Pictures of Kevin Washington’s $41 million Santa Monica mansion

You’ll recall that late last week, ol’ Yolanda blabbed about a secret (and record-busting) $41,082,000 transaction that went down on a wee dead-end street in the heart of Santa Monica.

For a refresher, the house was sold by Modern Family‘s Steven Levitan and/or his ex-wife Krista Levitan (sorry, we aren’t sure who got what in the divorce) and was purchased by a youngish couple named Kevin & Chelsea Washington. He’s the younger son of multi-billionaire industrialist Dennis Washington, in case y’all didn’t know.

However, since the sale was off-market, Yolanda didn’t have access to any photographs of the property. So we did what we do best: resort to beggin’. We beseeched the general public for pics, even going so far as to offering to trade our first born child for a few glossy shots. Oh yes we did! We’re desperate like that.

Well, y’all. However humiliating it may be, ask and ye shall receive.

Mere hours after we published that story, Yolanda was covertly contacted by a certain someone who wishes to remain anonymous. This super-generous individual provided us with several tantalizing photos, and Yolanda was easily able to verify that they were indeed taken from inside the residence in question. We can’t thank our anonymous benefactor enough, so we shall do as he/she requested and share them with y’all. It’s a beautiful day, kiddies.

While the pictures do not paint a complete portrait of the place, they clearly and nonetheless reinforce what Yolanda told y’all before: slightly rustic “Modern Farmhouse” on the outside, clean-lined contemporary within. We particularly like that hanging “swing” bed and the big-picture view windows that drink in the Riviera Country Club views and the hills of nearby Pacific Palisades.

It’s also apparent that Mr. Levitan spent some very serious coin to build this place, in case anyone had any doubts. That interior — simple and uncluttered though it may be — simply reeks of money.

Yolanda’s anonymous benefactor also whispered to your gurl that the interior designer hired by the Levitans to do up this place is the ex-wife of the Bay Area-based architect who built the house, a guy named Howard Backen.

Our Mr. Backen, for what it’s worth, doesn’t do many projects in LA but he did also design that “Belgian Farmhouse” over in Brentwood’s Sullivan Canyon that recently sold for a frightening $18,300,000 to Houston-based billionaire Dan Friedkin. (He is also rumored to have done up Diane Keaton’s new pad that is basically across the street from that $18.3 million house, but we digress).

As y’all know, Mr. Levitan spent $8,600,000 back in 2012 to acquire this then-vacant 1-acre parcel just off San Vicente Boulevard. He then spent several years (and God only knows how many more millions) to construct, furnish, and landscape this exquisitely done-up spread, his dream home.

The ironic thing, of course, is that Mr. Levitan may never have had a chance to spend a night in this joint. The house was completed in January 2016, records show, and Mrs. Levitan filed for divorce that same month. The split almost immediately became shockingly nasty. Delicious tabloid fodder, indeed. And it was Mrs. Levitan who wound up with the keys to this place, where she lived for 2016 and most of the past year. In fact, as pointed out by a commenter on Yolanda’s site, it was she who hosted Bravo star Jenni Pulos’s baby shower — right here at this here residence.

Anyway, let’s hope the Washington’s finally give this place some more of that happiness it deserves.

And since Yolanda was so fortunate with her last request to the general public, we’re gonna give it another go! Hey Mr. & Mrs. Washington: how about you invite Yolanda to your housewarming party?! Pretty please. We’ve got libations!!

  1. David says:

    One of the nicest homes that I’ve had the privilege being part of. We supplied all of the wood ceiling material and pre finished all of the wood floors as well as the stairs.

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  3. Richard says:

    I was a fan of this property when it was just a vacant lot. My fantasy was to build my own dream house here but I didn’t have $9 million for the lot. So I watched the house go up, prepared not to like it but I did like it. So I went to city hall and looked at the plans. Own to the public. It is a one bedroom house with a 3 bedroom guest house. An elevator connects all three floors. 4 car underground parking, tiered screening room, outdoor kitchen and other nice amenities. $41 million for a one bedroom house. Wow.

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