A Look Around James Cameron’s Sprawling Malibu Compound

James Cameron House Malibu
  1. So funny, I got 3.14 Acres, a gorgeous mansion, a ton of extras in Valley Center for under a Million. This guy was to sell his estate for 25 mil in a FIRE ZONE. NO Way, wouldn’t pay 25 cents for that fire hazard. Good luck Mr. Cameron…I’ll take Valley Center and my resort over your clutter house.

  2. danny D says:

    Looks really dated…If I made really commercial blockbuster movies and got paid funny money for it, I’d buy this house and knock it down and build one twice as big or at least big enough to take up 90% of the lot tower over my neighbors plowing millions more into it…carbon footprint be damed!
    Then I would host a yearly “save the earth” type shindig and invite all my movie star, tech bro and private equity friends over to figure out how we could in fact save the planet all the while looking out at the Pacific ocean dreaming in real life technicolor!

  3. Foundstar says:

    I always find it amusing that these ‘heavyweights’, stars, etc.. buy these enormous compounds and mansions only to sell them as they age.. I guess getting lost in one of these ‘mazes’ must be terrifying..Not to mention Taxes, upkeep, payments and Natures constant threat…I once had 5 cars..then realized could only drive one at a time…’Senior moment here’…

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