Who’s Who in Atherton? Seven Famous Neighborhood Residents

For years now, the Bay Area suburb of Atherton has consistently ranked as the wealthiest zip code in the United States. Despite the fact that the small town has just a tad over 7,000 residents, it’s no secret that the sleepy San Mateo County town is jam packed with Silicon Valley power players and tech billionaires. Indeed, Atherton was once home to the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, whose grand estate stretched across two acres and recently sold for $35 million.

So, what is it about Atherton that attracts celebrities and deep-pocketed techies alike? Located just 45 minutes south of San Francisco, Atherton is less than 20 minutes from most of the major tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Facebook and Google. Plus, Atherton’s high-end homes and lavish mansions are some of the most private and luxurious in California. They’re big, newly constructed or recently renovated and, often situated far enough down private, gated drives that they’re unable to be seen from the road and immensely private. Sorry, lookie-loos.

Living in Atherton is certainly certainly no cheap affair. The median home price in the tony 94027 is a whopping $7.5 million. That means, of course, that the only people who can afford to buy a home in Atherton are deep-pocketed famous folks, tech moguls and other assorted billionaires with all but limitlessly deep pockets.

Check out the gallery to see the homes of seven rich and famous tech giants and sports stars that call Atherton home.

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