Nile Niami’s latest mega-creation asks $65 million

Teddy Roosevelt once said “He with the big stick wins, except when attacked by he with the bigger stick. So always carry the biggest stick.” (We paraphrase.)

Nile Niami seems to have taken that bigger-is-always-better mantra to heart. For the uninformed, Mr. Niami is arguably LA’s most successful spec-builder of mega-mansions, the outrageous kind with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bowling alleys, and even underground operating rooms.

One of our readers was kind enough to notify us that Mr. Niami’s latest project in Bel Air has just hit the market, asking a billionaires-only $65,000,000. The listing includes a slickly-produced YouTube video. Check it out. Even if this place isn’t your cup of real estate tea, it’s certainly somethin’.

Built by the venerated Paul McLean — LA’s go-to mega-mansion architect — the bulky white-and-grey porker weighs in at 27,000-square-feet of living space, about 13 or 14 times the size of the average American home. Yes, kids, this place dwarfs most every house in the country, and even most of the homes in the exclusive Bel Air neighborhood.

Perched on just under an acre of flat land in prime lower Bel Air, the “contemporary manor” (per the listing) is blessed with head-on views of the sixth fairway on the golf course of the uber-posh Bel Air Country Club. Behind the house, a long row of ficus trees provide privacy, and there’s a dark-bottomed swimming pool plus a large patch of grassy lawn.

We were expecting an underground “auto gallery” of some sort, but it appears as though this place has a simple and very conventional four-car garage. Oh well, at least there’s lots of driveway and motorcourt space for guest parking. Gotta have room for charity galas and such.

The interior goes all-in for the drama with its white-and-black theme interspersed with lurid pops of color. Check out that couch! And that kitchen! Oh my, we mistook that for a Rodeo Drive boutique display case at first. The chevron-patterened French Oak floors appear to have been ebonized and polished to within an inch of their lives.

Add some track lighting and you’d feel transported to the VIP section at the world’s swankiest nightclub.

All the requisite mega-mansion checkboxes have been ticked — there’s a ballroom, a wine cellar, a movie theater with both bar and couch seating, a wet bar carved entirely from black marble, a “wellness center”, and a lounge area equipped with the biggest red sectional couch we have ever laid eyes upon.

Still, no indoor basketball court or bowling alley? A missed opportunity, Mr. Niami!

The master suite is almost tomb-like with the amount of space it contains. There are his and hers bathrooms and closets — his done up in a dizzying amalgamation of mirrors and black marble, hers in lighter, brighter colors. An additional seven bedroom suites are scattered throughout the residence. And for times when the owner desires a meal with a view, there’s a rooftop terrace with space for an outdoor dining set.

From what we can tell, Mr. Niami is in the latter stages of completing another mega-mansion that sits directly behind the place we have just discussed. And he’s still trying to sell his Opus confection over in Trousdale Estates — it’s currently listed at $68 million, way down from the original ask of $100 million more than a year ago.

But his magnum opus, his chef d’oeuvre, his pièce de résistance, is undoubtedly The One, a 100,000-square-foot giga-mansion set on a high Bel Air knoll overlooking all of the LA basin.  He’s been working on that place for nearly six years, and we expect to see it on the market sometime in the coming months, asking a hellacious $500 million. Fasten your real estate safety belts for that big stick.

Listing agents: Branden & Rayni Williams, Hilton & Hyland

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  1. Curtis says:

    Best of luck to the listing agents & brokers SERIOUSLY. At least it didn’t go to that Kyle Richards husbands fraudsters firm that is being sued.

  2. Laura says:

    Yuk hate it! It takes the simple out of simplicity and that kind of just leaves “city”. And that’s what it feels like, a city with no character, hmmm Dallas? If you like living in character free hotels, then this place if for you (with your 65 Mil).

  3. LaChancla says:

    Very poorly designed….looks as though the owner told the architect to make it big and gaudy and the architect just phoned it in.

  4. Eray Scott says:

    WTF, this is squeezed onto a small lot right at a curve of Bellagio Rd. (Not that there’s a lot of traffic but still…), no yard, garage out front, wow that’s just crazy. And the even bigger pile backs up to this and also squeezed onto a narrow, odd-shaped lot. More power to Nile but who wants to live in these over-priced showrooms 🤔😲

  5. Grrrowler says:

    I saw this pop up on Redfin a couple of days ago and the husband and I got a good laugh out of some of those rooms. I like the pool, but the rest made me lose my appetite for dinner. A few glasses of wine fixed that little problem.

  6. NeNe_CaTiNi says:

    I agree with a lot of comments that this house is wedged onto too small of a lot… that said, while there are thing I would change, I think the staging it was makes the house bad. Its similar finishes and design to other properties he’s built which I’ve thought were beautiful but the colors and decor in this one are just awful.
    What I want to know is how Nile is funding all these projects. He is by far the biggest developer in LA in terms of cash sitting in houses.
    I also would like to see a run down of his projects.

    I know he has a pretty crazy modern on Londonberry that is pocket listed… I’m sure in the $40m area.

    He has Hillcrest at $68m, this at $65m, the house behind it is under contruction and will prolly be more. He has a house up in Stone Ridge Estate it appears he hasn’t touched yet. I read an article that referenced a third house he’s doing on Hillcrest. How many projects does he have going?

    I really want to see The One for the sheer audacity. And bet the house will be lucky to go for $200m at the end of the day. And that will probably be years from now. Still not a bad haul because he prolly doens’t even have $100m into it TBH.

  7. Dog Walker says:

    If you check out the house he built on Sarbonne, that house was built in 8 months and sold for $24 mil to a money-laundering Nigerian. The house was so shoddy it fell apart and to correct everything, it had to be taken down to the studs. The house leaked inside where floors buckled and walls became wet. I personally saw the deconstruction the shower and it was tiled over drywall. There were also 200-lb marble slabs that were pasted on the outside of the house (not hook-and-anchor) that came crashing down–could have killed someone. The water features leaked so badly that it caused a landslide on the adjacent property. This was highlighted in a NY TIMES article back in December 2014. Now my contact at LADBS and a LICENSED contractor who was able to look at “The One” construction say it’s a mess. As for this house, he built it either over a natural brook or natural drainage route — when it rained in Feb 2016, construction workers were knee deep in mud and the house siding soaked up the water like a wick. Niami claims his properties are for “dudes” — well I’m sure there are some dumb dudes who will want to buy this not mess of a property.

        1. Dog Walker says:

          The Sarbonne-under-renovation property is being developed by Swiss businessman Thomas Flohr who received the house to settle a debt by the money-laundering Nigerian. Plus Development would know about this transaction. The Nigerian Nicola Aluko apparently were partners in a European private jet business.

  8. Brendan says:

    Wow there sure are a lot of bitter and angry people on here lol. This place is baller, sorry your lives didnt work out.

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