LA playboy Omar Mangalji throws down $12 million in Trousdale Estates

A decidedly louche residence in the highly desirable Beverly Hills neighborhood of Trousdale Estates recently sold for $12,000,000 to an offshore corporation with an address in the British Virgin Islands. As y’all might expect, Yolanda was curious about the new owner’s identity. Soon we learned that he is a young man named Omar Mangalji, also known by his altar-ego Ronnie Bacardi.

We are not sure why Mr. Mangalji sometimes goes by the Bacardi name. Yolanda is not particularly fond of it, personally. Sounds kinda like the name of a slimy used car dealer from New Jersey — and it also reminds us of Cardi B, neither of which is a good thing. And Mr. Mangalji’s real name sounds so deliciously exotic!

Anyway, the rakishly handsome Mr. Mangalji is 33 years old and the only son of hotel tycoon Majid Mangalji, owner/operator of the massive Westmount Hospitality Group chain. Therefore the Mangalji family is fabulously and enormously wealthy.

Our Mr. Mangalji has lived primarily in LA for at least the last few years and is friends with many other wealthy local young people his age. One of his BFFs is actress Nina Dobrev, with whom he recently celebrated at a lavish joint birthday party. He also famously dated the lovely Slumdog Millionaire actress Frieda Pinto for several years. (They may still be together?)

Omar Mangalji with actress Freida Pinto

But do not assume that Mr. Mangalji is just some spoiled young bum. This dude is very highly educated and accomplished in his own way.  Raised in the lush countryside of Surrey, England, the decidedly cosmopolitan Mr. Mangalji attended a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts before matriculating to (and graduating from) Cornell, one of them Ivy League universities.

Upon his college graduation in 2008, Mr. Mangalji joined Goldman Sachs as an investment banker but eventually broke away from banking to pursue entrepreneurship. He currently serves as Managing Director of global investment vehicle Cap-Meridian Ventures LTD. And he maintains a relationship with his alma mater (Cornell) and has even been invited back as an alumni speaker.

The Bentley-driving Mr. Mangalji is also a professional polo player who now has nearly 15,000 followers on the Instagram contraption. But speaking of Bentley, the car company finds him so fascinating that they profiled him in one of their “extraordinary Bentley owners” feature stories.

“Entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Omar Mangalji is a modern day global citizen and renaissance man with a need for speed, power and precision when it comes to every facet of his life,” is how Bentley described our boy. Yolanda does not disagree!

Omar Mangalji on his steed for Bentley

And yes, we know that getting paid (or at least being asked) to race a horse against a Bentley on a polo field might seem like an absurd waste of time to y’all. But do not laugh — Yolanda knows damn well that each of you would also jump at the opportunity, were y’all in Mr. Mangalji’s shoes. Come on, it seems fun!

In fact, Yolanda drives a candy-apple-red Cadillac Eldorado and we would gladly volunteer to pull a similar stunt for Caddy. But we suspect that if GM was lookin’ to profile a grey-haired old bag of an owner who types on her 1998 Macintosh all day long, they would have already asked us.

Ah, well. We digress.

Mr. Mangalji’s new Trousdale sex kitten is located at the very end of a swanky cul-de-sac midway up the neighborhood hill. Though the classic mid-century modern was originally built in 1961, it was recently overhauled by contemporary-minded architect Michael Marquez.

Guests arriving at the residence view an electronic front gate that guards the motorcourt and the attached two-car garage. The all-glass front door (which looks directly through to the backyard and view) will surely impress all newcomers, and the enormous great room is a perfect bachelor pad setup. The circular court has plenty of space for any lady friends (or guy friends for that matter) that Mr. Mangalji may invite over.

Yolanda is unfortunately not well-versed in art, but we do like the painting of pitted melons (???) that adorns the wall of the dining area and adds a pop of color to the residence. The eat-in kitchen sports designer appliances and a large center island. Nearly all the public areas of the home have unobstructed city views.

The master bedroom also has glamorous views via the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the master bath has dual vanities and a built-in soaking tub next to a big window. There are four additional bedroom suites.

The outdoor areas are kept suitably minimalist with a rectangular pool w/ inset spa, a covered sitting area, a firepit, and an outdoor bar and BBQ area tucked over to one side. At night the property lights up Christmas-style — no need for excessive gizmos and gadgets to appreciate the coolness of this spot.

Our Mr. Mangalji’s new house is next door to a similar-lookin’ vacant pad owned by entrepreneur Jared Pobre and former wrestler Stacy Keibler, though the couple have not lived there in some years. That house is currently asking $17.5 million, but it is only marginally larger than Mr. Mangalji’s $12 million home, and on a smaller lot! Oh dear — we think the Keibler-Pobres may need to reduce their ask if they are serious about getting that thing sold.

Anyway, records show that Mr. Mangalji still owns his “starter” house: a multi-million dollar crib in the Bird Streets area of the Hollywood Hills.

Mr. Mangalji’s $3.2 million Bird Streets house

Records show that Mr. Mangalji paid $3,200,000 for the 2,721-square-foot contemporary in October 2015, and the house is not currently available on the open market. But as they say, it is only a matter of time.

Listing agents: Branden & Rayni Williams, Hilton & Hyland
Omar Mangalji’s agent: Robert Grandinetti

  1. Mary Hassanali says:

    Foolish to spend that kind of money. One should always keep what they need and share the surplus. However, ego always comes into a play with young people until they get wisdom and reflect in their older years. Wisdom is a rare commodity.
    Mary H

  2. Taj Jiwani says:


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  4. Karim says:

    Good Karma. You get what you deserve. He deserves the best so GOD has blessed him with plenty. You are allowed to enjoy the good things in life as long as you have balance between do and duniya for I am certain he has the balance as i know his parents definitely do. I have met this young man and he is certainly very humble and down to earth. Enjoy. Life is short.

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