The World-Famous 'Brady Bunch' House in L.A.'s Studio City Now for Sale

location: Studio City, Calif.
price: $1.885 million
size: 2,477 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

One of showbiz’s most recognizable homes, a late 1950s, split-level ranch known around the globe as the home of the Brady family from the iconic early 1970s sitcom “The Brady Bunch,” has come for sale for the first time in 45 years at $1.885 million. Built on in a quiet, leafy street adjacent to the coveted Colfax Meadows neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley’s increasingly sought after and expensive Studio City community on an irregularly shaped .29-acre parcel that borders the concrete-paved Los Angeles River, the almost 2,500-square-foot residence is configured with just two ample bedroom suites, one upstairs and one down, and a total of three bathrooms.
Only the exterior of the house was used to represent the Brady home; a fake window was added to the front façade for filming to make the house appear as a two-story home — it was long ago removed — and interior shots were filmed in studio. The dated but well-maintained interiors of the residence, which do not adhere to the layout of the Brady family house, have an easy flow between rooms and are quintessentially 1970s with deep shag wall-to-wall carpeting, inexpensive pressed-wood paneling, nubby popcorn ceilings and myriad floral wall coverings. The original garage was converted to a family room, according to marketing materials, while a second, detached two-car garage is located behind gates at the rear of the property along with a secured motor court.
Over the last handful of years the neighborhood around the house has been inundated with deep-pocketed developers who buy and tear down old homes to build bigger, brand-new macmansions. However, Douglas Elliman broker Ernie Carswell told the L.A. Times that the sellers, the children of longtime owners Violet and George McCallister, who acquired the home in early 1973 for $61,000, “will give first consideration to bidders who want to keep the home intact.” Carswell went on to say he and his team are braced for an onslaught of pop-culture obsessed looky-loos mixed with serious enquiries and plans to weed out the chafe by making the property available to show by appointment only.
listing photos: Douglas Elliman

  1. Old Silk says:

    33,000% appreciation, eh? I would not want to be the appraiser who reports that the cost approach is not applicable when it is definitely applicable as being necessary to extrapolate the physical, functional and economic and/or external obsolescence, but hey, the banks aren’t worried about it, right?

  2. Desert Donna says:

    Oh Mike, they can’t tear down our house!!. Alice is buried under it (sacred burial place), and Sam the butcher when he had that unfortunate meat grinding accident, and Mr Phillips and the annoying cousin Oliver who looked like John Denver and the guy who sued me for his false neck claim and…..

  3. Raymond Smith says:

    Aside from the differences between the real house and the studio house where interiors were shot, I always found it odd that Mike Brady is a successful architect who builds a new house for he and his wife and their six children and housekeeper, and it only has three bedrooms for the family? Come on, you can afford a live in housekeeper, 6 kids, and a stay at home wife, but not a home with more bedrooms?

  4. Kerri says:

    This house never made sense with the set they used. On the show, the stairs were to the right of the front door. Also, remember the attic that Greg moved into? Where would that even be? They should have chosen a different house or changed the set to reflect the outside more. Oh, and two bedrooms and one bathroom for six kids? Really? I shared a bathroom with one sister and we nearly came to blows on a daily basis. Even Alice had her own bathroom. I know, I know, it’s only a sitcom.

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