James Perse requests $40 million for his Point Dume showplace

[EDIT (3/9/19): Yolanda’s original post misstated the architect of the James Perse house. The residence was designed by the firm Nicolas, Budd, Dutton, with architect Bill Nicholas as the partner-in-charge. Our apologies for the error.]

Today is a very special day! Not only are we blessed with a beautiful Friday, but one of Yolanda’s all-time favorite LA homes has just popped up for sale. It’s the James Perse estate on Malibu’s Point Dume, and it’s just as gorgeous as we recall.

Mr. Perse is, of course, the fashion designer renowned for his eponymous luxury lifestyle brand that includes apparel, home decor and furniture. He first gained fame in the 1990s for his chicly minimalist $100 T-shirts that were inspired, per the James Perse website, by his love for minimalist architecture.

“[James Perse’s] passion for minimalist architecture influenced by warm west-coast indoor outdoor living … ultimately resulted in James’ personal design philosophy and aesthetic – low maintenance high fashion – emphasizing elegance and comfort, pairing sophistication with simplicity.”

James Perse store, Malibu (photo: Joe Fletcher)

That “low maintenance high fashion” philosophy has proven inordinately successful (and lucrative) for Mr. Perse and his brand. There are now dozens of James Perse boutiques scattered around the globe, including in all the playgrounds of the rich and/or famous: Malibu, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Montecito, Aspen, the Hamptons, St. Tropez, Tokyo, Vancouver and more.

And yes, in case, y’all were wondering, 47-year-old Mr. Perse does indeed adhere to a minimalist aesthetic in his personal, private life. As a bachelor, he lived in a one-bed bungalow in the Bird Streets — yep, the house really had just one bedroom — before skedaddling to today’s Malibu house upon his marriage.

Mr. Perse

Records show Mr. Perse paid exactly $16 million for the 1.2-acre spread in December 2010. The 4,209-square-foot structure was built in 2004 by “X-Files” creator Chris Carter and designed by the firm Nicolas, Budd, Dutton, with architect Bill Nicholas as the partner-in-charge. Click here for a peek at how the place looked back in the day.

Over the past eight years, Mr. & Mrs. Perse have raised their young children in this home — lucky kids! — but all good things eventually come to an end. After being leased out last summer, the property has officially hit the market with a $39,995,000 thud, otherwise known as $40 million. And it doesn’t take a math expert or Lieutenant Columbo to deduce that ol’ Persey thinks his house has appreciated by 150% in eight years. Yowza! Take a look and see if y’all agree with the aggressive ask.

The blufftop estate lies at the very end of a long cul-de-sac and is completely walled and gated. Large palm and eucalyptus trees enhance the private, park-life feel of the premises.

As for the house itself, it’s single-story and ranch-y in style, at least from the outside. The interiors wow with their unrestrained commitment to stark minimalism. Some of y’all may deride this place as “austere” or “too plain,” but Yolanda absolutely loves it. It’s totally our style. Hey, different strokes and all that.

There are five bedrooms and 5.25 baths within these walls, but we’re guessing everyone will mostly congregate in the expansive great room. That place gets all the wows with its soaring ceiling, walls of glass and expansive ocean views. And all the fancy furnishings are by James Perse™. Duh!

Although there is no pool — kinda unfortunate in a $40 million listing — the property has direct access to Little Dume Beach, arguably the most scenic (and most secluded) sand strip in all of Malibu. So who needs a cement pond?

Sadly, Yolanda does not have $40 million to spend on a house. But if we had, we darn well would not be typing this nonsense up. We’d be with a realtor, touring this place right now. So if you’ve got the cash — why wait? Just go for it.

Anywho. Our boy Mr. Perse — ever the savvy marketer — is advertising this house on his own lifestyle brand’s website. And why not? It’s probably drawn thousands of eyeballs already! But even if somebody were to write him a check today, Mr. Perse would not be homeless. He’s got a $12.5 million Malibu house — also on Point Dume — this one a tennis court estate with a pool and a spa. But no ocean view.

In fall 2013, Mr. Perse paid Ellen DeGeneres $10,850,000 for a 26-acre equestrian ranch near Thousand Oaks, CA, where his Beverly Hills-bred wife Brandi Perse (nee Brandi Briskman) stables her horses and operates an animal rescue. The couple recently had the bucolic digs photographed for C Magazine.

Brandi Perse at her Thousand Oaks ranch stables

And a couple years ago, Mr. Perse sold another chicly-redone Point Dume estate — a so-called “contemporary farmhouse” that one went to oil heiress Aileen Getty for the full $13 million asking price.

For those interested in purchasing Mr. Perse’s $40 million pad, other residents on that same cul-de-sac include soap opera scion Bradley Bell, Mexican producer Alex Garcia, auto dealership mogul Howard Keyes and Ms. Malibu herself: Barbra “The infamous Streisand Effect” Streisand, who — in true diva style — owns no fewer than three neighboring properties.

Hey, she needs storage space for all those custom spray-painted microphones.

Listing agents: Lily Harfouche & Chris Cortazzo, Coldwell Banker

  1. YAAAS, GIRL, YAAAS! You are right on point, as usual. This is a most wonderfully designed house, the stark white expanse of the walls flow so ethereally and would help transition any soul lucky to call that place home from the chaos of the world into a realm of tranquility – though, i agree, it’s odd no cement pond. I mean, there are days one just want to enjoy a cocktail by the pool in the morning without having to slog all those steps to the lovely beach and get sand all over our toes…I am sure there is room enough, but perfection has its limits I suppose. Dear Ms. Yolanda, a toast, to you, my dear….🍸 🍸, for brightening my day with a glimpse of the interiors of this home, of which I’ve only seen exterior images. I do so really enjoy your blog. One of the best things on the interwebs. Ever!

  2. Sandy Santa Monica says:

    After recently spending several days at FriezeLA, you’ll forgive me if my first inclination is to desecrate this sanctuary with the obligatory RETNA or Bubble Blowing Marilyn 😂. Let’s face it. The house itself is a minimalist work.of art. In a frantic city, I love the serenity. It’s very refreshing. It would be interesting to live there for a month. I’d either go stark raving mad…or never want to leave. One thing’s for certain. That horse ‘tapestry’ has to go. It flies in the face of the rest of the house. Shame on you wifey! 😉

    1. Sandy Santa Monica says:

      Also, for this price, walking to the beach isn’t going to cut it without a fabulous pool. -Great post Yolanda!!

  3. Linda says:

    The landscaping of this property was designed by Nancy Goslee Power, who also did the Pasadena Children’s Museum and the Norton Simon Museum. She’s an icon in her field. A pity the photographs don’t show more of the grounds.

  4. Imisstherainsdowninmalibu says:

    Babs’ houses are literally right next door to this, and she has security stationed outside all day and all night !

    1. Sandy Santa Monica says:

      The wealth on Zumirez is mind boggling. Some doozies next door on the woefully named Wildfire as well. -And Babs has a pool!

    1. Sandy Santa Monica says:

      On come on! You just sneak over to your neighbors after they go to bed and use theirs. -Think.of the money you save! 😁

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