Handbag designer Tyler Ellis doles out $12 million on Brentwood Park’s “The Chateau”

Despite its low-key and family-friendly atmosphere, kiddies, the leafy “Brentwood Park” enclave of Los Angeles requires a seriously obese wallet for anyone to even think about living there. It’s just really expensive. The prices are on par with some of the best areas in Beverly Hills, actually. Witness this 5,756-square-foot residence that is situated on a .6-acre lot located just a couple houses south of Sunset. It just sold for $12,375,000! Wow — that’s a ton of moolah and way more than $2k per square foot!

The big-bucks buyer’s identity is strategically shielded behind a bank trust, but Yolanda just happens to know the new owner is a 32-year-old lass by the name of Tyler Alexandra Gallagher Ellis. We’ll call her Tyler Ellis or Ms. Ellis for the benefit of our delicate typing fingers.

Of course, we’re oversimplifying things a smidgen. This isn’t an ordinary 5,700-square-foot house, and Ms. Ellis ain’t just some random fashion designer, either. We’ll deal with the home in a hot minute, but for now let’s (figuratively) dissect our Ms. Ellis.

Ms. Ellis is the daughter (and only child), you see, of the legendary fashion designer Perry Ellis. Known for his quality work and innovative designs, Mr. Ellis almost singlehandedly upended the somewhat-staid men’s fashion design back in the 1970s with his eponymous brand.

Ms. Ellis as a tot with her late father

Now, our Mr. Ellis was openly homosexual. Near the end of his too-short life, however, he realized he wanted a child of his own. So he and his longtime best friend Barbara Gallagher conceived young Ms. Ellis (via artificial insemination). And when Ms. Ellis was only a young 18-month-old tot, sadly, her daddy lost his battle with AIDS.

Three decades have passed since Mr. Ellis’s passing and his daughter is now — as you can see — all grown up and has followed in her famous father’s fashionable footsteps. She’s got her own Tyler Ellis handbag line, where the cheapest item retails for about 1,400 bucks a pop and the bags are made from exotic materials like python, fish, and even ostrich leg (!!). She also rather recently married a guy named Benjamin Shriner in a remarkably lavish New York ceremony.

Mr. Shriner & Ms. Ellis

Because she is the only heir to her father’s fortune, Miss Ellis is also rich. Enormously rich. Yolanda does not know her exact net worth, of course, but we’d be shocked if it was anything under $100 million. Do not underestimate Mr. Ellis’s impact on his industry, y’all.

But whatever her net worth, Miss Ellis did recently plunk down the aforementioned $12,375,000 on her new Brentwood Park estate in what appears to have an all-cash sale. The house in question even has a name, according to the listing — it’s “The Chateau“. So y’all know it’s real, real fancy-like. Right?

The French-style abode was custom-built for the sellers by architect William Hefner back in 2005. And while the 4-bed and 5-bathroom home won’t win any awards from our size queens, it is indeed a remarkably stately property with high-class detailing and notably luxe interiors.

The walled and gated property features a pea-gravel motorcourt (tell Yolanda, kiddies, is there anything more satisfying than the crunch-crunch of a late model Rolls Royce rolling slowly over pea gravel?). The stately two-story property features a front-facing two-car garage and a north/south tennis court out back.

Inside, the rooms are grandly-scaled with double-height ceiling and lovely oak hardwood floors. the living room features a fireplace with an antique 17th-century fireplace mantle, and the dining room has blue velvet chairs below a shimmering chandelier that Yolanda thinks looks like a flying saucer made of diamonds.

Naturally, the kitchen has top-notch appliances and plenty of storage space.

The family room proudly flaunts its wall of glass that overlooks the grassy backyard.

The house may not be huge, but it’s unmistakably luxe. And as y’all would expect, the master bedroom features a boutique-style walk-in closet and a bedroom that wouldn’t look outta place in a 5-star resort. The extensively-manicured and high-hedged landscaping lends an unmistakable feel of Europe to the property. Or is that just Yolanda’s mimosa talkin’?

She may be a youngish lass of 32 years, but this is hardly Ms. Ellis’s first time on the high-end real estate rodeo. Way back in 2007, when she was just a 22-year-old whippersnapper, Ms. Ellis sold a huge oceanfront house on coveted Malibu Road for a whopping $16,000,000. The buyer in this case was an insurance entrepreneur named David Gundlach, who died in the house in 2011 at the relatively young age of 56.

Not that we intend to digress, but Yolanda can’t help mentioning that though Mr. Gundlach’s cause of death was reported to have been a “sudden heart attack”, we have heard from someone who is definitely in a position to know that the death is still listed as an “unsolved homicide” with the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department.

In any case, the murder house was sold by Mr. Gundlach’s estate in late 2012 for a fat $17,483,000 to wealthy real estate developer Steve Gozini, who happens to be the very same fellow who forked out another $26,000,000 for Steven Spielberg’s Broad Beach mansion in June 2015. Our Mr. Gozini currently has the old murder house — or the former Ms. Ellis house, if you prefer — available for lease at the paltry sum of $150,000 per month.

Just a year after selling her baller-style Malibu crib, young Ms. Ellis ponied up $11,000,000 for a 3,105-square-foot unit on the 33rd floor of 15 Central Park West, one of the most coveted residential buildings in all of New York City.

Don’t believe the “most coveted” part? Check the receipts. In mid-2014, only six years after buying her apartment, Ms. Ellis sold her pied-a-terre for an extremely A-list $30,000,000 to Brazilian billionaire beer boss Marcel Telles. That’s right — in six years, Ms. Ellis’s apartment nearly tripled in value. And how many 29-year-olds do you know that got $30 million for their apartment? Not many, we’d wager.

Anyway, for at least the last few years, Yolanda happens to know that Ms. Ellis has been renting a fancy house in a very good pocket of the Beverly Hills flats.

The 7,000-square-foot contemporary casa was constructed in 1986. And, as luck would have it, the property — which Ms. Ellis just vacated sometime within the past few weeks — is already available for lease at the rate of $39,950 per month. If you’ve got the cash and “Striking curb-appeal”, “a bright dramatic interior w/stunning scale and volume”, and a “wonderful art collection” are your things, well, look no further.

Listing agentRobert Radcliffe, Sotheby’s International Realty
Tyler Ellis’s agentSteven Schaefer, Newmark Residential

  1. Petra says:

    Her dad spent years amassing his fortune, so kudos to him. His longtime boyfriend/partner Laughlin Barker was also quite the hardworking fellow. Amazing at the spending power his daughter has… that’s one lucky lady.

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