Five Amazing Brooklyn Brownstones Currently For Sale

Nothing says status symbol more than a Brooklyn brownstone. Dignified and elegant, they are proof that class is timeless. As family homes, they offer roots in the city with secret hiding spots for kids in their woody catacombs and corners, while adults throw fabulous dinner parties amid the wainscoting, moldings, and mantels. 

But a brownstone brings a unique set of challenges. They’re the supermodels of New York architecture — tall, thin and demanding. Built over a century ago, they often require significant structural and mechanical upgrades to shine in the modern open plan era. More and more often, that means keeping the exterior shell and replacing the original and highly ornate Victorian pageantry into something sleek and more like a condo in a luxury high-rise. When done correctly, by maintaining some of the old world charm, these unique row homes are both spectacular and spectacularly expensive.

Check out the gallery to see some of the most striking Brooklyn brownstones on the market today.

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