Yife Tien flips Reba McEntire’s old Beverly Park pad

Yolanda’s on the run today so let’s be unusually concise here. Last month, our friends over at The Real Deal noted that a businessman in the education industry named Yife Tien had paid $23,460,000 (in cash, apparently) for a large home in Coral Gables, Florida.

Although Mr. Tien has primarily spent his life in Florida and offshore in the Caribbean, he and his family — his wife, Dr. Lucy Chua and his son Christopher — now split their time evenly between Coral Gables and Los Angeles. And big real estate moves on both coasts are keeping him quite busy, so it would seem.

You see, Mr. Tien has just flipped a house he only recently acquired from music superstar Reba McEntire back on the market at a substantially higher price than he paid little more than a year ago.

Last June (2015), Mr. Tien forked over $22,250,000 (through an LLC) for the investment property, located in the ultra-exclusive gated community of Beverly Park. This was right around the time Ms. McEntire and her longtime hubby Narvel Blackstock were getting the big D — divorce. Although divorce is always sad and selling a marital home is usually tough, Ms. McEntire can smile because she made a bundle on the sale — she originally picked the house up in 2003 for just $9,000,000.

The current listing — asking $29,995,000 — says the place has been “revamped and reimagined”, although if you ask Yolanda whoever reimagined it must not have had much of an imagination because it is straight up B-O-R-I-N-G. Sorry, we just had to say it.

The mock-med mansion was built in 1993 and looks it. At 11,598 square feet, it’s actually one of the community’s smallest homes, believe it or not. Still, it’s got 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a large guest house, a pool, tennis court, all on 1.8 acres. What more do you need?

Oh, yeah. You’ve also got the requisite pimpmobiles parked out front. For reference, we’re guessing.

The front door opens to an beige-toned entrance hall that leads directly to a (mostly) beige living room with a gaping, walk-in bronze fireplace. Over in a corner of the living room is a semi-circular wet bar with a somewhat unusually dropped-down ceiling for greater intimacy.

The kitchen has white cabinetry and a Ford Excursion-sized center island with one of the thickest marble slab countertops we’ve ever laid eyes on. Intricate ceiling (mis)treatments continue into the dining room, which overlooks the backyard. There’s also a large wine cellar or rather a “wine shelf”.

The master bedroom has a raised ceiling with even more baby-poo colored furnishings and the master bath has more of the same. Listen, everyone, we know this is how many rich folks like to decorate their homes. But all the beige just confounds Yolanda to know end. It’s just so banal. So…. beige. Outdated, you know?

The backyard is maybe not quite as big as you might anticipate, but it does sport a Grecian-style swimming pool and an adjacent reflection pond. Next to the pool is an open-air guest pavilion featuring a large kitchen, a patio dining area, a living room space, and a pool table with beige trim (naturally).


The grounds also sport what appears to be a small storage shed of some sort, a full-size and properly aligned north/south tennis court, and a front-facing four car garage. Oh, and there’s also some oblique views through the trees to bustling city below the mountains.

The Tien family’s main residence in LA, in case you’re curious, happens to be in the very same gated community. Actually, it’s directly across the never-used Beverly Park park.

Mr. Tien’s $22 million Beverly Park mansion

The 13,000+ square foot house, one of Beverly Park’s rare contemporaries (and much more interesting than Reba’s old granny pad), was acquired by Mr. Tien in early 2012 for $21,750,000.

Scarcely two months later, the Tien family shocked everyone again when they dropped another $21,000,000 on an uber-modern Malibu mansion.

Mr. Tien’s $21 million Malibu mansion

The 5,000+ square foot glassy glamourpuss of a house, which clings dramatically to the cliffs of Malibu’s celebrity-infested Point Dume neighborhood, was built by Equinox founder Danny Errico and was once leased to David & Victoria Beckham for the summer, probably at an absolutely ludicrous monthly rate.

Mr. Tien’s $23 million Coral Gables mansion

And then, of course, there’s that Palladian-style mansion on Tahiti Beach Island in Coral Gables, picked up just a month or so ago. The $23,460,000 sale of the three-story waterfront home marks a four-year record for Coral Gables and was, according to the listing agents, the second-biggest sale in all of Miami-Dade County so far this year.

So where, you might be wondering, does all that money come from? Mr. Tien currently owns (at least) four luxury properties that have cost him a total of right around $90,000,000.

Well, Mr. Tien’s elderly father Paul founded a for-profit medical school called American University of the Caribbean back in 1978. The school is currently based on the island of Sint Maarten. In August 2011, the univerisity — by that point reportedly generating nearly $50 million in revenue per year — was sold to DeVry in an all-cash, $235 million transaction.

In addition to all that cash, Mr. Tien also has other income streams. In 2006, he and his wife Dr. Chua founded Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM) in Parker, Colorado. The school is (in)famous for being the very first (and for a long time, the only) for-profit medical school in the entire United States.

You see kids, despite his background in in the medical world, Mr. Tien is not a physician. He’s a businessman, and he’s unabashed about the fact that he’s in the medical school industry (or whatever) to make a buck. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

As for his real estate ventures, Yolanda wished Mr. Tien luck in selling his former-ginger-owned house in Beverly Park for nearly $30 million. We suspect he may need it. Beverly Park is a bit off trend these days. All the cool cats are down in Trousdale Estate and the Bird Streets. As far as we can tell, there are at least five other homes in Beverly Park that were recently on the market, four of which were priced within a couple million or so of this house. Not one of them has yet sold (to our knowledge).

As far as we can tell, there hasn’t been a single sale in Beverly Park since Mr. Tien acquired this house more than a year ago.

One more thing. As we also mentioned previously, the lavish-living Mr. Tien has a very indulged son named Christopher Tien. And our boy has an Instagram account that you really should check out. Particularly if you like cars. And watches. And food!

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  1. MulhollandMary says:

    Rebas house was built as a sort of model/spec house by the Beverly Park developers.
    Another spec house, I think the first house built in north BP, at 22 Beverly Park is also for sale.
    Both are likely to be torn down.
    It’s a shame that none of the “good” houses up there are on the market. Everything is pretty outdated.
    I wonder if 25 and 27 will be torn down and their lots combined.

    1. CeCe says:

      22 is def a tear down and is worth probably half of the list price. Reba’s house while definitely not a Beverly Park show stopper I highly doubt will be torn down.

      As I said in my other comment… I’ve heard a buyer is in talks to buy 27 as a tear down, which makes since given its 5+ acres with a hideous house on it.

  2. CeCe says:

    It appears from Instagram like the first Beverly Park purchase is just his sons crash pad…. and while his son clearly loves watches and has some expensive ones… the oddity of showing them in every picture is bizarre. Not to mention… if you’re gonna do that you should have a ton of watches and while je has some nice watches… I see the same few over and over again.

    As for Reba’s old home… agree to me its too 1990’s early 2000’s beige that it comes across dated but a large population of wealthy buyers will like it just fine— it also looks like one of the few homes in Beverly Park someone could actually live in. It’s funny the house adjacent to it is asking like $28m and is so awful its an official tear down but its one of the smallest interior lots.

    I’ve also heard someone is in talks to buy 27 Beverly Park which has been on the market FOREVER as a tear down. They just want the 5+ acre lot which surely would be asking a pretty penny if it were one of the few vacant lots in the neighborhood.

  3. WeHO Boy says:

    There is a literal bevy of Beverly Park Homes on the market (the most at one time ever I believe)… both on MLS and as pocket listings. As we know, everything with Beverly Park has gotten bigger with time. Both Reba’s former home at 46 Beverly Park & the mediocre house at 22 Beverly Park were originally developer spec homes and some of the first homes in the neighborhood back when the developer thought this would be a neighborhood of homes not much different in size than Mulholland Estates just set on much larger, more private lots.

    Since then homes have gotten bigger… extensive renovations & expansions have become more common in the neighborhood than paint jobs in most and tear downs have begun to occur. Haim Saban lives in one of the more spectacular estates, a 3 lot compound anchored by a 23k sq.ft. Richard Landry designed French Chateau with two other structures totaling around an additional 10k sq.ft. including a pool / guest house and an “in-laws house” on the south lot of his compound built for his wife Cheryl’s parents— well the Saban’s have literally down-to-the-studs gut renovated the estate 3 times since its creation. They probably take the cake for the most work done over and over to their home.

    71 Beverly Park – $65 million

    Mark Wahlberg’s newly built Richard Landry designed 30k sq.ft. manse is quietly available if you know who to call.

    40 Beverly Park – $50 million or so

    Arguably the most prominent of homes on the market, the house is Richard Landry designed with 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and 27k sq.ft. on three floors. The French styled mega manse was originally built on speculation by Jeff Bazyler and was vying for $49m as a pocket listing when it was built right at the tail end of the last boom, when it officially went on the market it asked $45m… as was the nature of the times it went through a slew of price chops chasing the market down when it finally sold for $31.5m in 2009. The current owners, who have done little to the house other than installing a tennis court which was already permitted at the time of their purchase, wedged on the west side of the house up against a perimeter wall, (at least its north-south orientated) were trying to re-sell it for $50m and it is still available in that ball park if you know who to call. While the house is decent if gaudy faux French chateau’s are your thing… its shoe horned on to a smaller, interior lot— considered much less desirable especially when reaching into the upper echelons of pricing for the neighborhood.

    Video Tour: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/blogs/open-house/170523476.html

    72 Beverly Park – $45 million.

    Another Landry, one of the few modern homes in the neighborhood this house is about 13k sq.ft. in the main house and almost 7k sq.ft. in the attached guest structure. Totaling about 20k sq.ft. the house is practically a hotel with 11 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. Built as a modern version of the Playboy manse, the home served the same type of function as the Playboy Manse for former softcore porn peddler Norm Zada. After originally hitting the market during the recession for $24.5m, the home underwent several price adjustments before it finally was sold, in front of all America on Million Dollar Listing by Josh Altman… a deal that went down with the monied foreign buy never seeing the house they paid $16.5m for. It’s been on and off the market both as a lease and sale — the new owner originally asked $25m and now wants a much higher $45m. It is located at the highest elevation in the neighborhood and on the largest single lot. The house which was built by a tacky old man, is just that… Landry doesn’t excel in modern design in general but the finishes (maple wood & green marble) were dated the day the house was built. Suzanne Saperstein had been leasing the compound until recently after the sale of her famous Fleur de Lys for $88.3 million (remember that children… I literally am so tired of hearing it said the house sold for $102m — it didn’t. Yolanda told ya that, I told ya it, anyone smart knows it.)

    Current Listing: https://thealtmanbrothers.com/property/72-beverly-park/
    Former Sale: https://www.redfin.com/CA/Beverly-Hills/72-Beverly-Park-90210/home/6834066

    75 Beverly Park – Rumored to be in the $40 million range

    This house has been quietly for sale for quite awhile. Designed by LA mega-manse architect William Hablinsky and built by Vanna White’s ex, George Santo Pedro the home has been on and off the market for lease. The lease includes a full staff— housekeeping, butler and chef. Truth be told numerous sources have told me multiple times over the years Santo Pedro would much rather just unload the house. With its own hillside vineyard the house at 20k sq.ft. features 8 bedroom and 10 bathrooms and truth be told again, certain rooms look almost identically to the spec mansion George famously built next door at 77 Beverly Park (Wine Cellar & Library)… tried to sell for $50 million… leased to the likes of P. Daddy, Prince… and finally unloaded to Beverly Park property baron Bruce Makowsky for $23.5m in 2010.

    Listing of Rental: https://www.theagencyre.com/for-lease/75-beverly-park-ln-beverly-hills/#5

    54 Beverly Park— $35-40m

    This 8 bedroom, 12 bathroom, 17,200 sq.ft. Richard Landry Designed house was bought in 2004 by Adrienne Maloof and her plastic surgeon husband for $12.4m during better times in their marriage. Admit a bitter divorce they off loaded the home for $19.5m in 2012. The buyer has overseen a renovation which one would think Trump would like with its gaudy marble and gold… anyway the new owner now has the house up for lease…but like usual… it can be purchased at the right price as well.


    25 Beverly Park Circle – $33.5 million

    Set on one of the larger lots (over 4 acres) on the southwest side of North Beverly Park, this dated but livable 20k sq.ft. was a bit camera shy when it was on MLS but it is still available as a pocket listing. With 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms the house seems to have no real architectural merit but surprisingly also isn’t incredibly offensive at the same time… a feat rarely occurring in Beverly Park. One has to sorta love the winding driveway.

    Listing: https://www.weahomes.com/listing/beverly-park-circle/

    44 Beverly Park Circle – $31,000,000

    The first sale of this lot went down for $725,000. Imagine that… one could actually purchase a lot in Beverly Park for under a million dollars! It wasn’t until 1999 that a somewhat architecturally bland 11,448 sq.ft. two-story was built on the land, presumably as a spec home as it sold shortly there after for just shy of $5.3m…. a few years later the property swapped hands again.. this time for $8.7m to baseballer Barry Bonds who expanded the home to over 17k sq.ft…. lived in it for over a decade when he dropped it on the market for $25m and sold it in 2014 for $22m. The new owner, who appears to have done nothing at all to the home then threw it back up on the market a short time later for $36m… several reductions later and there it sits. Slammed on a smaller interior lot the price still seems a bit optimistic to me, in a market where in general sales are cooling… sure we have a few big sales here and there… but this isn’t the same market as a couple years ago and the owner wants even more now.

    Listing: https://www.redfin.com/CA/Beverly-Hills/44-Beverly-Park-Cir-90210/home/6834078

    27 Beverly Park Terrace – $30 million

    This house has been on and off the market literally for a decade at a variety of prices as lot as high as $38m and as low as $29m. It was mostly recently listed at $30m but is not actively on MLS but you can bet your sweet ass its still for sale. At over 20k sq.ft. the house has 10 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms and is situated on over 5 acres. The owner needs to sell and I’ve heard talks as another commenter pointed out that a developer was in negotiations to purchase it in the $22-23m ballpark with plans of completely leveling it and starting over. The house seems to be a big bland mega manse with awful finishes… the stone wrapping the first floor is particularly hideous with weird blue tints in person. I get why they put the house way back on the lot to make for a grand drive and motor court but it feels slammed up against the hillside behind it. The house should have been oriented in the center of the lot with the back to the southeast and driveway along the north much like Rod Stewarts compound 2 doors down to take advantage of the views which is has of downtown. This weird orientation, bad finish and overall bland architectural design is all part of why the home has been very unsellable.

    Website: https://27beverlyparkterrace.com

    46 Beverly Park Circle – $29,995,000

    Yolanda basically told ya about this… so I’ll not say much other than for a small house on an interior lot… the price seems and I’d be surprised if Tien broke even on the sale.

    Listing: https://www.redfin.com/CA/Beverly-Hills/46-Beverly-Park-Cir-90210/home/6834079

    22 Beverly Park Terrace – $28 million

    Awfully dated spec house, as mentioned… this was the first house built in North Beverly Park by the neighborhoods original developer and the home is very out of place now with no architectural merit of any kind. It’s being marketed as a development opportunity and more than likely is a total tear down… but not for any where near the list price which is laughable for an interior 2 acre lot when you look just up the list at the much more substantial properties you could pick up for similar money.

    Listing: https://www.redfin.com/CA/Beverly-Hills/22-Beverly-Park-Ter-90210/home/6834075

    More than likely also for sale….

    62 Beverly Park – Unknown

    Part of Eric Smidt’s former village, the lot has been cleared and is being readied for construction with plans by a famous LA mega-manse architect. I’ve been told the vacant lot could be purchased if you know who to call.

    50 Beverly Park – Unknown

    Formerly Lisa Vanderpump’s estate— the now cleared lot is under way for a Richard Landry designed behemoth but I’ve heard it could be bought for the right price as well.

    79 Beverly Park & 34 Beverly Park – Unknown

    Russ Weiner bought 79 a 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom, 16k sq.ft. house for $15m in 2007 and has since tried to sell it several times. He also has a second Beverly Park pad an 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom 12,500 Landry designed monstrosity purchased or $18.6m from Bruce Makowsky on the south side of Beverly Park north. Rumor has it he is renovated Madonna’s former Sunset Blvd manse to be his new home and both of these homes will probably eventually hit the market. Weiner seems to have peculiar real estate tastes and has bought and sold many homes over the years often at loses.

    24 Beverly Park – Unknown

    I’ve heard from many this house is for sale as well. Yolanda has written about it. Martin Lawrence sold it to Bruce Makowsky for $17.2m, Bruce did some very light reno’s and sold it to Gyorgy Gattyan for $24m a year later. Mr. Gattyan bought a spec manse for $28m from Nile Niami, which he is renovating now and plans to move into. When that is done, he will probably get more serious about selling this pad but I’m told its available and the aforementioned story is why. The house has 7 bedroom, 10 bathrooms and over 16k sq.ft.

    Also, Summer Redstone’s place will be available soon if it isn’t already

  4. Critic says:

    Bravo Yolanda! Good work as always.

    I vaguely thought Makowsky bought 46 Beverly Park Circle, thought the renovation is a bit small given his proclivities. Glad you could clarify! I actually like the house. I agree with CeCe, its not a tear down but I am pretty sure whoever buys it will add some square footage. (I would expand on the East side of the house and change the garage, but that is just me).

    I have no idea where they pulled prices from. 22 Beverly Park is way overpriced. Given it has the same listing agent as 46 Beverly Park, not sure why the big discrepancy.

    And WeHo boy, wow! You are spot on and I love the dirt! I remember finding pictures of the Saban place on Landry’s site. They showed a very modern Japanese interior with French Chateau touches. It was superbly weird and I really hope they remedied it in one of their many remodels.

    I would love to see what they do with 27 Beverly Park Terrace, if indeed the sale goes through as a tear-down. I also agree with you that 25 Beverly Park Circle is actually rather nice. And I do believe that 54 Beverly Park is ‘listed’ for $35 million, though that could have changed. It was also for rent at an obscene number. I also recall Mama discussing the rumor that 67 Beverly Park Court was available for a confidential but no doubt high price, but that was years ago and I think nothing came of it.

    As for other whisper listings, I wounder if 8 Beverly Park and 16 Beverly Park will be listed when their respective renovations are finished. (Even if they are ‘just’ in South Beverly Park, the horror) Finally I would not be surprised if Makowsy’s 77 Beverly Park Lane is also pocket listed. He was quoted as saying it was worth at least $100 million. I also found some renderings for a renovation of the grounds and guest house floating around the interweb.

    Oh and I found the floor plans for 46 Beverly Park circle floating around: https://www.planomatic.com/83841

    1. WEHO Boy says:

      Yes, the interior of the Saban place is nothing like that anymore. It’s all white and stark presently…. still kinda disjointed with the exterior of the home but, its literally been completely gutted out multiple times since that version of Villa Saban.

      Love the floor plans… must have been from back when Reba bought it? That site looks ancient. In general the layout isn’t bad— however, one of my big pet peeves… a master bedroom should always be buffered from other rooms… the shared wall with a secondary bedroom is a big no no in my book!

      Yes, I believe 67 Bev. Park Court may also be available… but I have never heard a price or any real details other than that like 4-5 years ago they would have considered selling it. I could see that spread asking $100mm. Bruce M is purely on crack if he thinks 77 BP is worth anywhere near $100mm. He’s done a handful of light reno’s nothing huge… but sure, its worth 4 times what you paid for it. Go get it gurl.

      I haven’t heard anything about who has 8 BP, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did come to market… and I’d be completely dumbfounded if 16 BP indeed did fly onto the market as soon as it’s finished. I saw a fly around video of the structure that has since been scrubbed from the internet but its gonna be a huge, mega modern structure… think along the lines of 1423 Oriole Drive, but twice the size and on much, much more land. Altman will surely ask $100m for it.

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