Alo Yoga CEO Danny Harris stretches out $30 million in Holmby Hills

After a very long slog on the market, Bebe clothing founder Manny Mashouf finally managed to dump his sublimely-located Holmby Hills villa for $30,000,000 this month (February 2017). That’s a far cry from the arguably downright greedy $45 million he originally wanted but it’s still a monster haul, of course.

Mr. Mashouf originally purchased the property back in 2004 for just $14,000,000. Yolanda’s research indicates that over the years, Mr. Mashouf borrowed vast sums of money against the house. We can’t conclusively say that those loans are indicative of financial troubles, but Bebe certainly ain’t the money-maker it used to be.

Anyway, and as you might expect, Yolanda was naturally curious about who the buyer could be. Turns out it’s somebody we never would’ve expected — a local Beverly Hills businessman named Danny Harris. Our Mr. Harris’s primary source of wealth derives from his ownership of Alo, the world’s biggest yoga-centered clothing brand. How LA is that?

Alo Yoga, for all you folks not fluent in Sanskrit, is actually a very big deal. All the top yogis wear this stretchy stuff. The it girls of today — Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid — bitch slap each other for the latest designs. The brand has more than a million followers on Instagram, is sold in virtually every big-name department store, and recently opened their very first brick-and-mortar retail store in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Alo, in case you were wondering, stands for Air, Land, and Ocean. How wonderfully New Age!

Despite the fact that Alo has only been around since 2008, back when yoga was really beginning to come into its own, Mr. Harris and his business partner Marco deGeorge have been clothing manufacturers/distributors since the 1990s. Their business headquarters in Downtown LA (the Garment District) also produce the Bella + Canvas brand.

Mr. Harris and his wife Pam are both green-conscious and admit to practicing an alternative lifestyle. They eat only organic food, practiced yoga before it came into recent vogue, and recycle virtually all the household and business waste they produce.

Nowadays, that sort of lifestyle isn’t so “alternative” (in fact, it’s common now in LA). But it was a big deal when Alo was just a twinkle in Mr. Harris’s eye, for sure.

Danny & Pam Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Harris both originally hail from up north — Santa Clara, CA. Despite their vast wealth and the popularity of Mr. Harris’s apparel companies, they keep an exceedingly low profile. Perhaps this big purchase means they’re finally ready to join LA’s snooty social scene; perhaps not.

Now, onto the house we go. Y’all already know that it is an enormous mansion and is really not the sort of thing we imagine a yoga mogul would own, but to each their own. (The property is partially solar-powered, so there’s that…) In listing materials, the 2002-built house is described as a “Mediterranean estate” that “embraces the beauty of Italian renaissance design”.

The 20,782-square-foot monster mega-mansion sits on 1.21-acres and includes 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The property is hedged and gated for privacy, and a slim motor court out front welcomes the pizza delivery man to the imposing entryway.

Inside, things get dramatic right away with a two-story, 26-foot-tall foyer with wood-beamed ceilings. Like all proper mansions, the house’s main floor sports a living room, a great room, a kitchen (with highest-high-end appliances), a billiards room, a separate card room, a wet bar, and even a maid’s bedroom tucked privately away in a corner.

Upstairs, things get family-style with a humongous master suite that includes a sitting area, 2 fireplaces, 2 private terraces, 2 master bathrooms, 2 walk in closets, and one private gym. Elsewhere up there are seven more family/guest suites.

It’s all very nice and luxurious and everything but there’s nothing here that really thrills Yolanda. Are we just jaded? Hmmm. Somehow we can’t help feeling that the folks who built this place had more money than design inspiration. About the only thing this house “says” to Yolanda is that “I’m huge” and obviously “my owner is rich”. And maybe that was the point. But we prefer our real estate to tell a more colorful tale.

In any case, it appears the property went under some sort of renovation sometime in the past year. A bit of a contemporary facelift, if you will. Maybe no more than a new coat of paint.

One really cool feature, we must say, is the sunken north/south tennis court. Yolanda loves tennis and we likewise love a good sunken court. We’d love to transport that thing up to our own humbler abode. But we digress.

The Harrises new neighbors on their Holmby Hills street include British property developer Nick Candy, fellow fashion tycoon Tom Ford, and Persian-Jewish businessman Younes Nazarian.

As far as Yolanda knows, Mr. & Mrs. Harris currently reside in a leased residence on a very good street in the Beverly Hills flats.

Danny & Pam Harris’s current (or former?) leased Beverly Hills home

Finally — and just for fun — we thought we’d see how many pairs of yoga pants Mr. Harris had to sell to afford his airport-sized manor house. Alo’s least expensive model is the Kaleidoscope Print Airbrush Legging, which currently retails for $53. Our Mr. Harris would have to sell 566,038 pairs of them airbrush leggings to afford his new house. Yowza!

And that’s just the purchase price. That doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of dollars in closing costs, realtor fees, property taxes, etc. And remember, Mr. Harris has a partner in his business so he’s only getting half the profits. And then there are manufacturing costs. Put it this way: Mr. Harris is selling so much clothing Yolanda can barely even comprehend it. And we’ve been around the block a long ass time.

So all you yogis can take this and think about it next time you don your Alo outfit and contort yourselves into the kapotasana position. You hear?

Listing & Selling agents: James Harris, David Parnes, Kelsey Kroon; The Agency


  1. James says:

    This mansions actually looks much better from the ground than from the air, and it looks better from the inside than from the outside. The bird’s-eye view makes it seem like a hideous mock-Med megamansion of the L.A. kind. Too bad the grounds are horridly small and totally ruined by that runway-sized tennis court.

  2. Jsmooth says:

    I didn’t see you putting the religion of the other people like Candy or Tom Ford. Why target out someone who is Jew you bigot. Wait till I share this.

  3. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says:

    Mr. Younes Nazarian donates extravagantly to many nonprofit organizations: His generosity and the particular high schools, universities, and congregations he supports are expressions of his Judaism to elevate and perfect creation. Furthermore, Persian-Jewish individuals share a distinct culture, defined by unique cuisine, music, social customs, nusach (worship style), language (Judeo-Persian), and, originally, mode of attire. Accordingly, it is far from bigoted to identify an individual as a member of this esteemed comunity.

  4. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says:

    Chandeliers! And large area rugs. I’m speaking of entertaining rooms of course. Multiple arm lighting fixtures with crystal drops circulate and refract troublesome beam chi; however, don’t sit directly under a chandelier for long periods of time. And effectively placed rugs ground chi.

    Beams in bedrooms are exponentially problematic. Sleeping below a beam horizontally dissecting a bed results in medical difficulties. A beam separating the bed into left and right sections separates a couple and results in divorce. Beams may be painted to visually recede into the ceiling or concealed with fabric. A canopy bed can also be considered.

    Bed positioning should also harmonize with Kabbalistic principles. Conclusively, I recommend to just say no to bedroom beams and remember that chandeliers are the solution to absolutely everything!

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