It’s official… Simon Fuller asks $35 million in Bel Air

Thanks to Mama at Variety, Yolanda has learned that mega-loaded American Idol creator Simon Fuller has finally tossed his renovated Bel Air estate onto the MLS with a fat-cats-only $35,000,000 pricetag.

As we reported last October (2018), Mr. Fuller had been privately shopping the palatial estate around for months — as a $37.5 million pocket listing — hoping for a sale on the DL. But with no serious buyer in sight, it’s now publicly available to a broader customer base with a new lower price and additional listing photos. No word yet on where he and the missus are movin’.

Mr. & Mrs. Fuller

For more details on the Fullers and their home, we suggest you peruse Yolanda’s original post on the subject. For here, suffice to say 11,200-square-foot Georgian was built in 1927 and designed by architect Gordon Kauffman. Christened the Fredricks Residence, it sits on a 1.6-acre promontory in prime lower Bel Air. Since he bought it in June 2014 for $24 million, Mr. Fuller has clearly poured millions more into a full-scale contemporary remodel of the entire premises.

Whether our boy’s (nearly) five years of ownership and costly renovations have increased the property’s value by $11 million will be for the market to determine. We’ll let readers browse the photos and draw their own conclusions. Happy Friday.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend. (Er, is it beautiful where y’all are? Hope so.)

Listing agents: Drew Fenton & Trista Rullan, Hilton & Hyland

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  1. Sandy Santa Monica says:

    If you’re going to splurge on old school cool, why not buy the actual ‘horse head’ house for an extra $100m? (repped by the same agent as we speak). Not only was the Beverly built by Mr. Citizen Kane himself, but it’s Jack and Jackie’s honeymoon love nest. Okay. As a consolation prize this one’s not bad…minus the Masonic temple flooring.

    1. NeNe_Catini says:

      Prolly because majority of ppl looking at $30 some million dollar homes can’t afford $100+m house that needs $30m worth of renovations.

  2. LaChancla says:

    This place would look better with a dark slate roof, methinks. The red tile makes it look like some weird bastard child of a spanish and a modern.

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