Alexandra Dwek gets $40 million from Ross Perot Jr.

Yesterday The Real Deal broke the news that major LA socialite Alexandra Dwek quietly sold her sumptuous East Gate Bel Air compound for $40 million — $39,865,000, to be precise — in a top-secret off-market deal. Well, sacré bleu! Spank Yolanda’s fanny! That’s way more than double what she paid for the property less than eight years ago. Such sums ought to be illegal — they’re just indecent!

Just kidding. We’ll calm down now.

For those who aren’t a member of LA’s upper-crust society, y’all may have never heard of Mrs. Dwek. But in her ladies-who-lunch circle she is a very big deal — one of the city’s most visible philanthropists, in fact. She has hosted scores of charity luncheons and galas at her Bel Air estate — the type of events where you will absolutely not find any Real Housewives in attendance. But you will encounter many ladies of the Wallis Annenberg and Betsy Bloomingdale (may she RIP) ilk.

Alexandra Dwek at home in Bel Air

Records show that Mrs. Dwek paid “just” $16,600,000 for the property in May 2011, back when the world was still emerging from a global economic recession. The sellers were Full House actress Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli.

The 1942 Georgian estate includes a two-story main house, a detached garage with staff/guest quarters, and a separate pool house. According to records, those three structures total 10,000-square-feet of living space with 6 beds and 7 baths.

During their nine years of ownership, the Loughlin-Gianullis hired Obama’s White House decorator Michael S. Smith to do up the interiors in his trademark style, which some might call “elegant Traditional”. Below are some old MLS photos from 2011, back when Mrs. Dwek picked up the spread.

Because the most recent deal was totally off-market, we’re not sure what exact alterations Mrs. Dwek has made since her purchase. But overall, we believe she has (wisely) changed nothing major.

How’d Mrs. Dwek become so wealthy? Well, she has long been married to a stupendously affluent but low-profile CEO named Joe Dwek. For some reason, Mr. Dwek appears to be a rather reclusive fella — we couldn’t find a single photo of him online, while there are hundreds featuring his lovely wife. All we know about this gent is that he’s elderly — in his 80s, apparently. And he’s extremely rich.

The Dweks have an adult daughter named Cairo Dwek, a budding model and and Instagram “influencer” who is semi-famous for dating Liam Payne of One Direction. But we digress. Back to the real estate.

The $40 million Bel Air buyer, Yolanda discovered, is none other than H. Ross Perot Jr., the billionaire Texas businessman and only son of Ross Perot Sr., best-known for his (in)famous and unsuccessful 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns.

Junior Perot has long been married to Sarah Fullinwider Perot, with whom he shares four children. Our Mrs. Perot, in case y’all didn’t know, also comes from big Texas money — she’s the daughter of oil tycoon Jerry Fullinwider.

Ross & Sarah Perot (photo: Architectural Digest)

And as it turns out, the Perots are former neighbors of Mrs. Dwek — they used to own an estate almost directly across the street, in a rather lovely 1930s Spanish-style compound.

Records show that the Perots paid exactly $18 million for their first Bel Air property in 2013. Four years later (May 2017) they flipped the spread for a whopping $33,900,000 to Hollywood legend George Lucas.

Ross Perot, East Gate Bel Air real estate connoisseur

But anyway. Whatever you think of the Georgian architecture or the fairly stuffy (and high-nosed) East Gate Bel Air area, the Perots’ new estate is an indisputably beautiful property — the entire 1.43 acres of land is exquisitely manicured — sprawling lawns, sculpted hedges, graceful trees. And there’s a full-size tennis court, too.

So where will Mrs. Dwek take her $40 million check? We’re not sure! Presumably she and her phantom hubby are already on the hunt for a new property. And the couple seem rooted in LA, so we imagine they’ll soon bunk up in another stately spread somewhere in the Platinum Triangle.

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  1. Sandy Santa Monica says:

    That pic is not an anomaly. Lady Dwek is Nancy Sinatra by day, Catherine Deneuve by night. And yes, Yolanda aside, she is indeed the Imperial Highness of Hostesses around these parts. As such, you’d expect her digs to be exquisite, and they are. Still, I don’t want to expect to find Lincoln laying there every time I walk into that bedroom.

  2. Curtis Reser says:

    Lordy Lordy, poor Mrs, Dwek kept that old green couch. I know Sarah Perot will gut that dump, Maybe tear down, and build A Real Texas Cottage. 🇨🇱

    1. NeNe_CaTiNi says:

      You’re an idiot. I guarantee short of light cosmetics rehabs they do next to nothing. They def won’t tear it down. Live in delusion.

    2. Joni Webb says:

      Nope. NOt the same sofa. Look at the arms. It’s completely different. It does look like she kept the curtains and blinds hence the repeat of the green damask fabric.

  3. David marks says:

    I worked for her husband joe dwek. From 1981 until 2006.. I left or should I say I was fired.. I was there when he first got together Alexandra she lived in a rented flat in Chelsea ,, he then rented her a flat in belgravia .. they were married in France in 1997.. he bought the house in Beverly Hills the same year and I went out there a few tines .. he bought the house from Luther Vandross.. they then had 2 children Cairo and Jordan .. and I did more for those children ,, than there parents did .. and did a lot for his 2 older children over the years .. now for some reason his told his children not to talk to me .. I also looked after her grandmother .. you want to know any more contact me .. I know everything about them both .. david marks

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