Megan Ellison quietly drops $7 million on the little house next door

When she’s not producing/distributing/marketing critically-acclaimed blockbusters or going on Twitter rants about Donald Trump, you can almost assuredly find 31-year-old billionaire software heiress Megan Ellison in the property gossip columns. In less than ten years, by Yolanda’s tabulations, young Miss Ellison has bought and sold no fewer than a dozen multi-million dollar properties in the good ol’ US of A, including three modern marvels up in the Bird Streets neighborhood, two homes up on Mount Olympus, and — most recently — three less fanciful homes down near the stuffy flatlands of Beverly Hills.

As first revealed by Our Mama over at Variety, it was only last December (2016) that Miss Ellison plunked down an unabashed $15,500,000 for the ultra-private 5,000-square-foot, 1.12-acre compound of Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. It is our understanding that Miss Ellison has already moved into this home.

Since Miss Ellison is notorious for compound building — she’s bought up compounds in the Hollywood Hills, and even multiple units in the Police Building in New York City — it’s really little surprise that she almost immediately began expanding her holdings on what is often considered to be one of the nicest streets in Beverly Hills.

Miss Ellison’s $22+ million Beverly Hills compound

In November 2016, a lovely and original mid-century modern that’s conveniently right next door to Miss Ellison’s new house popped up on the market with an asking price of $6,995,000. By January — just one month after she closed on her new place — the house was in escrow, and in March the property transferred for the sum of $6,895,000 to a mysterious blind trust that Yolanda just happens to know (for a fact) is a front for Miss Ellison.

Originally constructed in 1957 by architect Alfred T. Wilkes, the low-slung abode has sensually curved walls of glass that center around an irregularly-shaped pool and small concrete terrace. Records show the dashing but dated ol’ damsel has a not-huge-but-commodious 4,251-square-feet of living space with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Photographs included with the purchase price show that the seller invested time (and money) into having an architect conjure up some renderings that indicate the property could be transformed into a modern showpiece with 5,600-square-feet of living space.

The slick but rather generic makeover would also include a new pool, a substantial reworking of the patio area, and a detached spa adjacent to a lounge/firepit area.

Megan Ellison’s old Beverly Hills house

Last year, as y’all may know, Miss Ellison paid $13,500,000 for another low-slung cottage in Beverly Hills. But only about three months after her purchase, our fickle gal quickly flipped it up onto the market. The house sold in short notice — but for just $12,250,000 to a mysterious corporate entity that Yolanda has heard whispers is a front for an overseas financier named Jason Peers.

And yes, for those of you not keeping track, Miss Ellison sold her other house just months after buying it at a staggering $1,250,000 loss. That’s a brutal bank account beatdown but probably irrelevant to our gurl, whose daddy happens to be the world’s seventh richest living person (according to Forbes) with a net worth of $55.2 billion.

Miss Ellison’s current $35 million+ compound on Mount Olympus

And for all you curious cats — yes, Miss Ellison continues to own the idiosyncratic “coke palace on the hill“, for lack of a more apt descriptor. Yolanda has been repeatedly told that the reason Miss Ellison has moved out to Beverly Hills is because she plans to tear the huge house down (and possibly the smaller one next door, too) in order to replace it with something more modern, more glamorous, and probably even bigger.

Why? Well, if you’ve got billions in the bank…. why the hell not?

Listing agentMarshall Peck, Douglas Elliman
Megan Ellison’s agentLisa Optican, Mercer Vine




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