GoodRX CEO Trevor Bezdek plops down nearly $15 million in Brentwood Park

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Brentwood Park is easily the most prestigious — and expensive — area in the lovely Brentwood section of town. So when a large compound smack-dab in the middle of the neighborhood quietly sold for $14,689,000, Yolanda was all curious about the buyer’s identity. Although the person’s name is concealed behind an LLC, we can tell y’all it is a businessman named Trevor Bezdek.

Trevor Bezdek’s $14.7 million Brentwood Park estate

Yolanda had never previously heard of Mr. Bezdek, but a little internet research reveals that he is a co-founder and co-CEO of GoodRX, a website that specializes in tracking prescription drug prices and offering drug coupons to US-based consumers.

This isn’t any average website, of course. Though the site was only founded back in 2011, it now receives more than 4 million hits per month. That’s a lot! Certainly enough to make Mr. Bezdek and Doug Hirsch (his co-founder/co-CEO/business partner) very rich men.

Our Mr. Bezdek, who is 40 years old and married with children, is a Stanford graduate and previously founded Tryarc, an information tech consulting firm with offices in LA and SF. After four years growing the company to more than 100 employees, Mr. Bezdek sold the firm way back in 2007 for an undisclosed (but likely substantial) amount.

In addition to whatever dough he made through the sale of Tryarc and what he rakes in as a CEO of GoodRX, our research shows that Mr. Bezdek and his longtime wife Jana are both licensed real estate agents and active real estate investors with a plethora of multi-family rental properties and apartment complexes that they have bought and sold across LA over the past decade or so.

We profess ignorance as to Mr. Bezdek’s exact net worth, but we think this guy must really be loaded. Yolanda finds no evidence of a mortgage on his new $14.7 million compound.

Mr. & Mrs. Bezdek

Speaking of Mr. Bezdek’s new house, the sale went down completely off-market. Unfortunately, that means Yolanda does not have any current photos of the property to share with y’all. We do know, however, that the estate was originally built in 1929 and was extensively renovated in 2005 before being sold in early 2006 for $10,750,000 to celebrity talent manager Jimmy Miller and his wife Cheryl Nakao.

Even though it was essentially a new house at the time of the purchase, Mr. Miller and Ms. Nakao straightaway gave their new pad another comprehensive renovation — actually more like a cosmetic overhaul — in 2007. That’s probably a good thing, Yolanda thinks. Some old listing photos of the house from the 2006 transaction continue to survive online and they show the house outfitted with some rather ghastly interior decor choices, including a family room/study painted almost entirely in carnation red.

Good heavens! An all-red room. It looks like something you’d expect to find in a 1980s Chinese buffet restaurant or on the set of The Shining, not conservative ol’ Brentwood!

Anywho, the Mediterranean residence is completely walled and gated for the utmost privacy. The compound has a 5-bed, 5-bath main residence of approximately 6,500-square-feet, plus not one but two detached guest houses of unknown square footage, each with at least one bedroom suite of their own.

The unusually deep .84-acre lot sports a smallish rectangular pool and a very large grassy area that could easily accommodate a children’s soccer game or multiple games of Spikeball.

We don’t know if the Bezdeks have actually moved into their new home yet, but recent permits show they are filling in the current pool and adding a new one — probably larger and in a different position.

Some nearby Brentwood Park homes from which the Bezdeks could ostensibly borrow a cup of sugar include the $20 million mansion of Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff and the $14 million mansion of South Park creator Trey Parker.

Lastly, records show that Mr. and Mrs. Bezdek are not new to the area — they have long resided in Brentwood, in a 3,386-square-foot house that they bought for $3,600,000 way back in 2007. The 4-bed, 3-bath structure is just a 5-minute drive from their new, far less modest Brentwood Park mansion.

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