Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Scoops Up $22 Million House Next Door

location: San Francisco, Calif.
price: $21.9 million
size: 3,588 square feet, 5 beds, 3 baths

When he’s not busy helming Twitter and Square, the two multibillion dollar companies he co-created, tech tycoon Jack Dorsey finds residential relaxation in the breezy Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco. His flat-roofed midcentury modern, acquired in 2012 for $10 million, is treacherously cantilevered over a craggy, near-sheer bluff and graced with spectacular views of the bay. On a rare fog-free day, of course.

Dorsey apparently loves his home, vertigo-inducing vistas be damned. And he’s now seen fit to expand the dizzying estate, stealthily swiping out a record $21.9 million for his next door neighbor’s house. The off-market transaction actually closed late last year — with zero fanfare — and ranks as the most ever paid for a Sea Cliff property, easily besting an $18 million from 2009.

Unfortunately, since the new Dorsey house was never publicly listed for sale, there are no proper photographs and few concrete details available. But records do show the boxy pad was built in 1962 and stands two stories tall with five beds and three baths in nearly 3,600 sq. feet of living space. There’s a detached two-car garage and .62-acres of steep blufftop property. Like his main residence next door, the home is invisible from the street, sequestered behind thick foliage and perilously perched near the cliff’s edge. The lucky sellers, a Thailand-based family, picked up the estate way back in 1997 for a mere $2.85 million. Ka-ching!

The Dorsey compound now contains upwards of 7,300 square feet of midcentury living space with seven bedrooms on 1.2 acres of cliffside. Ancient trees surrounding the property provide an enviable dose of nature’s own privacy. The neighborhood is also known for its abundant wildlife — foxes, coyotes, even the occasional mountain lion patrol the premises. Nosy birds twit and tweet from their leafy vantage points.

In addition to his expanded $32 million Seacliff estate, Dorsey also maintains a house in Los Angeles. The $4.2 million contemporary confection, tucked high up in the Hollywood Hills, won a 2017 AIA architectural award and is occupied by his long-distance girlfriend, international model Raven Lyn Corneil.

  1. Adrienne says:

    Just a little humble brag in hopes I’ll stop harassing him on Twitter to go out for sushi. Not a chance buddy. Not a chance.

  2. ihavemanyquestions says:

    The last part of this article is inaccurate, Dorsey is single and his brief dalliance with the underage girl is over. You may want to make a correction.

  3. Stop Violent Entertainment says:

    To Jack Dorsey:
    Twitter has been a dismal failure in terms of uniting Americans and the rest of humanity. Twitter should be
    squashed like a disease carrying mosquito before the whole world is infected with the divisive violent rhetoric
    That Twitter promotes and facilitates the spread of.

    British attempts at gun-control and firearms and ammunition confiscation started the American
    Revolution. It was not about tea. “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” –Edmund Burke

    Democrats originally enacted gun-control laws to prevent black people from owning guns. No racist Democrat wanted to be shot while trying to kill, harass or lynch black people. This left black people unable to protect
    themselves. Gun control laws are actually racist.

    If someone is deemed to be too dangerous to own a firearm they need to be locked up period! Either in a jail
    or a psych ward.


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