there’s a huge library/sitting-room/office combination room with mahogany-stained built-in cabinetry and rather unpleasing yellow walls.

Out back there’s an irregularly-shaped plunge-sized swimming pool attached to a raised spa, several stone pathways, and huge swaths of green lawn surrounded by equally-green high hedges that assures Dr. Reddy’s monthly water bill will e enough to earn him a lifetime of stink-eye from the Drought Shamers.

Actually, there’s enough land that Dr. Reddy could likely easily undertake the expensive installation of a full-size tennis court, but we really have no idea if he has plans to do so.

Over in Beverly Hills, property records show Dr. Reddy continues to own his another large and imposing house (again via corporate entity) that he picked up in April 2006 for $9,250,000. Yolanda assumes he will attempt to unload the architecturally-indefinable 7,636-square-foot mansion (with its infamous gold-plated toilets) in the not-too-distant future, but at this point we really have no inside details on his current real estate plans.

Meanwhile, Yolanda wishes Dr. Reddy much good fortune on his soon-to-be hellish commute from Brentwood to Ontario, CA (where Prime is headquartered). Just thinking about that 4-hour daily trek in traffic just makes Yolanda’s blood pressure start to rise. Though we don’t imagine that a guy who hired John Legend to sing at his daughter’s wedding and regularly flies in his own $1.4 million helicopter and probably has a chauffeured Rolls-Royce or Bentley worries much about pesky things little like that.

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