Nine Home Features the Coronavirus Has Made Essential

There was a time when most people used their homes simply as a place to lay their heads and gather with friends and family in the evenings, before dashing off to work the next morning. Now, months into the COVID-19 global pandemic, that’s all changed — vast number of people are working from home while simultaneously trying to educate their children.

Today, the humble house is tasked with oodles of new responsibilities. For lucky owners of palatial spreads with basketball-sized dining rooms and actual basketball courts, accommodating those extra functionalities isn’t such a problem. But most others, of course, have to be more creative and clever to make their residences comfortably multi-task.

For condo and apartment dwellers, delineating space has taken on a greater importance. And just when developers thought the key to selling co-op units was about cramming as many luxury amenities as possible into the public areas, folks are suddenly discovering that buyers aren’t too keen on hanging about in public rooms.

From at-home gyms, to larger pantries and finished basements, dedicated home offices and Zoom studios, a home’s ability to multi-task is going to be ever more important in this new era of real estate ownership. Here are nine home features that the coronavirus has made increasingly coveted, and even essential, to living, working, educating and relaxing — all within the confines of one residence.

  1. 4CAR GARAGE says:

    COVID-19 has basically back-handed all those urban planners & architects who banked on “density” of structures and cramming people into smaller more expensive spaces… being the future. No sympathy here. Long live suburban sprawl and single family homes!

  2. Alexander van Gaalen says:

    I was expecting things like lots of copper, door levers rather than door knobs, more touchless technology, and handwashing sinks at entrances.

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