Heather Mnuchin steamrolls into a $13 million Brentwood Circle mansion

Listen up, everyone. Although our third ex-husband Randall left us with a fat settlement, spousal support and a red Cadillac, Yolanda remains a slave to the almighty dollar just like all you folks reading this story. And half the time the old bastard doesn’t pay us our monthly checks! What a loser. But we already digress — anyway, we try to post stories about people and houses that cater to what y’all might want to read, not just what Yolanda wants to write about. That’s why we pepper our blog with celebrity stories, to keep y’all’s real estate appetites whetted.

Anyway, we diligently check the news on a daily basis to see who is making headlines. What a great day it was yesterday, eh? That top story — about U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his actress wife Louise Linton artfully posed while holding a sheet of freshly-steamrolled money. Oh, man. Just too damn good! Yolanda loved it.

Louise Linton, money, and Steve Mnuchin

Listen, kiddies, we’ve never been one to talk politics or try to weave policy discussions into our stories. And we never will. But no matter which side of the spectrum y’all fall on, you have to admit that the photo is destined to become a meme classic (and it already has). Christina Wilkie from CNBC had Yolanda’s favorite description of the couple — “[they] look like Bond villains”.

It’s not the first time Mr. Mnuchin — a former Goldman Sachs managing director who is reportedly worth north of $300 million — and Ms. Linton have faced scrutiny over their alleged wealth flauntin’, but it is definitely the most memorable.

All that aside, we’re just saying that Mr. Mnuchin is everywhere today. And we’ve been sitting on this story about his second ex-wife for months now, so today we are finally pullin’ the trigger, so to speak.

Steve & Heather Mnuchin — in happier marital times

Mr. Mnuchin and his second ex-wife Heather Mnuchin were married for nearly 15 years and have three minor children whose names and ages Yolanda cannot be bothered to remember, sorry. The couple lived in New York during the first half of their marriage — way back in 2000, they paid $10,500,000 for a duplex apartment in NYC’s legendary 740 Park Avenue, which has been called “the world’s richest apartment building”. For what it’s worth, the duplex was purchased by the Mnuchins from art collector Carol Lederman, who just happens to be Mr. Mnuchin’s aunt. Apparently money flows thick in this clan.

In 2009, Mr. Mnuchin purchased OneWest Bank in Pasadena, California. The couple therefore traded Manhattan for the mean streets of Bel Air, where they quickly paid $26,500,000 for a rather bland Tuscan-style mega-mansion in a particularly swanky neighborhood pocket where most of the neighbors are billionaires. They include Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, hedge funder Daniel S. Loeb, hotelier Beny Alagem, luxury goods mogul François-Henri Pinault and his actress wife Salma Hayek, and Michael Milken’s son Lance.

Mr. Mnuchin continues to own and reside (with Louise Linton) in the Bel Air estate. Following the couple’s split, however, Ms. Mnuchin (who appears to still use her marital name though she is now in a longterm relationship with a guy named David Ford) “downgraded” in March 2014 to a Beverly Hills mansion that we’ll discuss in more detail a wee bit later. In time, it seems, she tired of slumming it in the flats of Beverly Hills and has now decided to give the Westside a spin.

In May of this year (2017), a brand-new mansion within Brentwood’s guard-gated “Brentwood Circle” enclave became available for sale with a hefty $12,950,000 pricetag. Scarcely a month later, the house sold — for the full damn asking price. And though we can’t say for certain on this one, the transaction has all the indications of being an all-cash deal.

Naturally, the buyer’s identity is shielded behind one of those tedious LLCs, but we do know that it is our homegurl Heather Mnuchin who now has the keys to her new palace. Let’s see what those 13 million dollar bills (some possibly with her ex-hubby’s name on them?) hath wrought.

Spec-built and completed in 2017, the 9,167-square-foot bi-winged mansion is described in listing materials as a “Modern Contemporary”. The three-story structure is completely walled and gated (even though it also lies within a guard-gated community) and includes a front-facing three car garage.

A glassy front door swings open to a two-story “Gallery Reception Hall” that spans the entire length of the house. The hall doesn’t seem useful for much of anything other than being a place for the staff to park guests while they wait for the homeowner to descend her from her upstairs quarters, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Elsewhere, there’s a living room with a fireplace and its own private balcony. Custom “European oak” wide-plank hardwood floors grace most of the public rooms.

The theme of relaxed decadence continues into the kitchen, which blends together with the family room to become the “lifestyle center” of the home.There are top-of-the-line Wolf and Viking appliances plus a center island topped with pricey Carrara marble and plenty of barstool seating.

Yolanda has gotta remark, however, that we just find the kitchen to have a little too much wood for our personal tastes.

Off the family room is the staircase that leads upstairs to the astonishingly luxurious master suite, which has six rooms all to itself. There’s the bedroom, which has a sitting area next to a fireplace, behind which is a “lounge” with a TV and a big couch. Then there’s a dressing room and two “wardrobe rooms” (not pictured) plus the bathroom, which has one of the largest showers we’ve ever seen. It’s all done up in glass and marble and looks ready for some wild parties! (Consenting adults only, please.)

In addition to the master suite, there are 5 more bedroom suites. And some of the home’s recreational amenities include a game room w/ sports bar and a movie theater.

The .66-acre lot isn’t particularly big, but the smallish backyard is admirably and completely shielded from neighbors behind a riotous cacophony of mature trees of varying species, making y’all feel that you’re overlooking a private park. Outdoor amenities include the requisite pool w/ inset spa and an outdoor BBQ. Yolanda isn’t particularly fond of the structure’s rear view — sorta reminds us of a high-class motel — but there’s no denying this is quite the fancy house and many folks may think Ms. Mnuchin got herself a decent deal at $13 million.

As we’ve already mentioned, Ms. Mnuchin has been living in Beverly Hills since her split with her Treasury Secretary hubby. In March 2014, she paid $8,900,000 for a 2008-built mock-Mediterranean mansion on one of the premier streets in the flats of Beverly Hills. The 9,957-square-foot mansion sits on less than a third of an acre of land and contains 7 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

For what it is worth, Ms. Mnuchin bought the property from John Hemmingson, a Washington state-based businessman who once served time in prison for money laundering. (But we digress). Our gurl Ms. Mnuchin hired her longtime friend, interior designer Tracy Bross, to re-do the interiors in a semi-girly fashion with lots of whites, greys, and lavenders.

Ms. Mnuchin put her Beverly Hills pad up for sale in June of this year, and the property soon sold for the complicated sum of $11,083,955 to a local stock trader named David Salomon. That’s a nice $2+ million return on the property for Ms. Mnuchin.

As for Mr. Mnuchin, when he’s not traveling via private jet with his wife #3, he’s living at either his leaky 740 Park duplex apartment or his 25,000-square-foot Bel Air mega-mansion. Those two properties alone are probably worth $70 million today, give or take a few million greenbacks. And he’s also got a spread in the Hamptons and a new $12 million pad in the posh Massachusetts Avenue Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

It’s all about them Benjamins, baby. Or Washingtons — right, Ms. Linton?

Listing agent (Brentwood)Ernie Carswell, Teles Properties
Heather Mnuchin’s agent (Brentwood)Steven Schaefer, Newmark Residential
Heather Mnuchin’s agent (Beverly Hills)Edward Fitz, The Agency
Selling agent (Beverly Hills): Darla Sue Gilmartin, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 

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