Larry Ellison’s girlfriend Nikita Kahn throws down $14 million at The Century

Two adjacent units in the super-luxe and appropriately-named The Century building in LA’s Century City neighborhood recently sold for a combined total of $14,162,000. The new owner, Yolanda was somewhat surprised to discover, is an LLC easily linked to a young lass named Nikita Kahn. Our Miss Kahn — if you didn’t already know — is best-known as the longtime girlfriend of good ol’ Larry Ellison, who makes do with a current net worth of $60 billion, according to the beancounters at Forbes.

Nikita Kahn is not, however, this lady’s birth name. Miss “Kahn” was born Iryna Osipova in the former Soviet Union nation of Ukraine. At some point Miss Osipova changed her name to Nikita Kahn and morphed into a self-styled philanthropist and actress. You can do those sorts of things when your boyfriend is the seventh-richest person in the world, y’all.

A thorough search of online records leads Yolanda to believe that Miss Kahn and/or Osipova is still in her 20s, which is a bit eyebrow-raising given the fact that she’s been dating four-times-divorced, 73-year-old Larry Ellison (off and on) for seven years, since 2010. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As long as she was 18 back then. Right?

Nikita Kahn (left) with Larry and Megan Ellison

Know something else you can do when your boyfriend is a billionaire? Spend a whole buttload of moolah on real estate. Back in 2011, Miss Kahn coughed up $3,300,000 for a fancy condo in Marina del Rey’s swanky Azzurra building. Miss Kahn continues to own that condo, though it has since been transferred to an LLC that she controls.

We are uncertain why Miss Kahn needs or wants a $14 million mansion in the LA sky when her boyfriend owns half of Malibu’s Carbon Beach (along with a ton of other Malibu real estate). But ours not to reason why, ours but to just die. Maybe Miss Kahn is tired of making the trek all the way back to Malibu after a tiresome night out on the LA charity circuit. Mmmhmm! Yolanda feels ya, Miss Kahn. It’s just a crash pad!

The seller of both units is shielded behind a mysteriously-named LLC that Yolanda is unfortunately unable to crack at this time. That seller bought both for $12,500,000 back in June 2017, only three months before Miss Kahn took them off his/her hands. So someone walked away with a big profit, clearly.

The larger of the two units (above) has 4,450-square-feet of living space and is located on one of the highest floors in the building, just one level below the massive full-floor penthouses. Sporting 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, it’s got high-end finishes (including polished hardwood floors), top-of-the-line appliances, and westward-facing views galore.

The smaller of the units sports 3,430 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a rather disturbing lavender (?) chandelier adorning the open-air dining room. The kitchen here is comparatively cramped compared to the more spacious unit, but Yolanda digs the ebonized hardwood floors and jetliner views, natch.

Altogether, records show that Miss Kahn now commands her own mansion in the sky with 7,880-square-feet of living space with 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. And, of course, Yolanda can only imagine that she will spend another small fortune combining both units into one super-sized spread fitting of a multi-billionaire’s girlfriend. But who knows, right?

Some perks of living at The Century include a private bar/dining room downstairs, a massive screening room, private gym, 24/7 concierge, security guards, doorman, a 75 foot outdoor pool with spa and cabanas, private conference room and a wine cellar.

Famous Century residents include pop superstar singer Rihanna, actor Matthew Perry, and a bunch of really rich widows. (These include Candy Spelling and Vicki Walters).

Enjoy your new pad, Miss Kahn. At least when you’re not sunning yourself by one of your boyfriend’s thirteen Carbon Beach homes. Ah, to be young, wildly rich, and blissfully carefree…

  1. Cal Culver says:

    Is it me? I just don’t see $14 million of house. I’m sure it is lovely but not spectacular in my eyes. To each his own I guess.

  2. Luckystar says:

    Larry Ellison is no more dating Nikita Kahn (since one year in fact) and I doubt she has anything to do with this property transaction

  3. Liz says:

    When your young, pretty, reckless and willing to do anything for money like she is, why not wear knee pads and crawl around on your knees doing favors for wicked rich gentlemen? She is only young once and obviously has no moral ethics. Another low life Russian who likes the good life at the cost of being a high class whore. what’s new in the world? Money can never buy you class!

    1. Salim says:

      Liz: How many low life Russians do you know? Stick to one person without generalising. American girls do not marry for money really?

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