Anthony de Rothschild quietly lists in Malibu’s Ramirez Canyon

Right across PCH from Malibu’s world-famous Paradise Cove is a small gated enclave secreted away in a lush canyon. The area — Ramirez Canyon, as it is known — is strenuously private, and most outsiders are unaware it exists. As such, homeowners of the multi-acre properties in here include a variety of famous and semi-famous folks: Miley Cyrus, actor Liam Hemsworth, retired TV producer Marcy Carsey, music man Don Henley, Caitlyn Jenner’s son Brandon Jenner, former baseball star Derrek Lee, and global sex symbol Megan Fox (our Ms. Fox is currently suing 13 different people/parties in connection to alleged problems with her Ramirez Canyon spread, but we digress).

Ramirez Canyon, Malibu

Also in the gated community is a large estate known to be owned by the Rothschild family. Yes, kiddies, those Rothschilds — the influential folks who were the world’s wealthiest family throughout much of the 1800s and still possess the largest private fortune known in modern history.

Though the highly secretive clan’s unfathomable wealth has been diluted among hundreds of descendants, many individual members remain extraordinarily wealthy. Chief among those is multi-billionaire Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, the 86-year-old philanthropist and investor who has long served as a financial advisor to Her Royal Highness herself: Queen Elizabeth II.

Sir Evelyn — who has a vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard — has been married thrice and has three adult children, at least two of whom spend a significant amount of time living in Los Angeles. One of those is his elder son Anthony de Rothschild, who in May 2015 paid $6,150,000 for a two-parcel property deep in the Ramirez Canyon community.

Tania Strecker & Anthony de Rothschild

The 41-year-old Anthony obviously does not need to work, but the internet shows he toils as an investor and is also, apparently, an art collector and philanthropist. In 2005, the relatively low-profile fellow married Danish model Tania Strecker, an ex-girlfriend of both Guy Ritchie and Robbie Williams. It does not appear as though Mr. Rothschild and Ms. Strecker have any children, although they are inactive on social media so we would not know if they did. Matter of fact, we are not even certain if these two are still married!

Anyway, we digress. Mr. Rothschild paid the aforementioned $6.15 million for the Malibu estate in 2015 and then proceeded to spend untold millions to renovate every square inch of the house and re-landscape the entire 14 acres of bucolic land.

The result is a rustic but decidedly luxurious spread more obviously reminiscent of Napa Valley than anything typically associated with Malibu. And it seems that Mr. Rothschild has opted to quietly pocket-list the estate with an unknown asking price.

Egads! That is a lot of money — particularly for this neighborhood pocket, where it would most assuredly set a new record if sold.

The entire property is now walled, gated, and heavily secured with all the latest stuff: camera and infrared technology and all that juicy jazz. Once past the gates and gadgets, a meandering driveway leads to the approximately 3,000-square-foot house with its white stone and reclaimed hardwood floors.

After Mr. Rothschild’s renovation, the house now includes a commodious great room with a vaulted ceiling and ocean views. The entire place is furnished in an elegantly casual manner with “neutral and natural materials“, according to the listing.

The great room opens up to a rustic-chic kitchen with high-end appliances galore and an adjacent breakfast table area. Conveniently just outside the sliding glass door is a spacious patio with a plethora of seating options, a BBQ grill, and a wood-burning pizza oven.

There are a total of 4 beds and 3.5 baths in the house, though this is clearly a residence for a single person or a child-free couple: the home’s entire second story is taken up by the master suite. And why not? The resort-quality bedroom features views of the lush grounds and the ocean, and the hedonistic master bath has a shower, soaking tub, and dual dressing rooms and closets.

An all-new swimming pool has a raised edge that rather makes it look as though the water flows right into the house. Yolanda loves the shady seating area above the water. Couldn’t y’all just imagine curling up on that couch with a good book, a glass of white wine, and the birds chirping in the sycamore trees? Ahhh! What a life.

There are not one but two detached art studios/offices on the sprawling estate. Both are pleasantly light-filled and open to majestic views of the rolling hills, the pastoral lawns, and the vividly blue ocean way off in the distance.

Yolanda has no idea if all of this will be sufficient to woo someone with $20 million to spend on a house, but damn. This is a nice place! And there is absolutely no doubt that Mr. Rothschild has invested a great deal of money to cobble this compound together.

We haven’t the faintest inkling where Mr. Rothschild is hankerin’ to move. However, for the record, we do know that his sister Jessica owns an equally sumptuous estate over in the Hollywood Hills.

Jessica de Rothschild’s $11 million Hollywood Hills villa

Records indicate that Ms. Rothschild — married to director/producer Sacha Gervasi, she is — paid Ryan Seacrest $10,983,000 in 2012 for the big-ass tennis court compound, which was also once owned by actor Kevin Costner. The house is set securely behind a massive gate and has a full-fledged Fort Knox-like security system. Naturally.

Listing agent: Chris Cortazzo, Coldwell Banker


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