Krista Levitan goes minimalist for $10 million in Brentwood

In case y’all somehow missed the memo, 2018’s real estate market is still blazing hot. Take this big house in Brentwood for example. You’d think the realtors might have to work hard to sell a $10 million listing, right? But nope. This house sold so fast — and for the full $9,950,000 asking price — that it never even hit the MLS. In fact, according to the Westside Estate Agency website, the property sold “less than 24 hours” after initially being floated off-market. Clearly this was all-cash deal, and clearly the buyer wanted this place quite badly.

Yolanda has been around the proverbial block more than a few times and we like to think we’re a bit jaded when it comes to LA real estate, but our mind still boggles when we think about the fact that someone had $10 million in cash (just sitting in their bank account!) and in less than one day, they decided to throw it down on a random ol’ house.

So who is the outrageously rich buyer? Her name is not in public records — it is carefully concealed behind a blind trust — but Yolanda just happens to know that it is a woman named Krista Raine aka Krista Levitan, the ex-wife of Modern Family creator Steven Levitan.

Mr. & Mrs. Levitan… in happier marital days

It really shouldn’t be surprising that Mrs. Levitan would have the cash to spend on a $10 million house, or that she would want to acquire one very quickly. Since August 2017, Mrs. Levitan has been essentially homeless. It was then, if y’all recall, that she sold her recently-completed Santa Monica dream house for a brain-exploding $41,082,000, an amount that still stands as the most ever paid for a residential property on LA’s Westside. The buyers were a young couple named Kevin & Chelsea Washington.

(In case you’re wondering how the Washingtons can afford a $41 million house: Mr. Washington is the younger son of Montana-based multi-billionaire Dennis Washington).

The $41 million Santa Monica mansion

For those of y’all who care about such things, Mrs. Levitan’s former Santa Monica house was designed by Napa Valley-based architect Howard Backen and was built in that “modern farmhouse” style which is ever so popular nowadays. You can find a few more photos of the property by jogging on over here.

Anyway, back to Mrs. Levitan’s new pad. Unfortunately, since the sale went down completely off-market, Yolanda does not have any MLS photos to share with y’all. However, if you’re interested, hope on over to The Agency website where y’all can get a quick glimpse of what 10 million smackers will buy you in Brentwood.

The house has a rather interesting history, it turns out. The mid-century modern was originally constructed in 1954 and sometime in the early 1960s was featured in Architectural Digest.  The property has been remodeled several times over the ensuing decades, and from 2006-2013, it was owned by film producer David Linde. Our Mr. Linde sold the house for $4,600,000 in June 2013 to prominent talent agent Bob Bookman.

At the time of Mr. Bookman’s acquisition, the ol’ gurl was rather down on her heels and therefore Mr. Bookman generously spent an arseload of money to revamp and upgrade her looks into the snazzy place you see below.

Details are scarce, but we do know that the house has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in a substantial (but not humongous) 6,386-square-feet of living space. There is a front-facing two-car garage, glass-paneled doors galore, and travertine walls contrasting with pale oak floors. The house wraps around a central open-air atrium, and there is a pool/spa combo out back with peek-a-boo views over the city skyline and out to the Pacific Ocean. The .34-acre grounds were designed by noted landscape architect Jay Griffith.

As for Mr. Levitan, he still owns a large oceanfront home on Malibu’s Broad Beach, so Yolanda assumes (without proof) that he is currently living there. The erstwhile Levitan sold their longtime home in nearby Brentwood Park for nearly $10 million in 2016. The buyer, Yolanda has discovered, was British-born Late Late Show host James Corden.

Listing agents: Richard Ehrlich & Stephen Shapiro, Westside Estate Agency

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