Here’s Maurice Marciano’s $20 million Trousdale Estates showstopper

Yolanda is wee bit busy today. Travel, accommodations, eyebrow waxing. Fret not, we won’t bore you with the tedious details. So there we were this morning, racking our brain for a quick, wholesome, nutritious story to feed y’all. Just because we’re slammed with boring adult things doesn’t mean we’re about to let our kiddies starve.

We decided to turn to our proven crowd-pleasers. You see, Yolanda has a helpful website ranking that tells her how many clicks any of her posts got on any given day. We’re always curious to know what stories most peeps find interesting.

Many of our all-time most popular posts are pretty unsurprising. Anything One Direction is tops, naturally. Other stories that get hits up the wazoo mostly involve either famous celebrities (Chloe Moretz, Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Capshaw) or infamous shady characters (Kola Aluko, Jho Low).

In our top 10 list there are a couple wildcards, however. The most surprising to Yolanda was our story about Maurice Marciano buying a $20 million house in Beverly Hills’ Trousdale Estates neighborhood. For one, Mr. Marciano isn’t exactly a celebrity and GUESS (the massive clothing retailer he co-founded with his three brothers) isn’t exactly at the forefront of fashion like it was back in the ‘90s or early 2000s. And also, at the time she posted that story, Yolanda didn’t even have photos to share with y’all. (With the exception of the massive front gate, of course.)

So we really have no idea why so many folks care to read about Mr. Marciano and/or his house. But Yolanda is all about giving the people what they want and apparently what they want is more Maurice Marciano. Thanks to our real estate insider pal Don Juan/Won/Wan for providing us with these images of Mr. Marciano’s glam new house.

The property was designed by prolific spec-uber-modern-mansion architect Paul McClean of McClean Design. By Yolanda’s count, there have been 17 sales of $20 million or more so far in 2016. No fewer than 4 of said sales – nearly 25% — have been houses designed by Mr. McClean. Let’s rewind and reflect.

There was the hot new flag lot house in Trousdale that sold for a brain-jumbling $38,270,000 to financier Brian Sheth; then we have the $32,500,000 new build in Pacific Palisades, sold to financier Richard Hollander; our poor Mr. Kola Aluko took a huge loss on a McClean mansion in Bel Air that he purchased for $24,500,000 in 2012 and quietly sold this year for $21,565,000; and finally, Mr. Marciano’s new $20,800,000 Trousdale abode.

Anyway, Mr. Juan/Won/Wan tells us the house measures approximately 10,000 square feet across two levels – one of which lies below ground.

The house is located on one of the main Trousdale streets — also one of the most expensive streets — and some of Mr. Marciano’s new neighbors include Marcus Persson, Jay Stein, Bill Gross, and Ringo Starr.

As is very typical of Mr. McClean’s homes, things get dramatic right off the bat. This one starts with a catwalk (for impromptu fashion shows, natch) that leads to an all-glass-walled living/dining room combo guaranteed to impress the pizza delivery boy (or pizza delivery girl).

Adjacent to the dining/living area is a vast kitchen equipped with every conceivable appliance. There are two Honda Civic-sized center islands, each of which may or may not be slathered in terrazzo to match the floors. Beyond that is a swanky fireplace-equipped living room.

Elsewhere in the upper level is the master suite.

Large walls are perfect for the display of a significant art collection. Mr. Marciano will definitely put those to good use.

The floors switch from terrazzo to a blonde hardwood on the lower level. And Yolanda loves the indoor spa. No need for those arduous treks down to the Beverly Wilshire when you need your hot soak fix.

The home’s lower level is completely devoted to recreational activities and the centerpiece is not the spa but rather a humongous bar/lounge/game room with a wine cellar and an enormous wet bar. Beyond that is a pool table and a large couch that looks the Mercedes S-class of frat boy couches.

Through the glass wall is an outdoor water feature. (A wishing well/pond?)

Our homeboy Mr. Juan/Won/Wan points out that the house has a very tiny pool. Maybe Mr. Marciano doesn’t like to swim much?

It appears the .62-acre property lacks any significant yard space to speak of, which is quite a shame. At least in Yolanda’s opinion. For $20,800,000 we’d like at least enough space for Rufus the Pitbull to have a doggy run.

However, what really most surprised Yolanda was seeing that the house does not have a great city lights view. It doesn’t have much of a view at all, really. Or at least that’s how it appears from the photographs. A short but thick hedge running across the southern end of the property ensures privacy from the neighbors but also significantly impedes the sightlines.

See? You can’t have everything you want. Not even if you’re Mr. Maurice Marciano*. And not even for $20,800,000.

*Yolanda does not claim, profess, or admit any knowledge as to whether Mr. Marciano actually wanted a big view at his new Trousdale Estates house or not.

  1. Adrian says:

    Yolanda, darling, do you have any info or photos of that gigantic Tadao Ando mansion William Bell Jr. and Maria Arena Bell built in Malibu, CA? That’s a house I want to see! Thank you!

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