Tom Clancy’s widow Alexandra throws down $8.5 million cash on a Beverly Hills ultra-contemporary

Yolanda apologizes for dawdlin’ on posting this latest story. We don’t know if this summer weather in January is to blame, but we’ve been feeling so damn lethargic lately. Just yesterday we had to take a couple siestas, and we’re still plum tired. But we’re soldiering on through regardless. Only for y’all!

Few homes contain more indications of celebrity ownership than the one we shall discuss today. To begin with, this brand-new residence is located on a celeb-popular canyon lane in the 90210 (other homeowners on the same dead-end road include Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba). The spec-mansion was recently sold and it appears the enigmatic buyer was not at all concerned with getting a discount on the property — the transaction closed only a month after listing, and for the full asking price of $8,500,000. All signs indicate that the big-bucks buyer paid cash. And all but one listing photo was mysteriously yanked off the MLS upon closing.

The buyer is shielded behind a strangely named entity (“Tom Sharpe LLC”) that leads down a dead-end road to an NYC law firm, so our boy Vlad the Revealer over at Celebrity Address Aerial asked for our help in identifying the suspicious individual. Yolanda, of course, immediately grabbed our hoe and shovel and proceeded to do some digging. And after some toilin’ in the soil, we discovered that the proud new owner is an extremely wealthy widowed lady from San Francisco named Alexandra Llewellyn Clancy.

While hers might not be a household name, you most assuredly have heard of her late hubby, bestselling espionage novelist Tom Clancy. His best-known novels — all of which have been turned into successful films — are The Hunt for Red October (1984), Patriot Games (1987), Clear and Present Danger (1989), and The Sum of All Fears (1991). He sold 100 million books worldwide, y’all.

We digress. Our Mrs. Clancy is a young widow — she was but a mere 34 years old when her hubby passed at 66 years of age. The couple were married in 1999, fourteen years prior to his 2013 death, and have one daughter together.

For all of you busybodies, let’s get the proverbial elephant in the room herded on out: yes, Mrs. Clancy was 32 years younger than her late husband.

Mrs. Alexandra Clancy

But before you catty Cathys start hissin’ and dissin’, please do not assume that Mrs. Clancy was just some gold-digging bimbo. Although it was she — and not the four children from her husband’s first marriage — who inherited the bulk of his $82 million estate after a long and bitter court battle, the truth is she really didn’t need Mr. Clancy’s money.

You see, Mrs. Clancy was already a wildly wealthy heiress to the fortune of her late father, prominent businessman J. Bruce Llewellyn. Our Mr. Llewellyn was an attorney-turned-corporate maverick who became the owner of the Philadelphia Coca-Cola bottling company. Coca-cola by itself made him an extraordinarily rich man. But he also had numerous other investments and successes in industries as varied as banking, technology, and cable television.

For decades, Mr. Llewellyn was considered to be one of the wealthiest African-Americans in the entire USA. And at the time of his 2010 death, the self-made fellow was estimated to have a net worth of $160 million, give or take a few small fortunes. From what Yolanda can tell, he was also influential to a new generation of black businesspeople (and businesspeople in general). Additionally, Mr. Llewellyn cultivated a powerful circle of friends that included former Secretary of State Colin Powell. (And it was Mr. Powell, no lie, who introduced Tom Clancy to Mr. Llewellyn’s daughter Alexandra).

As for Mr. Llewellyn’s daughter, she has undertaken a business venture of her own. Alexandra Clancy presides over her own line of posh women’s handbags, some of which retail for thousands of bucks apiece. Imagine that. (In case y’all doubt Mrs. Clancy’s designer skills, her bags have been carried by big celebs like Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez. She’s legit).

But suffice to say that regardless of whether she ever sells another python purse, we highly doubt Mrs. Clancy will ever have to worry about pesky little people problems like money. Or affording an $8.5 million vacation house, for that matter.

Now then: we’re more than a little enthralled with this house. Not because of the architecture itself — it was built by an investment group and is rather grey and white and boxy and blah — but rather, this listing has some of the most flamboyant language we’ve ever seen. The “Beverly Field Residence”, as it is strangely termed in marketing materials, is “incredibly inspirational”, “has tremendous emotional horsepower”, and is “captivating and artistic”. Um, yeah, okay. Gurl, take a seat.

Anyway, while we have no intel as to whether the listing agent (or his marketing person) was indulging in edibles while writing these marketing materials, the house is admittedly quite fancy and luxurious. From the driveway, a short concrete pathway leads past and over a tranquil water feature and to the glassy residence. Listing information does not call out square footage, but Yolanda would peg it at about 6,000 or so. Maybe?

And although the property sits rather hard up on the street, it is still made private by a gated front driveway and riotous thicket of mature hedges that mostly shield the abode from view.

The interior of the home is clearly meant to impress guests with an epicly voluminous great room, white oak floors, and soaring walls of glass. The family room also features a TV and a real wood-burning fireplace, plus more walls of glass that open to the backyard. Somewhere there’s a rather dowdy-looking screening room with a sad grey carpet.

Just behind the living room/front entryway is the kitchen/formal dining room combo. The kitchen has every high-tech appliance known to man: Miele dishwashers, dish warming drawers (yes, that’s a thing), and Wolfe/Sub-Zero appliances. There’s also a massive center island with exotic-sounding “Silver Brown Wave marble” countertops. Sorry, Yolanda does not know what that means, but it sure sounds real fancy and expensive.

The house boasts a total of 5 beds and 5.5 bathrooms. The upstairs master suite features a fireplace, sitting area, and a private deck overlooking the hillside. The property backs directly up to the Franklin Canyon reservoir area, so Mrs. Clancy can literally go hiking anytime she pleases from the comfort of her own backyard.

Thanks to the steeply-sloped yard, the .46-acre property doesn’t feel particularly spacious, but the rear area does have a pool plus a spa and enough lounging/outdoor dining space for a good-sized party. There’s an outdoor kitchen and BBQ plus a built-in table with bar-style seating.

Anywho, Yolanda happens to know that Mrs. Clancy and her daughter have not yet moved into this property. That’s because she has engaged a contractor to remodel this house to better suit her extravagant needs. (Yes, Mrs. Clancy is remodeling a brand-new house that nobody has ever lived in because it’s still not good enough yet. That’s just what really rich folks do, kiddies).

Mrs. Clancy presides over a baller-status amount of luxury real estate: she still owns her late hubby’s epic compound consisting of a 12,000-square-foot mansion and a couple of sizable guesthouses on several hundred scenic acres with thousands of feet of pristine frontage on Chesapeake Bay in Calvert County, Maryland.

In addition to the Chesapeake Bay spread, Mrs. Clancy owns an immodest crash pad in Baltimore. In 2009, she and her late hubster shocked the city’s real estate watchers when they paid a fat $12,600,000 (a city record at the height of the recession!) for three adjacent units in the Ritz-Carlton Residences along the Inner Harbor. They later acquired three more adjacent units and combined four of the six units to create a rather minimalist “mansion in the sky”.

The chic super-sized penthouse (above) is currently available for sale with a much-reduced $7,900,000 pricetag, while the remaining two units are still used as rentals by Mrs. Clancy. The penthouse has three private elevators, a gym, and (naturally) a grandly-scaled library filled floor-to-ceiling with real books.

Even in the unlikely event of a full-priced sale, records are clear that Mrs. Clancy will take a multi-million dollar bath on her Baltimore Ritz-Carlton residence. Not that it really matters to a lady as rich as her, of course. That’s just a tax write-off, right?

Based on some intel in our possession, Yolanda believes that Mrs. Clancy’s current main residence is not in Beverly Hills or Baltimore but rather somewhere in the San Francisco bay area. However, kiddies, as of yet we are unable to pinpoint the exact coordinates of Mrs. Clancy’s SF abode. We expect her ownership is cloaked behind a typical maze of LLCs and blind trusts.

But if you have any info on Mrs. Clancy’s Bay Area house — we suspect it is an inordinately expensive mansion/compound of some sort — please do be a dear and let Yolanda know. We promise to keep your identity on the DL.

Listing & selling agent (90210)Paul Wylie, LAMERICA Real Estate
Listing agent (Baltimore): Cummings & Co.

  1. Chris Agpaoa says:

    Tom & Alex Clancy’s Chesapeake Bay House:


    I’ve lived down the street from them for the majority of my life. Located behind a gate, the property features rolling hills that front the Chesapeake Bay; with the mansion sitting atop a hill at the end of a long private drive. As mentioned above, it offers stunning waterfront views.

    The entire property is covered with 20+ PTZ Pelco Cameras that allow for remote monitoring. Several years ago local kids started a fire on the property: https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2014/08/29/fire-destroys-house-on-estate-of-late-author-tom-clancy/

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