Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Buy $14.7 Million Montecito Compound

seller: Sergey Grishin
location: Montecito, Calif.
price: $14.7 million
size: 18,671 square feet, 9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have gone exceptionally grand with their California starter house, purchasing a $14.65 million estate in the heart of posh Montecito, the seaside Santa Barbara County enclave that is famously home to a slew of Hollywood heavyweights.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ names do not appear on grant deeds related to the property — records show the estate quietly sold in mid-June to a mysterious trust with a deliberately opaque name, though the trust happens to share a mailing address with the offices of Meghan Markle’s longtime Hollywood business manager.

Public documents also reveal the buyers secured a $9.5 million mortgage to acquire the 7.4-acre compound, which is securely tucked away on a private, gated street. Despite the unquestionably hefty pricetag, it could be argued Meghan and Harry scored the property at a discount of sorts — the seller, low-profile Russian businessman Sergey Grishin, acquired the estate in 2009 for $25.3 million and had attempted to sell it many times over the past decade before finally accepting a $10 million-plus financial loss.

Built in 2003, the Mediterranean-style main house includes a trove of beige and off-white decor, plus a library, gym, separate wet and dry saunas, an elevator, arcade, game room and home theater. There’s also a detached guesthouse with two bedrooms and bathrooms; altogether, the estate boasts nearly 19,000 square feet of living space with a total of 9 bedrooms and a whopping 16 bathrooms.

Dated listings note that the property additionally offers a “tea house,” a “children’s cottage,” and exceptionally beautiful manicured grounds that boast tiered rose gardens, century-old olive trees, and tall Italian cypress trees that likely cost a small fortune to maintain. A full-size tennis court, lap-lane swimming pool, and a notably elaborate built-in children’s playset are among the numerous other outdoor amenities.

Meghan and Harry, who first moved stateside in early 2020, previously resided in a fortified compound owned by Tyler Perry, whom they met through mutual friend Oprah Winfrey.

Montecito may be located a full two hours northwest of downtown L.A. by car, but celebrities have flocked to the area in recent years — the neighborhood’s laid-back and mostly paparazzi-free atmosphere provides a welcome retreat from the hectic hustle of Hollywood and its surrounding environs. Current area residents include Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande, and — perhaps most famously — Oprah Winfrey herself, whose nearly 70-acre “Promised Land” compound qualifies as one of Southern California’s most lavish estates.

  1. Aerialla says:

    Total privileged lifestyle of access while being a total hypocrite and asking people to be more aware of fossil emissions. Considering Harry can’t access his trust fund and neither have jobs or any lucrative offers in the works except fake charities to mooch of off must be nice to have Daddy set up Residential Trust accounts. Before Harry, Forbes listed Meghan as having 2 million. They are already in debt to over 2 million pounds for Frogmore Cottage Taxes alone on this property are over 220K a year, let alone the upkeep, furnishing that will exceed millions, and their general lifestyle habits. Harry still wants to live like a prince when in actuality he’s a pauper and even his trust fund is going to go quickly just maintaining his wife’s delusions of grandeur. The citizens of the UK and Dad need to cut the purse strings …and let them deal with the fallout of bankruptcy like other celebs.

      1. Lily says:

        It’s funny to me how British generally have no clue how rich their royals actually are. They confuse the longest running reality show in history for actual reality. I’m sure Harry can easily afford this mansion as well as the lifestyle. At least he is not a hypocrite and that’s truly refreshing

        1. Georgina says:

          Yes the Queen is richer than God, but they still expect others to pay for their lifestyle! Besides the fact that thousands of Americans are going to become homeless, to buy a house now is in very bad taste. Also if Harry’s got the money how come daddy had to loan them the money to pay for Frogmore? Of course whose paying for their security? They haven’t even paid the fee for changing copyright from Sussex Royal to Archewell. Lately I heard something about unpaid college loans. The British paid 32 million for their wedding?

          1. Daniel says:

            @Aerialla So many untruths in your comments, I’ll address them in the order you made them.
            (1). Buying this house does nothing to add carbon emissions to the environment, as it already exists. Any existing house they buy won’t add carbon emissions. If they were building a new home, your claim might have some merit, but that is not the case. If the Sussexes didn’t buy this house, somebody is going to buy this house and live in it and they wouldn’t be adding CO2 emissions either. When the Sussexes were living in Tyler Perry’s home, the CO2 emissions issue was not made. So, how is buying this house vs. living in Tyler Perry’s home any different regarding your claim that buying this home implicit key creates CO2 emissions, which puts them at odds with what they have spoken about regarding the environment.
            (2). Representatives of Prince Charles have stated that Charles did not assist in the purchase of this home. But even if he did help them, how is that any of your business. If you have the right to criticize Charles if he helped the Sussexes, would anyone have the right to criticize your parents if they helped you or if you helped your children?
            (3). The Sussexes are not in debt due to Frogmore Cottage. The Sussexes don’t own Frogmore Cottage. The Crown Estate owns Frogmore. The renovations to Frogmore were not undertaken for the Sussexes, as those renovations were already underway when the use of that property was offered to the Sussexes as a wedding gift by the Queen and those last renovations were funded from funds the Queen received under the Sovereign Grant (which is not derived from taxes paid by UK taxpayers, but rather from Crown Estate net income). In case you are not aware, the Queen originally offered the use of a 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace that is about the same size as the Cambridge’s apartment. However, that apartment needed significant renovation primarily due to asbestos throughout that apartment needing to be abated with estimated renovation costs in excess of £6 million. Additionally, those renovations could not be completed by Archie’s due date. So, the Sussexes declined the use of that apartment, at which point the Queen then offered the use of Frogmore Cottage since it was already under renovation and would be completed by Archie’s due date. Since the use of that property was a wedding gift, there was never any rental agreement because there wasn’t any expectation by the Queen that the Sussexes would have to pay rent. When the Sussexes decided to step down as senior royals, they agreed to pay rent on Frogmore, which meant the Queen was effectivly taking back a wedding gift (poor taste imo). This agreement effectively put the Sussexes in the role of renters/tenants. Now, when has anyone ever heard of renters being obligated for renovations being made to a property needed to make that property inhabitable/rentable? Nevertheless, the Sussexes said they would repay the renovation costs even though they had no obligation to do so. It was later revealed that the Sussexes would be paying an above-market rent with the above-market portion of the rent going to repay the renovation costs over time. Notwithstanding, their agreement to pay rent, unless they signed a long-term lease at above-market rent, they can walk away from their tenancy of that property any time they want just like any other renter can decide to vacate their rental. In any case, as long as the Sussexes pay rent for Frogmore, they will be paying a portion of the renovation costs with each rental payment and that repayment will go to the Queen, not the government nor taxpayers. Since the renovations were paid with funds the Queen received from the Sovereign Grant, there is no provision that Sovereign Grant funds be returned to the government if those funds are not used by the Queen. If the Sussexes repay the renovation costs, it will be like the Queen never spent those funds on Frogmore and she will be able to hold onto those funds to use for another project or to simply hold in reserve, but she doesn’t have to give those funds back to the government.
            (4). You claim that the Sussexes create fraudulent charities that they personally benefit from. Which charities are you referring to? Since the Sussexes have been married, they have not established my new charitable entities. Harry has previously established 3 charitable entities: Sentebale, the Endeavour Fund, and the a Invictus Games. There has never been any allegation of Harry personally benefitting from these charnel entities and all have been well supported by contributions that Harry has solicited, as he has done for other charities that he is a patron of. Your claim necessarily claims a criminal offense, as personally benefiting from charitable contributions is a crime. So, unless you have evidence of such a crime, then you are simply slandering, or out another way, you are just slinging mud.
            (5) You end your comments by saying it is time for Charles to stop funding the Sussexes, as if you have a right to tell any parent what they should or should not do related to their being a parent. If Charles is providing any funding to the Sussexes, hat is his business and his business alone. Charles has significant personal financial resources which he does not have to account to UK taxpayers with regard to how he uses those funds.

        2. Carol says:

          You don’t think Harry is a hypocrite to own an estate that will guzzle more water than the Average California home, or his home burn more natural gas and use more electricity than the average home also? In a drought ridden state with rolling blackouts he gets to use a generator which uses fossil fuels and emits VOC’s the carbon emissions he tell us peasants to curtail….that’s not hypocritical? Wow, your definition of hypocrite is not what is listed in my dictionary.

          1. Rhonda says:

            Tell him that! Lol.

            He knew what would be “coming” from all the jealous females when he married Meghan Markle, yet he did it anyway–even put her first in his life. Good man. Smart man.

      2. cleo says:

        These spoiled, ungratrful, entitled brats did not pay for this property. Daddy Prince Charles paid for it from the income of the duchy of Cornwall, again dBrits taxpayers are being sponge off by these two. Proceeds of the duchy are partly paid for by the taxpayers.

    1. TL says:

      The crown needs to make up its mind. Ok, you’re private citizens responsible for your own housing and security, but to pay for you can’t actually do anything that might be successful. Good luck!

    2. Becx says:

      They can finally live their lives away from the nasty vultures called the British media and those miserable souls who constantly bash them for living their lives. It’s a shame that the Bristish media do feel like they can dictate how their celebrities and royals live their lives. So now the media can move over to their next victim.

    3. Rhonda says:

      Beautiful home! It seems perfect for them. As long as they are together, they will always be a Royal couple.

      Best wishes Harry and Meghan! Lots of people love you and wish you GREAT happiness!

    4. Mudjimba says:

      They’re a pair of talentless, self-regarding hypocrites desperately trying to stay important.
      They demand an unearned multimillionaire lifestyle while pretending to have empathy for
      the poor & oppressed.

    5. Oldwave says:

      Why do you care? I doubt they’ll live like “paupers” anytime soon. Just get on with your life and don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones’.

  2. Linda says:

    I wish them well. But they lefr the Royal Life. Why Live like a Royal especially if Harry walk in the footsteps of his Late Mother. Make no sense in Meghan Live this Lifestyle

        1. Rhonda says:

          Yes, that’s the hypocrites who are posting. If their parents handed them a big check for a house, no doubt they’d take the money and run. Jealous of Harry and Meghan.

          I believe Harry and Meghan are doing great things and they may end up even wealthier on their own and totally independent.

    1. JR says:

      I wish them well, there decision to move to the states away from all that monarchy and their protocols was a good idea. They can be themselves and feel free by having their own privacy.

  3. Queen Brown says:

    I am so happy for Megan and Harry they deserve happiness. We are happy to have them and baby Archie in the United States. I wish the New media will stop all the hate especially in the UK . we are very proud that you all. Are represented the United States. Be happy you all have a beautiful baby boy.
    Be blessed and take care
    Queen Brown

    1. Bonnie Music says:

      Boy did Harry come across the wrong woman!!! Harry’s life has spiralled downward since they were married. Megan the “Gold Digger” got what she wanted and will continue to get what she wants. He is her little puppy dog and sugar daddy all in one. With Megan now having a home of her own……it is time for her to be sprouting another baby to really secure her marriage to Harry. It will not end well for Harry…..he will be broke and have many many regrets by the time Megan is done with him. Can’t really feel sorry for him…..he was warned by his brother and good friends not to marry her. Harry wanted IT and now has IT!!!

      1. Rhonda says:

        You obviously have been reading too many lying tabloids. Tabloids are no good these days. Years ago, they contained some truth, but not anymore. They are dying out, so they just make up anything get people to read them.

      2. Rhonda says:

        Meghan Markle is no longer that young. She had to start her family sooner rather than later.

        Harry was completely ready and wanting to be a father when Archie arrived. Sure they planned Archie, and they will plan the next child if they want one.

        Women are too jealous.

      3. Daniel says:

        @Bonnie Music It is good to know that you can read what is in other people’s and that you can also predict the future. How do you know that Harry wasn’t using Meghan as a reason or cover to step away from a role he has long ago stated he wasn’t happy with? Many of the things you claim were also said about Wallis Simpson. Yet, she and the Duke of Windsor remained married until death parted them. But you can read minds and predict the future, so your claims carry real meaning. Right?!?!?!

    2. Jeannie Yngvason says:

      I’m also happy with both Prince Harry and Maghan to do what make them happy. Life is short, so enjoy it while you can. Baby Archie is so very cute and happy. Hope one of these days Prince William and his family will be visiting his younger brother and enjoy their place here in LA.

  4. Holly. Nires says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful new home. You are very welcome here in the states and I hope you will be very. Happy here!❤

  5. Elle says:

    I think all you British peeps need to back the F off. Harry and Meghan chose us. They are ours now. We already decided how much power the United Kingdom has to criticize anything done in our country after we signed names to a piece of paper on the Fourth of July.

  6. Mikr2 says:

    All speculation. Just like their move surprised everyone, their finances are beyond
    our knowledge despite your detailed analysis. We know nothing about what they’ve done with money given or earned.

  7. Nikye Burns says:

    Wow… What a house for 2 remarkable “financially independent”moochers. They are a joke. Why does anyone care what they do? She was a ” D”actress at best, and he is an insignificant member of the Royal Family. The only reason she has all of these supposed A-list celebrity friends is because of the association to the royals. Without that, she’d still be putting out mediocre acting on the USA Network. They didn’t buy that house themselves, just like they haven’t funded anything themselves. It’s easy to live off other people. I’ll be impressed when they actually DO something worthy of praise, instead of the idiotic isolation videos where they are spewing more of their nonsense. I mean, seriously, lecturing others? How much does it cost to fly one of their private jets or run a house that size? They are the epitome of useless.

    1. Daniel says:

      @Nikye Burns You are right, why does anybody care about the Sussexes. Why do care enough about them to write a longer than average rant about them. According to you nobody should care, yet you demonstrate the opposite by your comment. Not caring about them would be demonstrated by not even reading this article about their home purchase. Not caring about them would be seeing the headline, shaking your head or rolling you eyes, and moving onto the next article. But you didn’t do that because you obviously care.
      That’s All.

  8. Y says:

    Since where they live and how the live and how it is being paid for is not anyone’s business then people need to mind their OWN. We don’t know the REAL facts until either H or M decide to speak, please people SHUT UP.

  9. They could have bought that same exact house for $3,000,000 instead of $14,500,000 in a less expensive area. Megain is just ripping through that ROYAL money, isn’t she? If marie Anntonette were alive today she would slap the both of them silly

  10. Ann rice says:

    I am so happy for them. Their new home is gorgeous. They moved to the United States because we are such a loving and welcoming country. So thrilled they trust us with their new life together. Welcome home!!!

  11. Mona Green says:

    All the best. You deserve to live your life the way you want to – like everyone else. You deserve complete happiness – continue to seek it.

    I am happy you have decided to live in California.

    Jealous people need to keep their thoughts to themselves.

  12. Anna says:

    They got the house because Charles is helping them with money.
    They showed their gratitude by coming out with the negative book*

    1. Daniel says:

      @Anna The Sussexes did not write the book. They did not authorize the book. They were not interviewed by the authors of the book. They did not contribute in any other way to the book. They do not benefit financially from the book. So, they did not “come out” with the book. The authors of the book have repeatedly confirmed all of the above. Having said that, I don’t expect you will believe this as haters will simply hate. I just want to put this rebuttal to your claims in print here to publicly refute your unsubstantiated claims.

  13. Darla Morgan says:

    They need 9 bedrooms! They are living off of Prince Charles! Perhaps they should have waited to see what their learning potential will actually be. They are total hypocrites concerning saving the planet. They jet all over and drive a gas guzzling car. How long can he make speeches about Diana before he realizes it shouldn’t be a career. I can’t believe they bought a house when they have no idea how things will be here. I personally would like for him to take his security team and go home. I am going to say this also. Megan had to have the book to try to make her look good and at the same time try to tear down the royal family. They are very lucky Charles is supporting them. In a normal family they may have been disowned. They are living quite a bit above their means.

  14. Aisha AbdAlHamid says:

    I just wish that the press will leave Prince Harry and Duchess Megan alone and allow them to live their lives. Enough already with the hatred. Be happy for them and let the past begone. Please.
    Enough is enough.

  15. marie says:

    If Harry had not been introduced to Megan in the first place he would still be blue blooded royal in the British Kingdom performing his royal duties for her Majesty queen Elizabeth the II. Harry had it all and he chose to throw away his line of being king one day by choosing to turn his back on his royal family and move to states to live with a gold digger. Guess it runs in the family just like queen’s uncle edward stepping down marry a commoner. Had he become King when the queens father passed away and had a son the monarchy would be quite different today. And queen Elizabeth title would be Princess Elizabeth. Her royal family of today would never have been born. Good riddance Harry now I won’t have to worry about you being king one day as you got bump down so many times and William lives a long life like his grandmother I will be pushing daisies when your turn came time to take the thrown and be your loyal subject. Boohoo once less royal to worry about whose life has and will be will be taken down by nothing but a self entitlement gold digger.

    1. Rhonda says:

      Young people today…

      You should worry about your own lives–not Harry and Meghan. I’m sure you already have enough on your plate. It’s obvious because you sound like such a “warm and kind” person.

    2. Daniel says:

      If you were ever really “worried” about Harry becoming king, then you were wasting effort being “worried” about something that never would happen. As it stands Harry is 6th in the line of succession and his stepping down as a senior royal and move to the U.S. doesn’t change his place in the line of succession. Having said that, Charles, William, and William’s 3 children are all ahead of Harry in the line of succession and all 5 of them would have to die while Harry is alive before Harry could be king. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Also, if William has any more children, that pushes Harry further down the line succession. Also, any children that Prince George has (when he becomes old enough to have kids) will also push Harry down the line of succession. So, Harry would never have become king even if he hadn’t married Meghan Markle and remained as a senior royal.

    1. Shell says:

      It is amazing to me that people can’t see that Harry is his own man. It is sad that people can’t handle him with her (they may want to check the deep down True reason for their dislike of the union). Harry loves and married Megan. Stop blaming her for what the man wants. Deal with it, he married her and do you really think he didn’t know her likes and interests prior to marriage. Maybe she brings what he has been searching for and we don’t know what the family has or has not done for them. Keep this in mind, you are guessing what is going on meanwhile, THEY ARE STILL FAMILY!!!
      May god bless and keep them. Congrats on your new home

    2. MT says:

      I’ve never read so many hateful, jealous people in my entire life! Why don’t you get on with your lives and make yourselves rich internally. Live this couple alone. They left England to start their new life outside the public eye of the Royals. I’m sure Diana will be happy that Harry is protecting his family. It’s not his fault that he was born into a monarchy. So be happy for them. You have no idea what this couple are feeling being bashed by so many jealous people.

  16. Melissa says:

    Congratulations to Harry and Meghan, may they know many years of happiness and peace in their new house. We are certainly happy to have them in America, where they should flourish. Here, we reject with disgust the practice of tall poppy syndrome- cutting down excellence to please the mediocre.

    1. Justme says:

      No one but you lefties care that they are here. Thank gawd we don’t have to pay for them. They aren’t anything in America.

  17. Jez says:

    Dark and dingy place, I am sure megs will want millionns to fix it up. And what happened to the fancy jobs offers, meg. Such a want a be with little to offer. Keep the check book handy harry, or the phone to call daddy

  18. Ross forever says:

    People should be happy for others and not judge like “ Jesus Christ “ said you are only bringing yourselves down in hate and shame before God the father who see’s all things?

    1. Rhonda says:

      That is true.
      Since this couple arrived in the US, they have conducted themselves well, doing good deeds and trying to become totally independent and successful. Who has a problem with that?
      Only jealous people.

  19. Patricia L Walker says:

    I say, “God bless them. I see a sincere couple who love each other and standing tall to do good and right things–generous and loving, working hard to make an American way of life. Especially to Harry, suffering a very public loss of his Mom, from that very tender age, always a chin up, he has served his country proudly–taking great risk to do so. . . And that alone makes him a hero!! They’ve done everything in the right way, from day one–Meghan actually had to become a member of his faith, they married, THEN they had their sweet baby–which so many young folks are failing to do. And they are leading a positive and upright life, striving not only to raise their son in a good way, but also reaching out to encourage others to keep striving. They love our Mother Earth, and this too has become a sort of task they have willingly taken on. Meghan is a beautiful and supportive wife and mother, and you can see the love that Harry has for his family. Many folks want to make it all about the money. That is SO unfair. Give them a chance, folks. Soon we will all see their dedication to make this world a better place. Meghan, you go girl!! So proud of my American sister. And Harry, you got the smarts that so many people wish they had. All y’all need to let go of your racial rhetoric and let these kids live their life, as every American family wishes to do.

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