Why Don’t A-Listers Like Living on Malibu’s Beach?

For months, rumors have been bubbling that the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a.k.a. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have been house hunting in Los Angeles. The formerly royal couple already lay claim to the recently renovated Frogmore Cottage in London and currently bunk up in a rented $14 million mansion on Canada’s Vancouver Island, but it’s been widely speculated they eventually plan to call Tinseltown their home. And the materialization of those plans may not be so far off — word on the real estate street is that Meghan and Harry may plunk down somewhere around $20 million in a hush-hush, off-market deal for actor David Charvet’s stately, European-style estate in Malibu known as Petra Manor.

What’s the most surprising thing about their alleged purchase of Petra Manor? Well, considering the fact that Malibu is world-renowned for its white and sandy beaches, it may seem a bit odd that the tabloid-tracked couple have opted to drop so much money on a property that doesn’t have access to the sand. However, they’re far from alone in choosing off-beach properties. A few notable celebs who have opted for the comfort and privacy of the hills over the sand include household names like Cher, Lady Gaga, Chris Martin, Reese Witherspoon and Will Smith.

While having a property right on the beach may seem a real estate dream, there’s a big reason why celebs may opt to live near the white sand but not necessarily on it: All beaches in California are considered public domain and anyone has the right to sunbathe and walk freely on them no matter who owns the property fronting it. All that sand is considered fair game up until the average high tide line. Big name celebs who crave oceanside peace and quiet can avoid any looky-loos by opting for a home without beach access, but is still close enough to the Pacific to catch a cool breeze from a cozy deck or plant-embellished balcony.

So what to do if you’re a deep-pocketed celebrity who wants to live in Malibu but isn’t really into the whole live-on-the-beach-in-full-view-of-everyone thing? Fortunately, there are plenty of celeb-friendly nooks and crannies in L.A.’s favorite beach town, like the Point Dume neighborhood and the guard-gated Serra Retreat, that offer both seclusion and relatively easy access to the beach.

Check out the gallery to take a look at some properties a privacy-seeking celebrity might consider when looking for a home in Malibu that isn’t right on the beach and, hence, where the barely dressed hoi polloi can’t watch them sunbathe on their back deck.

  1. KathyRo says:

    I don’t know why this bugs me but it does:
    There’s nothing “former” about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They are both still the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
    Also it’s debatable whether their royalty is “former” or not. Although they are declining to be styled “HRH”, they are still entitled to do so. QEII hasn’t issued a letters patent to strip them of their royal status, although she has admonished them not to use the moniker “Sussex Royal”.

    Sorry to be so pedantic.

    1. Worldlywise says:

      It’s not a matter of being pedantic, but that the world has NEVER seen people at this status level to be so VILE and VULGAR and TONE DEAF and RUDE and filled with LIES. (For example, she never gave birth in 2018 or 2019, and there was no surrogate, and no adoption, yet they persist that there is a “child” named Archie, and that Harry introduced to the world as his “son” last May.
      A “royal prince” from an older female (termed a “geriatric” pregnancy) with NO obstetrician, no prenatal care, no sonogram, an odd pregnancy belly that became smaller, then larger, then smaller again over time. It swayed back and forth; grew from top to bottom (unheard of), slipped to the front of her thighs (in Birkenhead in January of 2019, when she had to pull her coat tight (impossible with a REAL pregnancy) and Harry had to have them bring the car to her. Then the belly disappeared entirely in NYC, as she was leaving a bar with Marcus Anderson and Taryn Toomey (at her “A-list shower” in February of 2019).
      Markle then magically delivered without anyone knowing when or where (her house, Frogmore Cottage, was dark with no one there, and was watched from all sides and was dark and silent, yet Harry claims they left in a mad rush to get to Portland Hospital in the middle of the night, for her to deliver). Yet, not a single person saw her and many were standing guard.
      Portland Hospital happened to be administered by a friend of Sara Latham (also good friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton) and she fashioned a certificate of something that meant nothing.
      Again, there was no obstetrician, no pediatrician, no nurses, no nanny or nannies, no breast feeding, no formula, no diapers or diaper service, no baby food, no cot, no crib, no baby carrier, no pram, no stroller, not even a dang Moses basket.
      “Archie” was portrayed ONCE by a child actor (in September of 2019, at the home of Nelson Mandela, in South Africa) and only seen moving for about 20 minutes.
      All other sightings (with the Queen and Prince Philip and other figures that were out of proportion) was photoshopped. The fake “christening” was photo shopped (if Catherine were to stand up, she would be about 9 feet tall. Harry was SMALLER than Camilla. Jane Fellowes’ hat should be reflected in the mirror (since it is hung slanting down) but does not show at all. Neither does she. In front of the mirror but not visible. Harry and MM were seated oddly on the couch and the “photographer” didn’t have them move before taking the picture. When “Archie” was brought to a polo match, he had NO hat and was in the sun for 3 hours. NO MOTHER WOULD DO SUCH A THING!!! Also, he never moved his head or right fist (visible) for 3 hours. Even worse, “Archie’s” left foot was FLEXED for 3 hours; that is impossible or does he have terrible nerve damage. MM criticized Catherine for being a “terrible mother” yet MM leaves Archie on other continents, and with a flaky drug user as his minder (for weeks at a time). She told an audience that he “just cut his first tooth” last fall and said the same thing last week. The most amazing thing I ever saw, was MM hauling “Archie” around on her walk, with 2 security guards, and she had the kid HANGING from around her neck, crooked, in the holder, facing her, with NO DIAPER (in Canada, in January, in 30 degree temperatures. WHO would take an 8 month old baby boy for a WALK (hike) and strap him front to front (so that he is facing you) WITHOUT A DIAPER in 30 degree weather?? That is insane! There are SO many AWFUL things these two have done (pretending they are filthy rich while they beg from Paymaster Charles) and starting HORRIBLE lies about William and Catherine, and dismissing everyone who does not buy their lies. They are DESPICABLE! She is MEAN to her dogs, and is MEAN to the Queen’s great-grandchildren. Harry is a CAD!
      Harry LISTENED to plans that would make HIM king and would get rid of William, Catherine, and their children. That alone means that he should NEVER be welcomed back to the British Royal family. The Bible warns us about fratricide, but Harry thinks he’s so wonderful that he outshines his brother and the people would be better off with “King Harry and Queen Maggot.” GAG ME with a spoon! He is revolting. He is SO UGLY that he turns my stomach. When he gives a snaggle tooth smile with that little mouth and icky teeth, I see the devil in his eyes. MM is a OLD HAG who piles on so much makeup that her plastic surgery face with a quart of Botox, (and huge new fake teeth), she looks like a mannequin (with stick legs, huge gnarly feet, and square man hands). She has a shape like SpongeBob SquarePants and forces Charles to pay for dresses that COST the price of a starter home!!!! (One of her pregnancy dresses cost $130,000; her engagement dress cost $75,000 but couldn’t be photographed because it is see through. She redecorated Harry’s “Nott Cott” at Kensington Palace (to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds, wth new furniture, rugs, drapes, lamps, wall coverings, linens, sheets, towels, china, crystal, flatware, kitchen appliances (the Queen and Prince Charles assumed she was decorating her “new home” and paid what she charged them) yet, as soon as she got ol’ Harry down the aisle, and they were married, she demanded a BIGGER house. (They allowed her to join the Kensington Court (even though Harry wasn’t qualified, but William was ALWAYS told to give Harry whatever he wanted (to stop his insane temper tantrums that all Royals were terrified of him losing control) but was MM grateful? NOT AT ALL! She sneaked into Catherine’s area and copied down her future appointments and then intentionally and with malice, MM “monkey-wrenched” Catherine’s future appointments (ruining those relationships forever). MM didn’t care how much she hurt Catherine (or William, or the children) because she had promised Harry that she had a plan to make HIM the next king (after Charles) and to get rid of William. MM is so horrible; she defies descriptions. WHO PRETENDS SHE HAD A BABY? Who talks her husband into wanting to get rid of his own brother? Who charges her father-in-law 5 million dollars in the first year of marriage for designer clothing?

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