Casino heiress Kevyn Wynn upgrades to the Palisades

Although their fortune was built on the sinful Las Vegas Strip, everyone knows that the entire Wynn family resides primarily in Los Angeles these days. Well, casino kingpin Steve Wynn has so many homes that he probably doesn’t even know which one is his primary residence. But his ex-wife and both his daughters and all his grandchildren live here full-time.

Mr. Wynn is a flamboyant fella who for many decades has been a bit of a celebrity in addition to a businessman. His daughters, however, seem to have eschewed that lifestyle and live in relative anonymity, despite the fact that they are the presumptive heirs to their father’s $2.5 billion fortune and their mother’s $1.83 billion stockpile.

(Most of) the Wynn clan. Far right: Kevyn Wynn

Kevyn & Gillian Wynn are the products of Mr. Wynn’s first (and second!) marriage to philanthropist Elaine Pascal Wynn. Both are — according to reports — extremely close. They are also both single mothers in their late 40s with preteen (and teen) kids, they both live on LA’s Westside, and they both have zero interest in the casino/resort business. Apparently.

Despite what many folks think, coming from great wealth has its downsides, as Kevyn Wynn can attest to. The elder of Steve & Elaine Wynn’s two daughters, she was kidnapped one July 1993 night by two men who lay in wait inside her own Las Vegas condo. Her father personally delivered a $1.45 million ransom and Ms. Wynn was returned unharmed. The abducters were arrested less than a week later in Newport Beach (CA) as they finalized the cash purchase of a new Ferrari (natch!).

After a couple deserved decades out of the spotlight, Ms. Wynn caught some press a year ago with her launch of an expensive, fashionable line of slippers. No, really! Slippers. The things Yolanda putters around her kitchen in when a midnight craving for a nip of brandy and a fistful of those K Chocolatier vodka balls hits. For $300 and change you can have Ms. Wynn’s black velvet booties enveloping your footsies.

But we digress. For whatever reason, Ms. Wynn has done paid $6,425,000 to upgrade her residential circumstances in the pricey and picturesque Huntington Palisades area of Pacific Palisades.

Built in 2006 and described as an “East Coast Traditional” in marketing materials, the 5,782-square-foot home packs in 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms on a rather petite .23 acre corner lot.

Yolanda appreciates the way that guests stepping past the front door have a view all the way to the backyard, thanks to the center hall layout. Floors are walnut and the stairs have traditional white riseers. We’re not sure if we love the white shutters on the home’s facade — we think they might look better in a dark color — but something like that is an easy for a lady of Ms. Wynn’s considerable means.

The public rooms have coffered ceilings and are all very formal and traditional without being too stuffy. We do think the house could use a bit of color, however. White/brown/beige is just not Yolanda’s favorite favorite combination. Ms. Wynn, how about you toss a cherry red Eames sofa in the family room just for the heck of it? Pretty please?

The kitchen has a center island and top-grade appliances. Yolanda can personally guarantee that the cobalt blue La Cornue range cost more than Ms. Wynn’s housekeeper’s Mitsubishi Mirage did when brand-new.

There’s also a formal dining room with butler’s pantry, a breakfast table, and a 1000-bottle wine cellar for which Yolanda would be only too happy to help Ms. Wynn select proper vintages to fill. It’s all in the nose, doll.

Slightly less formal rooms include a wood-paneled office/study/library, another office, a gym, and a laundry/mud room.

The master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling and a fireplace. The bathroom comes equipped with dual vanities, a built-in soaking tub, and an all-glass shower. Again, we’re not fond of the color scheme but that can all be easily edited.

In addition to the master suite, there are four more bedrooms upstairs, one of which appears to be used as a sort of children’s play area. Fine for Ms. Wynn, whose three children are all currently in the preteen-ish age range.

The backyard isn’t particularly big — and neither is the lot — but there’s a swimming pool and loggia with plenty of lounging and outdoor dining space.

Ms. Wynn seems to be fond of corner lot properties — her previous house (which she still owns) is also on a corner lot. This one, however, is located in a particularly plummy section of Brentwood that butts up right against Santa Monica and is just a block from Yolanda’s favorite shopping area — the Brentwood Country Mart.

As a matter of fact, Ms. Wynn’s Brentwood house was put up for sale early this month and is already in escrow with an unknown buyer for an unknown price, according to online listings.

Like her new Pacific Palisades house, the old Brentwood house is Traditional and conservative in style and is also similarly-sized (at 6,100-square-feet with 6 beds/7baths, it’s actually a wee bit larger than her new house). It’s a bit confusing to us why Ms. Wynn would trade in one house for another one so similar just a couple miles away. But maybe she just wanted a change of scenery?

In any case, property records show Ms. Wynn forked out $4,500,000 for her Brentwood house back in 2011, so if she gets anywhere near her current $6,995,000 asking price, she’ll likely turn quite an impressive profit.

Profit-turning runs in the Wynn family blood, natch. It was daddy Steve Wynn who helped transform Las Vegas from just another desert rest stop to the hedonistic, skank-filled mecca it is today. We’re not hating, we’re just blaming Mr. Wynn for all those wasted boozy nights of our youth.

Steve Wynn’s $48 million Beverly Hills home

Anyway, the Wynn family certainly loves living large. Steve Wynn has a huge house in the Benedict Canyon area of Beverly Hills for which he paid $47,851,000 back in 2015. The seller was our boy Maurice Marciano.

Elaine Wynn’s $20 million Beverly Hills compound

As for the Bentley-driving Elaine Wynn, lady of the $142 million triptych, she’s got a $20 million two-house compound — also in the Benedict Canyon area of Beverly Hills — that is so close to her ex-hubby’s estate that she could probably jog over to his place to borrow a cup of organic, cruelty-free sugar and be back home before she could’ve backed the big ol’ Bentley on out and moseyed over there.

Just don’t ask Mr. Wynn to jog over to her house. He is blind, after all…

Listing and selling agent (Pacific Palisades): Jade Mills, Coldwell Banker
Listing agent (Brentwood): David Offer, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

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