Qatar’s Consulate drops $27 million on a Beverly Hills mansion

The tiny, oil-rich sovereign state of Qatar — right next door to the Saudis on the Arabian Peninsula — is apparently feeling extra-flush with that black gold lately. In 2015, the Qatar Investment Authority announced plans to inject $35 billion into unspecified “US investments” over five years. Hence their rabid spending on luxury LA real estate, which is quickly becoming a costly habit.

The kingdom’s consulate already owns a decadent manor in Bel Air — more on that in a moment — but now they’ve coughed up another $27,500,000 for a “European-inspired” mansion in prime Beverly Hills. Perhaps the consul general — His Excellency Khalid Bin Yousef Al-Sada — wants a newer pad, or maybe he just needs more space. We dunno.

His Excellency Khalid Bin Yousef Al-Sada (right)

According to Yolanda’s research, this is the year’s biggest home sale in Beverly Hills. So far, at least.

The property is located in a particularly posh section of the 90210 — Taylor Swift and one of the Mani Brothers live just around the corner, and Russian billionaire Sergei Sarkisov owns a massive compound directly across the street. Other richie-rich folks nearby include Mexican billionaire Gabriel Brener and mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Last sold in 2012 for $6.45 million, the 0.9-acre property’s improvements were demolished and a giant mansion (17,400-square-feet, per the listing) was erected by the investor owner. Completed in 2016, the abode was first set out with a $35 million pricetag before being delisted and made available as a high-priced rental. The rate? $125,000 per month.

The impressive manor is of no particular architectural style — unless you consider “palatial” a style — but it does have a vaguely Palladian vibe, Yolanda thinks. The listing describes it merely as an “exceptional Beverly Hills villa“.

Dual gates lead to a circular motorcourt and garages for eight luxury vehicles. As for the monolithic entrance foyer, it rather reminds us of a five-star hotel lobby. Perhaps that was the point, right?

All the main level’s public spaces are exceptionally spacious and exquisitely detailed. The living, family, and dining rooms all sport rows of French doors providing convenient access to various terraces.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are “only” four family bedroom suites upstairs. Each one is giant — naturally — and outfitted with the finest materials. The master suite flaunts dual closets and bathrooms, plus a private balcony overlooking the lush backyard.

The home’s subterranean level includes the requisite home theater and wine cellar, plus a hardwood-floored gym currently outfitted with yoga mats and massage tables.

Abundant backyard patios can accommodate a kingdom of sunbathers. But perhaps the estate’s most eye-catching feature is the circular swimming pool, with its massive Baja shelf. After an arduous dip, His Excellency can relax at the convenient outdoor wet bar.

And as we’ve already mentioned, Qatar’s LA consulate is currently located in Bel Air — right on Sunset Boulevard, in fact. It’s hard to miss this not-so-humble abode.

The Bel Air palace

The aggressively opulent complex includes a palatial main residence, a six-bedroom guesthouse, and an accessory building currently outfitted as a gym. Records show Qatar forked out exactly $21,000,000 for the property in early 2016. As of yet, no word on whether they plan to unload the beast.

Al Thani family megamansion, Bel Air — still under construction (old photo)

Also located in Bel Air — albeit much further up in the hills — is an 8-acre mega-compound that’s been under construction for nearly a full decade. Owned by the Al Thani family — Qatar’s ruling clan — the outrageous spread is finally nearing completion.


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  1. Tim says:

    The Al Thani palace on Chalon will be worth nine digits when it’s finished. My guess is the property stays in the family for 50+ years.

  2. Chris says:

    Yolanda, I thought the house on Chalon belongs to Thomas J Barrack?????? You discussed it many times. It is all but complete now. Also, the house on sunset-used in many music videos and commercials is currently under complete reconstruction/renovation.

        1. World's Moistest Jheri Curl says:

          Even in that lofty group
          there’s levels
          cash rich billionaires versus paper billionaires
          Al-Thani’s are cash rich

          Also, Barrack is no longer considered a billionaire
          he’s worth a mere 178M
          according to him and Forbes
          he has lost 2/3 of his net worth in the past year.

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