Bird Street Week: Rent Bob Zangrillo’s $20 million house

Here’s a great chance to live like a celeb without having to worry about long-term maintenance, property taxes, all that nonsense. Not only is this one of the largest homes in the Bird Streets on one of the largest lots (house approximately 14,000 square feet, lot 1.56 acres), it’s also one of the area’s most private properties. All you need is $150,000… per month.

Whereas most homes in the Birds — even the priciest ones — sit hard up on the roadway, this place is as private as they come. The property is accessed off a barely-there dead-end side lane from the main road, then passes a couple other homes before it ends at the Zangrillo’s property’s massive driveway gates. Follow the curving driveway for its full 400 feet, and you’re finally at the big ass hidden mansion, with its front-row view of the city. Any A-lister would be proud to call this place home!

The current owner, however, is not a Hollywood heavyweight or even in the entertainment industry at all. But he is very accomplished in his own way. Oh, and he’s got more money than most celebs, too. It’s venture capitalist Robert “Bob” Zangrillo, who currently lives here part-time with his longtime girlfriend/fiancée Keir Alexa (Wohlman), a model and avid social media user who currently has more than 27,000 Instagram followers.

Ms. Wohlman, Mr. Zangrillo, and their Bird Streets mansion

Property records indicate Mr. Zangrillo paid an unnecessarily-complicated $19,999,000 (otherwise known as $20 million) for the house back in August of 2013 and used the rather boringly-named “The Bird Streets Real Estate Development Trust” to acquire title. He bought the house from film producer Larry Kuppin, a guy best known for producing cult classic films like the darkly sublime black comedy Heathers and the Hellraiser series.

The recently renovated property includes a main house originally built in 1922. Yeah… clearly, the beast has been dramatically overhauled several times in the last 90+ years. The current iteration appears to be — in Yolanda’s worthless opinion — a rather clumsy and disjointed take on International style. There are 6 bedrooms and a total of 8.75 washrooms that include a 2,500-ish square foot master suite with ebonized wood flooring, exposed (faux) ceiling beams and all white furniture. Views take in the entirety of the LA basin, stretching from just beyond Downtown LA to the Pacific on a clear day.

The yard isn’t as big as you might expect for a 1.56 acre lot. Blame it on the giant house, the two large patios, the extra-long driveway, and the commodious 15-car motorcourt. But there is a large rectangular swimming pool and attached raised spa with plenty of deck space for sunbathing.

The estate also includes a “gourmet commercial kitchen”, a two-story living room, formal dining room, screening room, and a very large movie theater. This is perfect if you’re the kind of person who loves to entertain, which Mr. Zangrillo & Ms. Wohlman do. 

It’s not a party until Mohamed Hadid and his hair show up and start actin’ a fool, right? Right!

Anywho, debauchery aside, Yolanda suspects the reason that Mr. Zangrillo and Ms. Wohlman might be open to renting out their house is not because the couple are hurting for cash, but rather that they spend most of their time traveling, as documented on Ms. Wohlman’s Instagram. That and the fact that the Bird Streets house will not be the couple’s main residence once their oceanfront mansion in Miami is completed.

Yes, the couple own also own a soon-to-be-finished party palace on Miami’s Dilido Island. That’s Dilido as in Di Lido, not the other thing y’all were thinking. (Come on now, admit it.) Mr. Zangrillo paid $7,000,000 for the property in 2012 and quickly tore the site’s old clunker of a house down.

Below are a couple photos of the waterfront house in a couple different stages of construction.

If you’d like more info on their Miami mansion, we suggest you visit Miss Wohlman’s blog post on the subject. Yes, kiddies, Ms. Wohlman is a blogger just like Yolanda! Her post gives the interesting backstory on the residence and includes some mouth-watering renderings of the project, which was designed by a Cape Town, South Africa-based architecture firm called SAOTA.

Have a look-see. It’s definitely quite the baller-tastic pad — or quite the “Mac Daddy crib”, in Ms. Wolman’s own words.

Much to Yolanda’s surprise, a quick peek at property records shows that this is not the only property on Di Lido island that Mr. Zangrillo has owned. Back in 2013, just a couple months before he bought his $20 million Bird Streets pad, he slammed down $4,600,000 on an oceanfront fixer-upper that just two doors away from the residence he is currently building.

Mr. Zangrillo made some cosmetic improvements to the home before flipping it in 2014 for a big-time $7,000,000 to Huffington Post co-founder Ken Lerer, who has since demolished the residence and is building his own South Beach dream mansion.


Once upon a time, Mr. Zangrillo custom-built a hulking, 13,877-square-foot mansion on 44 acres in Aspen that’s known as West Buttermilk Ranch. Following the end of his first marriage, Mr. Zangrillo listen the property for sale at a very optimistic $60,000,000. It finally sold for $31,500,000 in late 2010 to multi-billionaire Chicago-based beer distributing magnate Chris Reyes, still becoming the biggest sale in all of Aspen for that particular year. For photos of ol’ Buttermilk in all her faux-old-timey splendor, go here.

But we digress. Let’s fly back to the Birds for one final thought.

Yolanda has no idea who besides a Saudi Prince or Dan Bilzerian would spend $150,000 per month to rent a house in the Bird Streets. Actually, we doubt very much if even Mr. Bilzerian and his parents’ money could afford a rental like this. But if you’re reading this right now and you happen to be drowning in cash and like what you see, give Mr. Zangrillo’s realtor a ring.

And if you feel like inviting Mohamed Hadid and all the other fabulous and allegedly “fabulous” LA residents over for a raunchy housewarming party, well, Yolanda definitely wouldn’t RSVP “no”.

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  2. Clementine says:

    Pretty sure this is the same Bob Zangrillo that was kicked out of Greens Farms Academy for cheating circa 1979.

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