Billionaire heiress Kasey Crown falls for a Brentwood ranch

Horse-clogged Sullivan Canyon, snugly tucked between the swanky Westside neighborhoods of Brentwood and Pacific Palisades, has long been a favored residential destination of wealthy Tinseltown equestrians. Famous folks like Steven Spielberg, Christian Bale, Ryan Murphy and Kathleen Kennedy maintain ranches (and/or mansions) in this bucolic nabe.

Though once somewhat overlooked, Sullivan Canyon real estate is now piping hot. One area ranch sold for $18 million a couple years back, and moneyed buyers with a taste for country livin’ have begun flooding the sidewalk-free lanes.

Back at the ranch

Last fall, a quaint ranch popped up for sale — its first time on the market in 58 years, according to the listing. The humble, low-slung property does not appear to be professionally landscaped and sports a rather ugly black-topped driveway.

But be not fooled by the feigned modesty. The asking price was a ballers-only $8.25 million! (However, the buyers were able to negotiate a substantial discount, paying a “mere” $6,667,500.)

Kasey Crown & David Comfort

The proud new owners are a local banker named David Comfort and his loaded wifey Kasey Crown, a licensed psychotherapist and educator “specializing in the treatment of trauma, relational conflict and existential issues“. The pair have three young children.

In addition to her therapy work, Ms. Crown is also an heiress to the multibillion dollar Crown family fortune. According to Forbes, the Chicago-based clan is one of the wealthiest families in all of America, with a cumulative net worth exceeding $8 billion.

Kasey Crown is the only daughter of philanthropists Steve and Nancy Crown (her father is the eldest child of Lester Crown, the family’s 93-year-old patriarch.) So it shouldn’t be the least bit shocking that she can afford a $6.7 million fixer-upper ranch.

But anyway. Per our research, it appears the Sullivan Canyon property may be solely owned — technically speaking — by our lovely Ms. Crown. Yolanda suspects that is due to some sort of airtight prenuptial agreement. But, of course, we digress.

A scarlet front door provides the front facade with a much-needed pop of color, while a smattering of potted plants and fruit orchard lend it a bohemian sorta vibe. In addition to the main residence, there’s a detached three-car garage out front and a wee guesthouse tucked into a corner of the backyard.

The sprawling home centers around lovely oval swimming pool that we pray Ms. Crown does not remove. It’s really lovely.

The structure(s) themselves total 4,513-square-feet of living space — including the detached garage and guesthouse, we assume — with 4 beds and 4.75 baths. Originally built in 1949, the digs were lightly updated at some point but still feature those coveted mid-century hallmarks — open floorplan, vaulted ceilings, walls of glass.

Check out that cool art studio, with its skylights that bathe the room in sunshine. Yolanda actually loves this pricey little ranch — we think it could be made fantastic with the aid of a good decorator — but we have no idea if Ms. Crown sees things the same way. Maybe she’ll raze the whole shebang and begin anew. She certainly has the cash to do just that.

This ranch is located on a prime Sullivan Canyon cul-de-sac where nearly all the neighbors are famous: directly across the street is media heiress Elisabeth Murdoch, who lives right next door to actress Diane Keaton and two doors away from Sugarfina CEO/founder Josh Resnick.

Anywho, the Crown-Comfort family currently resides in the ultra-trendy neighborhood of Venice (CA), on one of the area’s most coveted streets.

Kasey Crown’s Venice casa

Back in 2010, Ms. Crown forked out $2,357,000 for the Cape Cod-style abode, which happens to sit right next door to the home of activist Jodie Evans. The home’s interiors were redone in a breezy manner — with ice blue kitchen cabinets — by Ms. Crown, who has already admitted that she’d like to sell the place, as it ain’t spacious enough for her growing family of five.

And as you’d expect of proper multibillionaires, the Crown family has a portfolio of numerous luxury properties. Chief among their holdings is the lavish (and stunning) Ojai Valley Inn resort in Ojai, CA.

Ojai Valley Inn, owned by Steve Crown

Somewhere on the Ojai Valley Inn property is Casa Elar, a 10,400-square-foot “Tuscan villa” custom-built for the Crown family as their part-time residence.

Casa Elar, Ojai

Kasey Crown’s parents (Steve & Nancy Crown) additionally preside over a custom-built ski chalet in Aspen. Way back in 2008, the property was photographed (and profiled) for Architectural Digest.

Crown family getaway, Aspen

Mr. and Mrs. Crown’s main residence, however, is a palatial estate in the ultra-wealthy Chicago suburb of Winnetka, Illinois.

Crown family estate, Winnetka

The tricked-out $28 million Tudor pad includes 10,000-square-feet of interior space on 1.7 acres of lush property filled with formal gardens and mature trees. Surely that place requires a couple full-time gardeners, right?

Listing agent: David Offer, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Kasey Crown’s agent: Veronica Klein, Compass

  1. Gavin Elster says:

    I understand Lester Crown use to own the Empire State Building, AND the Doheny-built, Beverly Hills Greystone. Mr. Crown purchased the almost 50,000 sq. ft. mansion, on 12-plus acres, for $1.3 million in the early 60’s, with demolition, and more Trousdalesque luxe housing on his radar. This didn’t pan-out, and the city of BH bought it for a cool ONE million. BH drinking water now sits in a huge, underground resevoir under the rear parking lot.

    1. Matt Moyer says:

      Reportedly, both Mr. Crown’s and the city of BH’s demolition plans for Greystone were foiled by simple economics. Demolition costs of Greystone’s late 1920’s massively steel reinforced concrete construction were estimated at $500,000 in the earily 1960’s when both Mr. Crown and the city of BH were pursuing such an option. For once, building to the highest possible standards saved the house for future generations in a city known for its “of the moment” construction mania.

      1. AMC Gremlin says:

        Yep, and Greystone is now one of LA’s most cherished historical mansions as we all know. Thank God for the Doheny family’s wild overspending on it.

  2. Gavin Elster says:

    I also remind people that the 1958 donation of the Chester Place (near USC, in the West Adams district) compound of late Victorian mansions, to the Roman Catholic archdiose, by Estelle Doheny, (Mrs. E.L.Doheny Sr.) saved this neighborhood from becoming a collection of parking lots, and mid-century “ding-bat” apartments. This beautiful area is now the downtown campus of Mount St. Mary’s University. The main campus is above Brentwood’s Getty Center. The one Chester Place house lost was the 1890’s Newhall Mansion,(the modern area, Newhall, North of LA was their ranch) later used in the 60’s, creepy show “The Addams Family.”

    1. Matt Moyer says:

      Knowledgble local, perhaps? Exlandlord’s sister knew Mrs. Doheny and had been to her Chester Place palace. (The Pompeiian-Tiffany designed room is really quite spectacular.) Her visits were in the 1940’s-’50s, after the neighborhood had declined. Knowing the history, first question asked: “Was there a lot of land around the house?” Positive response- Mrs. Doheny bought up all the surrounding mansions to keep the neighborhood “pure”! Also asked if she’d seen one of Mrs. Doheny’s two Guttenburg bibles; alas not. For those interested might want to Google her destroyed greenhouse. Unbelievabley large.

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