Bill Gross’s son coughs up $9 million above the Sunset Strip

His father is one of the biggest, baddest real estate ballers around. In particular, daddy dearest is known for his love of exorbitantly-expensive contemporary residences with spectacular views. So perhaps it’s not wholly surprising that the 28-year-old apple clearly does not fall far from the proverbial tree. Nick Gross, you see, has just purchased his very first house (that Yolanda knows of).

Long and lean just like his padre, young Mr. Gross is the only child of billionaire “Bond King” Bill Gross and his second wife Sue Frank (Bill Gross also has two older children from a prior marriage). As y’all may recall, Mr. & Mrs. Gross are getting a big fat divorce. Yolanda is unsure if this purchase has anything to do with the split, but we do know that young Mr. Gross just dumped $9,150,000 onto his very own house located in the hills just above the world-famous Sunset Strip. You can do things like that when your dad is worth $2.4 billion.

This acquisition is oddly timed, or at least it seems so to the ignorant Yolanda. The elder Mr. Gross — a frequent critic of President Trump — just publicly announced his prediction that the US economy is soon to enter another recession. So why would his son buy now, at a time when LA property values are at an all-time high?

Well, we don’t know the Grosses, so we can’t tell y’all the exact reason, but Yolanda does know that the family has (essentially) limitless cash and that a little recession ain’t even gonna make a dent in daddy’s bank account. Plus, real estate is generally a solid investment, bumps and lumps be damned.

Nick Gross

On the surface, young Mr. Gross is a remarkably different fellow than his dear old dad. Scruffy-faced and heavily tattooed, he’s said publicly that he has no idea what a bond is — yes, the son of the “Bond King” dislikes bonds, apparently. Our Mr. Gross is the drummer for an alternative pop rock indie band called Open Air Stereo.

Mr. Gross is also the founder of a Hollywood-based company called STRZ Enterprises, which appears to be an independent music label slash recording studio. For its part, STRZ describes itself as “a fully integrated music entertainment company and creative studio in Los Angeles.” Well, alrighty then.

The house itself is all-new and is located above Sunset Plaza at the very end of a private driveway that’s shared with two other homes. In late 2012, the .45-acre property was sold for $2 million to a developer who took several years to spec-build the 4-bedroom, 7-bathroom contemporary confection that measures a big but not humongous 6,051-square-feet of (mostly) glass-enclosed living space.

The Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz-driving Mr. Gross will certainly appreciate two-car garage and ample off-street parking (the motor court can accommodate 10 vehicles).

Like many newer homes in this area, the house is big, glassy, shiny, sparkly.

Honed limestone tile floors lie underfoot inside, and Fleetwood glass walls disappear to effortlessly draw the outdoors inside and vice versa. The living room looks directly out to the pool area and beyond to the city below. The family room is decorated with a shag carpet and a lounge-style sectional couch. The theater comes with such necessities like a wet bar and an octagonal card table.

The living room merges with the formal dining room, which in turn is thoughtfully protected from the sights and smells of the kitchen via a big ol’ black wall. Naturally the kitchen is “gourmet” and ultra-contemporary with marble (?) countertops and pricey stainless appliances.

Just in case there was any doubt that this house was intended to be the ultimate bachelor pad, look no further than the master suite. The 2,000-square-foot space takes up a third of the house and the entire second floor!

The master bedroom has what appears to be an ebonized hardwood floor, a private den, a lounge area, the de rigueur fireplace, a bonus room (possibly a gym?) and “a full wall of powered glass doors opening to a huge balcony with both green hillside and city-lights views”, per the listing. Whew!

No less lavish is the master bathroom, with its acre-long vanity, glass-enclosed shower, trough-like soaking tub, and yet another private balcony.

Oh, and there’s also a gigantic walk-in closet that “you could park cars in,” again per the listing. We’re not sure why anyone would want a car parked in their closet (and it would have to be an oddly-shaped car, judging by the pic above). But y’all know rich folks can be a bit nutty that way.

Okay, the hillside vistas are lovely (especially when everything is green after a nice rain), but Yolanda is actually not thrilled with this view. Does that make us sound jaded? Sorry. We just know we’ve seen better. Homes in the Bird Streets (just around the corner) have a much more dramatic, jetliner sort of bird’s eye lookout.

Anyway, the backyard isn’t huge — the pool is actually quite tiny and there ain’t even a patch of grass — but it’s got an outdoor kitchen with “two kegs on tap”. So there’s that.

Some of young Mr. Gross’s new neighbors include Alex Rodriguez, Rob Thomas, and Harry Styles.

We won’t digress too far at this point because we’ve reviewed the following on several occasions, but Mr. Gross’s pops maintains a stable of luxury California properties that are aptly suited to his 10-figure bank account. First off, there’s the Gross family compound in the post guard-gated community of Irvine Cove in Laguna Beach (CA), which is actually comprised of three different mansions.

The Gross Laguna Beach compound

Then there’s the family’s longtime Palm Desert vacation home in Indian Wells (CA), which overlooks the hoity-toity Vintage Club golf course. That’s also a contemporary, flat-roofed affair.

The Gross estate in Indian Wells

At one time, Mr. Gross also owned mega-million-dollar properties in Newport Beach (CA) and Pebble Beach (CA), but those have been sold off in recent years. Thus, the only other residence we are aware of him still owning is the Jennifer Aniston-remodeled house on super-prime Hillcrest Road in Beverly Hills’ outrageously expensive Trousdale Estates neighborhood. Called Ohanait measures more than 10,000 square feet and lies up a private driveway that’s shared with one other house.

The $35 million Ohana estate in Trousdale Estates

Mr. Gross shook the Platinum Triangle real estate community to its core when he slammed down a faint-worthy $35,000,000 for Ohana in 2011. We’re not sure what will happen to this stylish house (or his other residences) now that he’s getting a contentious divorce from his longtime wife, but Yolanda has a sneaking suspicious that the BH crib will be sold off to a new baby. Call it a hunch.

But we shall see. Yes, we shall see…

Listing agentNeil Gitnick
Mr. Gross’s agentJosh Flagg, Rodeo Realty


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