Inside Meghan and Harry’s Montecito Mansion

Meghan Markle Prince Harry House Montecito
  1. Melvonia says:

    What a beautiful dwelling of a home .I love the greenery it looks like the garden of Eden…it is worth every dollar spent.Any child or family can grow up loved and happy in a house or estate like this.The interior is upmarket and classy. Love it to bits.

    1. Pumpkin says:

      I’m so tired of hear about Harry and Megan. If Daddy paid for everything u don’t have worry about money.Megan has Harry nose turn up.

      1. Green Gator says:

        So say the bully who has first hand knowledge of their personal situation and are personal friends of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Mind your own business and just learn to be happy for folks!

        1. M S Martin says:

          Lord I hope that this wonderful, loving, giving family find happiness, and security in this beautiful new home. They both deserve the same right to privacy and respect that we all do. Due to simply the circumstances of their birth, they have experienced both tragedies and an unbelievable invasion of their privacy. So many people who hate their own lives have decided to bring their own misery to this wonderful loving couple. Others attack them because of their hateful prejudice or to gain attention due to their jealousy of their circumstances. They only want to live their lives in peace and give back to the world. How in God’s name can the haters find fault in this simple concept. How about everyone give them a break and leave them alone. We should all be better than this.

          1. SenaRose says:

            Thank you, MS Martin….Your words echoed my thoughts and feelings. I wish only joy and happiness to this sweet family who have had the courage to step away and follow their own hearts. This home is so befitting of Harry and Meghan. It is one of the most inviting mansions I have every seen…..Other than a grocery store they have everything one would need…..I am happy they are getting out of the public eye for their home life….The people of Santa Barbara and Montecito are very respectful of celeb privacy….I am from Laguna Beach and we are the same way….I can’t tell you how many name folks have been in restaurants and on the beach and no one runs up and asks for autographs and photos. We are always respectful…..

          2. PAM says:

            Are you kidding me, what your saying is poor Meghan and Harry, I don’t think so, 14 million for a home, there is 3 of them so they need all those bedrooms and bathrooms do they a little ostentatious don’t you think? All Meghan is doing is showing of, they are both a disgrace to the Royal Family.

          3. Kitty Real says:

            Meghan and Harry, don’t listen to the haters here. Welcome to SB! may God bless you and your beautiful family.

          4. Rhonda says:

            I love what you said.

            Notice how the hate here is basically for Meghan Markle. The women are jealous of her. They blame her for the fact that Harry fell in love with her. No blame at Harry. He was helpless in their eyes. It’s just typical of women to blame another woman. Ladies, we must stop doing this to each other. We should build each other up whenever we can.

            Besides, being angry about that makes no sense.

            All the celebs have huge mansions that are larger than what they “seem to need.” A home is still a great investment and we don’t know what their plans are.

            Can’t everybody just put jealousy and bitterness aside, maybe for once? Put a little love in your hearts.

          5. Tina says:

            I agree with everything that you said MS Martin, it is just amazing how hateful people can be towards someone whom they have never met. Life is too short to hate, people, please start showing love and respect for one another. In the past two years I have lost my beloved mother, and just recently my youngest sister to COVID-19. Each day I wake up and thank God for granting me another day to cherish with my remaining family and friends. We waste so much precious time hating, it takes far more energy being negative. I wish everyone peace and love and I hope that everyone continues to remain safe and healthy, GOD BLESS.

          6. Ces Stein says:

            Meghan and Harry make sure their press secretary has an article about them in the news each
            day. They want world wide fame and lots of money. Oh, and they want to volunteer a bit.

          7. Ann says:

            I own more than this couple and therefore I have no jealousy. I also was raised without prejudice and did not acquire unconscious bias (to use Harry’s phrase). I also have more education than this couple. However what I do have is love for my family which they don’t seem to have considering how Meghan has turned her back on her father who raised her and financially supported her but most of all loved her unconditionally. Harry, won’t quit criticizing his family and appears jealous of his brother. So they can have their house but it won’t be a home until they learn to love their family, like the Dad she has ghosted and the brother he whines about and the Grandmother he does not act respectful toward and her occupation.

          8. Luke says:

            they both deserve this are you fucking nuts !
            this is money from the public purse
            these bludgers deser to have there heads off

        2. LA Pseud says:

          House is cool — no feelings towards Harry & Meghan either way. Good going anyone that can live in a house like that.

          Can we all agree tho that “Green Gator” “MS Martin” “Sena Rose” “Kitty Real” “Rhonda” “Tina” “Grace”, and “B Rose” is a single intern hired out as a keyboard warrior?

          I believe we all can.

          1. Rhonda says:

            I can’t speak for the others, but in my case, sorry, you are wrong.

            I love Harry and Meghan and their family. I think they are beautiful together and that brings out the ire in many jealous people, unfortunately.

            The house is also beautiful. Anyone saying this house is ugly must need glasses. It sounds like they found the perfect community to settle in. Thank goodness!

          2. Jane says:

            Hmm what happened to a small carbon footprint for the minions but not applicable for those espousing climate change? Me thinks they protest too much and use 10x the average American natural resources – shame is your name – you hypocrites. Now they are safely ensconced with the rest of the manure shoveling elitist. Go away!

        1. Beautiful home and grounds, I wish them many years of happiness. With the amount of negative comments here, I can see why they need this many walls to protect them. No one know another’s woes, beauty is in letting each other live as they see fit.

      2. Kathleen says:

        Harry should had never left the country that carried him all these years . He’s Royalty , she’s not even close . I’ll bet if it weren’t for the baby … Harry would return …. slap in the face to his people .. she roped him in and she knew with Kate , she’d always take a back seat . Go home Harry , go home … your heart will always be there .

          1. Luke says:

            royals are nothin but parasites living large at the expense of real working people and stripping benifits of the poor

            off with there heads

        1. BRose says:

          Meghan’s Markle family descends from King Edward III’s youngest son Thomas Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester’s oldest daughter, Anne of Gloucester who became the Duchess of Stafford. King Edward III was born at Windsor Castle and known as “Edward of Windsor” – he started the Order of the Garter. The Markle family descends from the Plantagenet Royal Family line that precedes the Stewart, Tudor, and Windsor lines and is considered to be more legitimate. Meghan descends from French and British royalty. She and Master Archie have royal pedigree that precedes the pedigree of the current British Royal Family that is mostly German, Russian and Danish. It is quite ironic that Edward of Windsor’s descendant was put in a glorified servant’s quarters at Great Windsor Park and is expected to pay for the renovation of the property. Before you put down another person, take time to find out who they really are. Thank you!

        2. Deborah G Pendleton says:

          I’m sure he doesn’t miss the hate. lots of people move far away from family and are perfectly happy. I know I was.

        3. Deborah G Pendleton says:

          I think poor Prince Harry has been looking for an escape from royal life his whole life. I mean, who would want to live in a fishbowl like that? lol

          1. Tex says:

            Prince Harry at age 18 could be like billions of other less wealthy individuals and left home. No he sucked at the teat of the British Royal Family (and taxpayers) all of his life and he still is. She on the other hand was a broke out of work actress with looks and lack of talent that will not get her any A-list movie roles (hence why she has ended looking for a script) and her voiceover for Disney was a flop. Harry mumbles and he can’t do speeches without talking about his mental health problems because his mother died at age 12 (he has had 26 yrs. to get psychiatrically stable)

        4. Sheryl Davis says:

          People on here can go straight to h___! People are allowed to voice their opinion about that woman and Prince Harry. Please go back home Harry, she hates her family and caused trouble in another one with a man who loved his family and his country. No one is jealous of her freckles and the fact that she has money. How are people racist because they have a poor opinion of her, when she said someone set her up on a date with Harry and she did not know he was a Prince she proved herself to be a liar. I am a African American woman who Thank God has looks and money and I don’t like her!!!

        5. Mary says:

          Yes but can you imagine the taxes and utilities which they will have to pay. Is it worth it? No Harry should have stayed in UK. Time will tell if this two will last?????????

      3. BRose says:

        Meghan’s Markle family descends from King Edward III’s youngest son Thomas Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester’s oldest daughter, Anne of Gloucester who became the Duchess of Stafford. King Edward III was born at Windsor Castle and known as “Edward of Windsor” – he started the Order of the Garter. The Markle family descends from the Plantagenet Royal Family line that precedes the Stewart, Tudor, and Windsor lines and is considered to be more legitimate. Meghan descends from French and British royalty. She and Master Archie have royal pedigree that precedes the pedigree of the current British Royal Family that is mostly German, Russian and Danish. It is quite ironic that Edward of Windsor’s descendant was put in a glorified servant’s quarters at Great Windsor Park and is expected to pay for the renovation of the property. Before you put down another person, take time to find out who they really are. Thank you!

      4. Matt says:

        Got nothing against Megan, but it would realllly nice to see one picture where she wasn’t acutely aware of her camera angle, or the ever-present thousand watt smile. Prince Harry…sad. Had no idea he was so damaged –

        1. Deborah G Pendleton says:

          yes, I think Prince Harry was very damaged by losing his mother at such a young age. I don’t even think he liked being in the royal spotlight judging by how he acted up for years. I think marrying an American was probably a calculated way to escape the fishbowl. after all, he was the spare and would be out of the spotlight as soon as his brother’s kids start growing up.

      5. Ashsa Oladapo says:

        When you got it like that!!! Harry is suppose to love and cherish his family and give Megan and Archie the Best of everything . Pumpkin you just Green with Envy. You need to go find you a Prince to Cherish and
        Love you unconditionally. You just a Hater……
        God Bless their marriage and congratulations on your new home Harry and Megan Family First !!!!

    2. Anne says:

      Most likely will be Harry’s money paying for it. Maintenance alone especially the outside gardening could easily cost a few million along with taxes. Then there is the nanny, housekeeper, cook and the list goes on. Why would they need that big a house? Besides it is an ugly house buried in a jungle of too much greenery. Harry married a gold digger without question and Charles should stop giving them the 2 or 3 million each year when it could be used for his workers.

      1. LaTanya says:

        Do you say the same thing about the palaces Andrew and his ex-wife live in as well as Edward who both are down the line of succession. You don’t know what M&Hs finances are now. They both are wealthy so they get to choose where they live & they are paying for it.

        1. Deborah G Pendleton says:

          Absolutely. You can’t take it with you. I hope they enjoy it. But I imagine it was necessary as probably the only place they could live a normal life in California is somewhere so secluded as Santa Barbara. And that’s probably one of the cheaper homes in that area. I hope Meghan gives a close up tour!!!

      2. Jackie Martineau-Ngoyi says:

        Bitter much? Jealous much? Get a life, won’t you? They’re busy living theirs…and happily too…your life seems to consist of trolling and nasty, heinous comments…is it just Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor you detest this much or are just an all around sorry,miserable human being?

      3. Poki says:

        She was a millionaire prior. What don’t you get about that? She lost her life marrying Harry. People act like she now owns the world. He won a massive prize with marrying her and she gave up everything.

        1. Amber says:

          She didn’t have much to give up, her show was ending. And if you truly love someone and move abroad for them, it’s not a sacrifice. Hope they have a peaceful and quiet life!

          1. Deborah G Pendleton says:

            so true. they seem to have amazing chemistry together. they look SO much in love and have such a gorgeous child. May God continue to bless this wonderful couple for all the good I know they’ll accomplish in the world. I especially admire his devotion to preserving African wildlife.

        2. MB says:

          I agree. She is well educated, beautiful and talented- a true gem. I don’t think the royals were ready for someone so modern, so accomplished and so dimensional. They expected her to be a cookie cutter wife who would fall into place. It still amazes me that Kate and Meghan are the first high ranking female royals who have college degrees. It must have been very difficult for Meghan to live in Britain and to be surrounded by people whose only claim to fame is their gene pool.

      4. Carol says:

        The home is gorgeous, its like you have some jealousy in you, I wonder if you feel women of color are a gold digging mentality is beyond words for me. People fall in love, PERIOD, Prince had his choice of many women, he chose her. I think the home is gorgeous, with an outside of being so gorgeous, Monocito is a beautiful coastal town. The views are beautiful, love the home and no jealousy here, happy for them! Hope they find there peace here is the USA, they give back so much! By the way, I believe they both have money and love in their hearts for a broken world, they are great example setters for a cruel world.

      5. Deborah G Pendleton says:

        I heard they will be making millions on the same speech circuit as the Obama’s so I’m sure they will be able to afford it. lol

        1. Deborah G Pendleton says:

          It is absolutely gorgeous. And what a great deal they got on it. Huge equity already built in. I imagine Oprah helped them find it!!!

      6. Bella says:

        The house is revolting as are they!
        People would not be so scathing if they stopped preaching about things they know nothing about. Supposed experts on anything and everything.
        They want a quiet private life then shut up. Full of their own importance hypocritical to the extreme.

      7. Doris Ann says:

        Trust me…you will die but we will not stop loving Harry and Meghan. I enjoy good news about them. Keep it coming……

      8. Deborah G Pendleton says:

        I agree. Prince Charles and the British people shouldn’t be funding them. I thought that was the plan, that they would have to fund themselves. It looks like they’re having to pay the tax payer back for the house in Britain too. What else does anyone want?

      1. Deborah G Pendleton says:

        hey, it’s a great start. a home is someone’s haven. I know mine is. and it’s not a mansion like that.

        1. Lucy says:

          Oprah is a BILLIONAIRE – these people are not.
          From everything published, Prince Charles is funding their lavish lifestyle.
          MM spent millions on clothes when in UK, so much for her philanthropy and supposed caring for the little people ‘of color’.
          It appears she is truly the gold digger of the decade.
          From an unknown “D” class actress to landing Harry, and getting pregnant ASAP, she found her golden meal ticket!

          1. Iris Wilson says:

            I get so sick and tired of the racist comments! Is it just her ethnicity? Her beauty? Her brains? Her compassion? Is it the fact that she could afford to buy this mansion on her own if she wanted to? What is it about Meghan that brings all the racists from their holes on the ground?


            BTW this home is so befitting English Royalty. That’s what they are and that’s what they will always be. No matter how hard racists try, they can’t take that away from them!

          2. Deborah G Pendleton says:

            That really is insulting to Prince Harry. He’s absolutely gorgeous and any woman would have loved to have him. Being a prince is a bonus. But then every girl is raised dreaming of marrying a prince. Why should she be different?

          3. Deborah G Pendleton says:

            she did do very well for herself. but I imagine alot of women with her looks do the same. I know lots of beautiful educated women who marry very successful men. but how many are able to land a prince? if he doesn’t mind, then why should anyone else care?

      1. Joan says:

        Well done Harry and Meghan. This is a beautiful home and the outside is awesome. Wishing you lots of love and happiness…..

        1. Rhonda says:

          I had to come back to look at these photos again. Yes, this house is lovely. I really like it, and there are many celeb homes that are huge like this, but they lack something. This home has a lot of color, charm and character. The grounds are so beautiful with roses and fruit trees. I love the greenery growing on the home. It looks like it could be in England… without the fog. I wouldn’t mind a home with these features in a small and cozy cottage for myself. A garden like that is a sanctuary. Great taste!

        2. Sue says:

          Who are you calling “Mrs Mountbatten—Windsor?” Surely not the little whiner. Archie is a Mountbatten-Windsor, but not her. She is , sadly to say, Meghan “Sussex” And this poor excuse for a human being asked to be in the limelight, if she couldn’t handle the criticism maybe she should have kept her mouth shut back in school when she opened it up about that stupid crap about the dish soap commercial. Then she got into acting, again going to be in the tabloids. What did she expect she was going to be hidden when she married a Prince? She knew what she was doing , now she has people like you feeling sorry for her. The only one I feel bad for is Archie. He has to be brought up around her ignorance.

          1. MB says:

            Wow. You are such a jealous hater. By the way, she is not ignorant. She is intelligent and educated. She graduated from Northwestern University and earned admission there on her own. Not many here can say the same. I think she will be a wonderful mother and role model to Archie.

    3. INGRID BULLARD says:

      EXCELLENT !!!! GREAT ARTICLE & photos. They DESERVE all the very best; and we look forward to the addition of their daughter, or as GOD allows, another son.
      I am so very happy for them.

      1. LaTanya says:

        A home is a safe haven. Its the place you are most comfortable. The place where you make beautiful memories and traditions. Yes, it can produce happiness.

    4. Ali says:

      Trying to figure out if that is the ocean in the far distance? Anyone know? That would be the extra cherry on top of the banana split, cos it is stunning and beats a sundae any time. LOL The grounds I find are definitely Edenlike. Just gorgeous. Their furniture from Frogmore Cottage, though not enough; but the whole Soho House vibe interior will blend very nicely with the architecture. Very exciting for a new start. Hope they will finally find some happiness there.

    5. Sandy J Renfroe says:

      This is stunningly beautiful and elegant. A but old world, perfect for a prince, his lively bride, their precious little boy, maybe the mother-in-law, maybe more children one day. I saw that playground, it was soo cute. Oh yeah, their adorable pooches, too. That long hallway would be perfect for a little boy and his dogs to run the length of, whooping and woofing, and then run back again. Gorgeous entertainment areas, a formal dining room inside, a less formal one in an outside covered patio area at the top of the house. A game room for entertaining, a fireplace in the largest and smartest bathroom I’ve ever seen, exceptional pool area, gardens and greenery everywhere, a vine-covered gazebo, something thar looked like one side of an Aztec pyramid peeking out of the jungle, a brick archway. My brain is overloaded, I think I remember seeing an absolutely huuge master bedroom somewhere along the line. The exterior was impressive, is that Spanish, very ornate. There was a beautiful view from a balcony, looking out, I could just smell the crisp, fresh air. Ahhhh, they will love living here.

          1. Kay jones says:

            LOve love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love Prince Harry and his hardworking, highly intelligent, outstanding,beautiful, wife Duchess of Sussex ok STOP THE MADNESS AND LEAVE DECENT FOLK ALONE 😢

    6. BRose says:

      So happy for Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, and Master Archie! I pray that they have peace and lots of happy memories in their beautiful new Montecito, Santa Barbara home!

    7. Concerned says:

      QEII has several mega estates and it’s just she and Phillip. Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall are William and Catherine’s estates and are massive and at various times it was just them and up to kids. William helped Kate’s parents purchase a 7 million dollar estate, and it’s just the two of them living there. Andrew/Fergie; Edward/Sophie; Charles/Camilla have numerous estates courtesy of the taxpayers. You guys are worried about a single household that I’m sure will house offices as well as staff; yet say nothing about the tax-sponsored excess of the BRF! If Harry paid for it, as a provider, he’s supposed to!

    8. A. P. Ness says:

      This is sadly not their money. This is being bought by taxpayers’ money. These are two horribly spoiled people that should be embarrassed of themselves!!

      1. Marie says:

        AP: Meghan was a multi-millionaire when she met Harry. Suites ended two years after Meghan left. She had a capsule clothing line with Reitman’s in Canada, which sold out immediately. She was offered millions of dollars to do a second line and turned it down to marry Harry. She was making money from her web site The Tig. Meghan will always make money because she is hardworking and very intelligent. What have you done lately racist POS.

      2. Deborah G Pendleton says:

        I thought Diana and the Queen Mother left Prince Harry his money? It says the down payment was $5 million. That could have been Meghan’s money. And the rest is a mortgage.

    9. Lani says:

      The home is truly beautiful! I like it but since I am not a celebrity and not married to one of the royal Highness, definitely too big for me and I would want some of my siblings to live with me so I will not be scared when I’m alone. Being rich is nice and having $$$ will definitely can make you live comfortably!
      A lot of people are asking why there are 16 bathrooms. Let me answer that: They put bathrooms near the wine cellar, gym, outside by the pool, 9 bedrooms, media room, entertainment room, by the bar, and finally near the main kitchen area which total of 16 bathrooms!

    10. Patricia Raggio says:

      I’m so happy for you Harry and Meghan and little Archie…. You chose a lovely home and I love the community where the population is just 9000.. take care of your hearts as always… Say your prayers every day… God bless you always

    11. Actually…they got a good value. I’m in CA and 14-mill for that much house in Monticello is a bargain, yep, hard to believe but it is. Of coarse the upkeep is a separate issue, the gardening on that estate will be $250,000 a year. But…SB people pay no attention to celebrity’s, they’re accustomed to celebrity’s, it’s a yawn experience to them, so it will work well for them.

  2. Linda says:

    2 adults..one child…why the heck do they need that much space. well it is easy to serve all these charities and act so sincere when they arew living in a 15m compound. hey why not be more modest in your dwellings…say half of the 15m and donate 7m…in these times..this turns my stomach

      1. Bobby Simmons says:

        Just in case his father comes to visit or his grandmother comes to visit they need the space. You only have one life live that life you can’t take money with you when you die can have a house as big as they want!

      2. Sabrina says:

        Why not worry about yourself! She is doing no difference than all the rest of these people with money! Don’t be jealous be happy for her!!! You probably would do the same thing!

      3. Jane says:

        It’s a beautiful home, but they should’ve paid back the debt from Frogmore cottage renovations first. It also seems like this is a needlessly extravagant home. Why do they need 9 bedrooms? I agree with previous post, donate some of that money to the causes you claim to care so much about. This is the most hypocritical couple I’ve ever seen.

        1. BRose says:

          They need to give Frogmore Cottage back to HM QE II. It is a glorified servants’ quarters. They can use the $3 million for their own home.

        1. Rouge says:

          There needs to be an inquiry of Charles handling of the Duchy’s finances. Charles (The COMMONWEALTH) or they bought the house with the proceeds from that book they didn’t write.

          1. BRose says:

            Stop making up outrageous lies and defamatory comments about people you do not know personally. I am sure you would not like it if people made up lies about you and posted such lies on a public website. Do unto others as you will that they do unto you! There is freedom of speech and lies! Learn the difference! Thank you!

      4. Marsha says:

        Do you think this of anyone who would live in such a home or just the three that will? If it were a random couple and child with the means to live here, would it be worth a comment? What if they were all one race and obscure? Would it be so offensive to you then? Is it wrong because of who they are? Do you somehow know the terms of the repayments on Frogmore, the place they are by definition entitled to remodel in accordance with having been royals at the time and the place needing to be remodeled (many other royals have done the same)? Why do their happy lives together upset you so? Tell us all.

      5. Ali says:

        So rude. Everyone here has a right to their constructive opinions and questioning 16 bathrooms and almost 19,000 sq ft is fair. Gorgeous estate no doubt and in terms of price, it is actually well priced. Santa Barbara is also a wonderful to place to live and great choice for them. I think the entire property is stunning! Brings some old world charm to Harry’s life.

      6. Joseph says:

        It’s everyone’s business. British taxpayers funded the prince’s upbringing. The Queen said nothing about Brexit, in part, perhaps, because it was going to help protect the royal family’s assets stored overseas out of the reach of Inland Revenue, the UK’s IRS. I agree with the critiques of the royal family: extravagant wealth spent for such little return and for the fantasies of Americans who ditched the monarchy for good reason and still long for queens and kings.

        1. BRose says:

          If you don’t like the Monarchy then become a Republican and voice your opinions in the right place. Trolling Prince Harry who has decided to exit his Senior Royal role and seek his own place in life is not going to change the Monarchy. It is cyberbullying and we cannot allow it to continue. I am sure you are a good person – just find a better way to address your concerns about the British Monarchy. You don’t own Prince Harry and Meghan. All British people have benefited from government funding for education, health and other services. I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate being trolled and bullied simply because the British government paid for your education!

    1. Eula says:

      You would never know if their budget was $30MM and already donated the $15MM. It’s perfect for them and they deserve all the privacy and safety this home offers them.

        1. Let’s be honest says:

          Harry doesn’t have a job, and never did have one. So there’s that. I think the British taxpayers paid for this one.

          1. Love says:

            Come off it Bitter one.

            Meg was working before she met H, and had made her own millions, which is more than I can say for the RF. Also, she was providing for her family too

            If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at your FFK, who it’s common knowledge that he bought his in laws home and continues to fund them. Meg’s good, so miss me with your nonsense

      1. Andrea says:

        They don’t have $30 million to spend on a house; that’s their total net worth. And if they had $30 million to spend on a house, they’d already have paid back UK taxpayers for the reno on Frogmore Cottage, which they haven’t. Charles bought this house with the help of a $9M mortgage.

        1. BRose says:

          Frogmore is an ugly and hideous glorified servants’ quarters. They need to give it back to HM QE II and buy their own place.

      2. Deb says:

        I feel sorry for the hard working English people who paid for this estate. An estate for two bums. Prince Charles. undoubtedly approved and bankrolled this house for his lazy, indulged son. The monarchy has to go.

      3. Sabrina says:

        Why not worry about yourself! She is doing no difference than all the rest of these people with money! Don’t be jealous be happy for her!!! You probably would do the same thing!

        1. Deborah G Pendleton says:

          I imagine all the baths are spread out over the estate ie it’s for the servants, the cabana, the guest house, etc.

    2. Ginger says:

      No doubt they will have a small staff along with many guests. You have no idea what their life must be like. By no fault of her own, Megan was harassed every day since she and Harry went public with their relationship. Perhaps they need an escape. The British media is brutal. The US media is like reading a Mr. Rogers book in comparison. While so many blame Megan for using Harry, I would suggest Harry used Megan. Look up her background and education. Fortunately, they found each other.

    3. Ann says:

      If they did spend 7 million, would you then be on here telling them they should have spent 3.5 and donated the other half? And if they spent 3.5, would you be on here telling them to spend 1.75? What figure would YOU be comfortable with, because obviously that’s the goal they should be aiming for when buying a new home lol

    4. Deborah says:

      Really Linda ? Security, meetings, entertaining. More kids, family visits….did you expect them to buy a 2 bedroom in the Valley?

    5. peter j. andros says:

      Take some sodium bicarbonate for your sick stomach. People, even these jaded folks, can spend their time and money however they wish. It means absolutely nothing to wrap one’s head around materiality and wasteful enterprise. At the end of the day who cares what strangers do that doesn’t affect others adversely.

    6. Lelee Harrison says:

      Why are the other royals on estates ?
      Why are wealthy people on estates ?
      Nobody has to have children for every room .
      If others can live in the lap of luxury, why NOT The Sussexes?
      Being charitable , war veteran ,Royal like Prince Harry ( 40 million inheritance from death of his mother of a hard working self made millionaire like Meghan (estimated 5-millionaire ). I’d rather see do gooders like them have it than greedy pervs like Epstein/ Prince Andrew.

    7. Maria Oakley says:

      Hi Linda, don’t be such a Socialist, funny how all those super wealthy are Socialists because it’s fashionable and let them be as their property tax alone will be high and think of all the people they have to employ to keep those grounds well tended and the palace neat! after all , as Margaret Thatcher used to say:” how many poor people have ever given you a job?? or something to that meaning. There have always been super wealthy and there always will be and all the democrats want their power back so they can become wealthy also, nothing really matters as wealth will never change.

    8. Joordan says:

      Their money, their business. They are not using your money, or tax payers money to buy it. In fact, they had to pay back tax payers money that was used to refurbish Frogmore cottage. Kate and William have a place that has more room than what they and the children use. I don’t hear you talking about that.Their lives, their money, their choice of home.

    9. Told you says:

      It’s not your business or your money. They can do whatever they choose with their life. Stop judging these young people and spend time focusing on your own life. If you can’t say something positive about people be quiet.

      1. LauAnn says:

        I am sincerely happy for Harry and Meghan. I am looking forward to the next little bundle of joy to come. Enjoy your life and love for each other in your new home. No weapon formed against you shall prosper!

        I really love this couple and wish them so much happiness and success. I

    10. Lizzy says:

      PLUS, They don’t just sit at home relaxing. They have staff and assistants who help them to accomplish all that they do. You are clueless and in no position to judge. What have you accomplished? Go take some Pepto Bismol.

    11. Pamela says:

      You are certainly very opinionated at 5:44 in the early morning! Harry is a prince of the Royal family of the United Kingdom. He did not grow up in a ‘smaller’ house. Mind your business (that is if you have any!).

    12. Jon says:

      Linda! You mad?! Ha! You want a PRINCE to live in your house or you mad they got money?!! Charity work is free. They don’t get paid for charity. At least they are rich and give their time and resources. What do you do? The monarch gets paid off taxes just like the US Government gets paid off your taxes. If she was ALL white, you wouldn’t be bothered! You can’t even see the hate you give! Karma IS a bitch Karen-Linda!!

    13. Mina says:

      Hey lady don’t be so jealous, Meghan use to work as an actress and Harry inherited good $$ from his mother estates, plus whatever his father gives him. what you have to be so mens up, live your own life, Meghan has gone tru a lot already for you to put more log in the fire. just stop the shit!

    14. Kent says:

      Why would you care about three total strangers wanting to live in a big house? Maybe they want to expand their family one day, which would take up more bedrooms. Maybe they will eventually downsize when their kids are all grown up. Just what business is that of yours?????

    15. Maria says:

      Their budget was $35 million besides the future kings Charles and William may visit them and their families are big.. Not even mention the other European cousins who are royal too.
      It’s a small place comparing queen Elizabeth palaces and castles she has for them.
      I visited each of them and they are priceless. This home is perfect for a prince.

    16. Teresa Ruhland says:

      Because they need the space to entertain others and provide security and privacy. They may add to their family if they can feel secure enough and maintain privacy. I’m very happy for them. They also got a deal on the property originally priced at almost twice what they paid. The horticultural delights no doubt please everyone especially Prince Charles. My hope is they will entertain Royalty from around the world here.

    17. DJR says:

      Considering they still owe the British taxpayers a few million for the redo of Frogmore Cottage (that they really never lived in)… I absolutely agree with you. Also… how big a carbon footprint does this mansion have, for these two eco-warriors, hmmm? They constantly preach how much better they are than the average sort. #suchhypocrites Unless they divorce (which I would bet money on), this will cause the end of the monarchy after HM Queen E leaves us, mark my words. Charles is implicit in this monstrosity. And the UK people are fed-up with this behavior, especially when so many are now unemployed because of the pandemic lockdowns and probably losing their own humble homes. Cake, anyone?

      1. BRose says:

        The British can have back Frogmore Cottage – that hideous glorified servants’ quarters. We are tired of hearing about it. No wonder Prince Harry and Meghan don’t want to live in Ye Merry Olde England!

        1. Amber says:

          Try to think about why it took 3 million to renovate it, put in a gym, a spa, yoga room, etc. 15 separate apartments were combined into one house. So your comment bears no weight; we are tired of not getting our money back when they were planning on leaving anyway.

          1. Marina says:

            Oh, so it’s 3 million now? Why is it every time haters mention Frogmore Cottage the cost magically goes up? And all these manufactured ‘additions’ by the tabloids and racist royal reporters have been debunked so stop repeating lies about a yoga studio, gym and hot tub nonsense. Frogmore comprised several small Servant’s Apartments that had to be broken down to in order to make it into a single dwelling 5 bedroom family home for their use…would you like to live in disjointed quarters? BTW, the property was earmarked to be refurbished by the Queen/Government whether or not the Sussexes moved in so the money was going to be spent on it anyway. As for you being tired of not getting back “our money”, Harry & Meghan spent their own money on fixtures and furnishings and haven’t asked back for that. They’ve agreed to re-pay refurbishment costs and rental fees which is something the rest of the Royal Family who are living in lavish palaces or grace & favour homes are not doing – are you angry with them too? You seem to have no problem with Taxpayers funding the other Royals, I wonder why? Had it not been for your savage, lying press and malicious palace insiders who never gave his wife a chance, Harry would still be there. The way the UK treated a decent, dedicated Prince who served his country for 10 years and his wife who came with good intentions and produced results with her projects was a disgrace and I am glad that they have moved to her country where they will be happy and made to feel welcome.

      2. BRose says:

        When HM QE II and Prince Phillip depart this life, the BRF has to pay reparations for the BRF involvement in the slave trade. Prince Charles and Prince William need to plan for this. It’s good that Prince Harry and Meghan moved on. They will be happy in their new home!

      3. Deborah G Pendleton says:

        well they’ve left Britain so you guys won’t have to deal with them anymore. so get over it. they’re paying back for the money spent on frogmore and won’t be on the taxpayer dime. Princess Diana and the Queen Mother had a right to leave their money to Prince Harry. What else will make you get over this?

    18. Zayka says:

      Why not? I don’t think they are the only ones who can afford such a beautiful home. There a a lot more homes that are as expensive or more than this one. And I think everyone do with their money as they please them. And make as much money or little as they can. I don’t think any one should judge them so lightly just because they have the means to do it and you don’t. Sorry, but this is true and you know it

    19. Anna Marie says:

      To ALl the HATERS you are shameless and very Jealous in humane !!! Leave them alone… it’s far less than they could have spent !! This is their first home ! They shouldn’t apologize for having the sense to be able to afford it. They have worked so hard in the midst of dealing with racism and jealousy. Leave them alone and see what they do from here in these perilous times. I’m sure you will be amazed and surprised!
      God Bless the Duke and Duchess of Sussex , and baby

    20. Truesinda says:

      Keep in mind that Harry is royalty and this is what he is accustomed to….I think it’s perfect for his current family size, as well as the multiple kids they will have in the future! You do recall how extravagant the Queen, Charles, Anne, William and Kate live; so, why do you think Harry should live any different?

    21. Ian says:

      if they contribute their entire lives to helping others, and raising millions of dollars every year why should they not have a piece of the world to themselves.How many earn money pay no or little tax and keep it for themselves, Have a heart

    22. Marsha says:

      Do you even know what modesty means? No? Bring conscious of your limitations. What are their limits, the son/brother/uncle of the future king of England? YOU have your limitations, but a mansion ain’t theirs. Speak for yourself. Let me know it I can define any of these words for you.

    23. Donna says:

      Linda, The average home cost in Monticito is 3 million. An average house in San Francisco is 1.5 million. The average 3 bed home in Malibu Ca is 10 million. 14 million for this mansion is an incredible investment. It’s a freaking steal! They could have bought a smaller one and spent the same.

    24. giani natio says:

      Turns your stomach? Snap out of it white privileged lady. For those sorts of people these aren’t houses they just lock up and pop out of to enjoy a day of shopping at the strip malls. They’re hounded and droned by paparazzi day and night. This is their prison and practically their entire world. If they can afford it, they should have as nice a prison as they want. Go donate your time to worrying about someone who really is stomach turning.

    25. Stacy says:

      What they do with there money is no one else’s business. Comment on the gorgeous home which is what the article is about or make kind remarks or say nothing at all. Didn’t your mother teach you that lesson?

    26. LaTanya says:

      Harry & Meghan raise money for their charities and their supporters raise money for their charities. They don’t close down for lack of money like some other Royal charities. Next, they are a growing family. And, they are wealthy, independently of the Monarchy so they have a right to enjoy their lives. Does it turn your stomach that Andrew and his EX-WIFE live in that palace? And Edward & Sophie and their freakin huge palaces? Andrew isn’t even doing anything & he has that palace & then tried to buy a Ski Chalet.

    27. Tom says:

      Rich people has many friends, not taking into account they have the whole Royal family coming to visit from time to time. They have done enough on charity stuff, leave the couple alone and go back own business. Jealousy people like you don’t go that far.

    28. Ida says:

      What a beautiful place. Kudos to Harry and Meghan for the great bargain they purchased. To pay a little over half for such a compound is ingenious. Hopefully the old nasty racist British tabloids will leave them alone. Go and bother their perfect william and Kate but they know nobody’s interested in them.

      I do hope they will be left alone by the tabloids especially the British ones

    29. Deborah G Pendleton says:

      have you seen the prices in California? I know someone who bought a 2 bedroom two bath regular house and had to pay $1,000,000 for it.

    30. Deborah G Pendleton says:

      you can’t be modest in California. I know someone who lives in a small 2 bedroom house that they had to pay $1 million for. California real estate is exorbitant.

  3. Judy Bernard says:

    This home is absolutely stunning and the playground for Archie is unbelievable. God bless them. I hope they are safe and everyone in their neighborhood continue to be safe for all the people.

    1. Maria says:

      I agreed and his father and brother future kings could visit USA and stay with them. It’s really a small place compare with all the castles and palaces the queen Elizabeth has. It’s perfect for a prince.
      His cousins the royal family from Spain could visit them too. Harry is close to them and their palaces are the bigger ones in Europe.
      Let the money and pay taxes in USA

    2. Marva Gibson says:

      Yes, a very lovely and private space for Harry, Meghan and Archie. They deserve living in style. Harry is used to this lavash life style and Meghan has worked hard for everything she has …so yes, Harry and Meghan…enjoy…life is sweet and short..sooo… be happy.

    3. Casey says:

      Nobody likes a crotchety, old, bitter hag Linda. How about you just mind your business, manners, and self respect and just wish the happy couple well! Now crawl back under your rock Miss. Linda…there you go, shew shee now run along.. that’s a good troll bye bye

      1. Anne says:

        Who would they invite? They have been basically ignored since they moved to the States and she is a has been actress. Entertaining costs lot of money and they don’t have it.

      2. Danielle says:

        Let’s pull out the roll away bed for Her majesty; I am sure the Duke won’t mind the couch in the 3brm ranch right; he’s loaded, she’s not hurting, let them ENJOY LIFE..he has wanted to do this for along time; Megan was the nudge he needed!

      1. Pauline A Corbett says:

        But they had no respect for the Royal Surroundings that Harry should have stayed in. Megan had negative plans for them from the get go. She thought she would change how things were run there. I just feel sorry for Harry, He was always so close to William, but that was also Megan’s goals, to ruin their relationship. Beautiful playground for Archie, most of the other is just a show.

      2. Janie Brackney says:

        I think it is warm and cozy. If her mom wants to live there and help with Archie, there is lots of room. Plus there are enough grounds that they should be able to set up some security that they desperately need.

      3. Ali says:

        Yeah…but she is the Queen 😉 Sad Princess Beatrice and Eugenie don’t get the same. They are 8th and 9th in line. Actually any of the other Queen’s grandchildren for that matter. They all have real jobs with monthly pay checks.

      1. Soni says:

        Beautiful. Definitely has a British sense. So happy and hopefully they can finally call this home. They deserve the peace to sort their lives out for the betterment of their family.

    1. Barbara says:

      Jealous? They deserve all of it. They have family and friends, you know. But again, they so deserve this piece of heaven! Stop being jealous and judgmental.

      1. Anne says:

        They deserve it and for what reason? Don’t buy the published book because most of it is false. She married Harry for the connection and hated the monarchy and the royal duties. I hope they go bankrupt and lose everything and then maybe they will shut their mouths.

        1. Gwen Turner says:

          You are so full of hate. Nothing good will come to you or people like you. Do you know them, NO? Do you know any of their friends, No? Do you know their banker or business manager, NO? Is your phone connected as a threeway to Harry and Meghan’s phone, so that you are a part of every phone conversation in their home, No? Do they need your approval to buy, or live their lives minute by minute or hour by hour or day by day? Do you know more about them than you do about your own mother, father, brother, sister, husband, girlfriend, or about the families that live in the homes to your left or right? Can you see just how crazy you and others like you sound talking about stuff you KNOW NOTHING about? Jealousy and hatred are a sickness, Please get help soon.

          1. Lynette Clarke says:

            Thank you Gwen Turner. Your words resonated with me. There are so many sick people on this page bringing their unhappiness to this beautiful young couple. The need for mental health services, identification and treatment is urgent in our world. I join you in wishing the couple much happiness in their well deserved home. This is a home fit for a Prince and his family. Many blessings that life here will be fulfilling for them in this lovely setting and community.

      2. Eden says:

        Congratulations Megan, Harry and Archie! Let the haters keep on hating, and you keep on thriving and be happy. This is well deserved! When they are donating, volunteering and giving in need and indeed, you didn’t see that. You’ll rather they suffer. Never give up! Hold each other up, and keep being great! We love you so dearly.

      1. Bobby Simmons says:

        I’m not going to hate on them, they need to prove your case his daddy comes over or his grandmother that’s how they roll Big Lots of bedrooms. And they will be entertaining a lot of celebrities. If you can afford it do what you got to do you only have one life to live that life. Stop hating on people.

      2. Maya Pereira says:

        Beautiful house with so much greenery. Archie will be living with nature. Wishing Meghan, Harry and Archie peace, joy, happiness, good health and prosperity in their new home 🏠.

      1. KELLEY says:

        For those of you that say its a bit much….uh hello? They are British (well Harry is) and royalty. Those 2 things together equal over the top!! The press and all the haters need to leave them alone!! Let them be young and in love! They aren’t hurting anyone!!

      2. Ali says:

        What is it to you? Everybody has a right to question or have an opinion without calling them jealous or being rude. I think the grounds are stunning and it feels very homey for shy of 19,000 sq ft. But its fair dinkum to question why 3 ppl and a nanny need 16 bathrooms when they lecture the world on conservation, not to mention the energy and carbon foot print that a nearly 19,000 sq ft home impacts. Even with a 2nd child, a nanny, live in housekeeper, Doria, and several friends visiting from time to time, it still doesn’t require 16 freakin’ bathrooms and 9+ bedrooms. Hey, I get the privacy and grounds- perfect match for them (less 8 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms) and hopefully Harry will finally be grateful for what he has. Wish them nothing but good things, but it is very fair question. So quit being rude to that woman.

    2. Debby Sinclair says:

      Yes just a bit . But when your rich I guess they accustomed to everything . Well they don’t have to go to run or walk , just go round theirEstate. Maybe they planning to have lots of parties & many kids over to play with kid , since awfully lonely to just play on your own in that big play area even though it is cool. Nothing beats taking your child to a park & Letting them run & play with others. I’m sure you can disguise yourself . Can you imagine the cleaning staff & cooks, can’t imagine Meghan is going to take care of place on her own . Oh to be rich be nice …..

      1. Valerie says:

        They’re planning to do a lot of high level work surrounding their foundation. This means heads of state, big business and education people, this is a combination live/work place. I imagine a good deal of this place will be devoted to work space with a full staff and they’ll “live” in a more self-contained area.

        1. Stacy says:

          So what if Charles paid for it. Let your own father pay for such a beautiful Mansion for you. My prayer is that Harry and Meghan find the much needed happiness and peace that they are looking for in this beautiful Mansion. Congrats! You both deserve it.

    3. Tatiana says:

      Patricia, Do you want them to find a 3 bedroom house in California cause this is too “big” for them? Lmfao, Tell that to the other royal family members that have 20+ bedroom palaces/manors as their home and are only like 4 people. This is pretty normal for rich people in terms of rooms because they also have room for her mom, Archie, and possible future kids and other guests. Keep in mind the frogmore house In England has 10 rooms. Anyways, It’s their money, so they can spend on whatever and considering they want privacy and in Santa Barbara, this is a great choice.

      1. Anne says:

        Read the newspaper and watch the news. The big one is due to come. Since most homes are built on hills this is not the time to waste money on an expensive house.

      2. Ali says:

        The other royal family members don’t lecture the world on their carbon footprint and 19,000 sq ft and 16 bathrooms has an impact. I think everyone should live and have what they want- go for it- just don’t lecture others the way they live. Nobody said they need a 3 bed house. Though I do think the grounds of the estate are perfect for them to breath and have some privacy.

      3. Mary Thomas says:

        We are all so happy for this beautiful family. We should all agree, they have the right to live the way they want to, and according to what their situation can afford. No one challenges the way the rest of the royal family lives. Why are they any different, and who are we to judge? Best wishes to Harry and Megan.

      4. ali says:

        The future King of England’s Anmer Hall is not 18,000+ sq feet and nor do they have 16 bathrooms. So what are you going on about? As for comparing H & M to the Queen -lmao-and future King’s of England- again-lmao, that’s a little far fetched. Princess Beatrice and Eugenie do not have anything even a 1/3 of that and they are 8th and 9th in line to the throne. I could careless what they buy- doesn’t effect me, but it does seem way over the top and that’s my right and other’s right to have that opinion. As for more children, H said very clearly only 2 kids- cos he’s highly concerned about carbon foot prints- LMFAO.

      5. Sue says:

        It’s their money. Charles Bought it, Not them…. So why do we see Meghan and Harry ‘Bought’ a house, and THEY paid for it. ,If my father bought and paid for a house, we could not say we brought it. Nice off him to buy it., but say it what it is, who Bought it? And who paid for it.

      6. Sue says:

        Charles Bought it, Not them…. So why do we see Meghan and Harry ‘Bought’ a house, and THEY paid for it. ,If my father bought and paid for a house, we could not say we bought it and paid for it. That’s nice Charles paid for it, but why do the tabloids and papers say’ Meghan and Harry BOUGHT a house.

        1. Rhonda says:

          Do you know for a FACT that Charles bought the home? What if he gave them a loan or paid part of the price? How do you know? The tabloids?

          I don’t care if Charles bought the home. People help their children. I’ve seen it all my life. Many regular, everyday, educated, professional parents give their kids a money gift (down payment) to purchase a first home.

          I am not a jealous person of other people. Everybody is different. Everybody has a different script.

    4. Maureen Fudger says:

      I think it’s a perfect compromise for Harry. Touches of the walk-in gardens at home. A near medieval look in walkways. I think they will have 2 vetted, discreet staff indoors. Rooms for guests. Complete privacy and safety. A playground for playdates. They couldn’t have found a more perfect home for life. Now we pray that drones and paparazzi don’t find it. I rather wish they didn’t show outside area in some photos.

    5. Cynthia Humphries says:

      There’s 3 and maybe more. Looks palatial! Just what they deserve. Maybe William and Kate can come and bring the kids for a visit – that would be great!

      1. Linda luke says:

        Nice when you have a rich daddy that finances you through life. No worries, we can look forward to hearing from them soon how the rest of the mere menials should conduct our lives. What a joke!!

      2. Anne says:

        Cynthia – Really, now that is funny. The monarchy has no use for either one of them now except Charles and Kate and Will prefer to keep their distance as they don’t like Meghan and both are bad mouthing the monarchy. Two immature adults.

        1. MB says:

          Anne, in regards to Meghan, how is going to college, paying for your own education, developing your own career and ideas, and MAKING YOUR OWN MONEY immature??? She has every right to express her opinions even if it doesn’t settle well with her new family.

          You are right though that the monarchy has “no use for them.” Being born the second son of a prince-soon-to-be king allots them the FREEDOM to divorce themselves from a culture and ideology that is inherently different from one that rewards their own accomplishments. Meghan can do whatever she wants with her money because she EARNED it and Harry, as the second son, is liberated from the obligations of being a British bobblehead. I never understood why the monarchy got so much attention- it requires literally no talent.

      3. Lorena says:

        Excellent. For the couple and the baby …they deserved thant and more….very nice couple..
        T hey are so brave to quiet a job that that everyone will keep for life. . !!!!

      4. Betsy says:

        So happy for Harry, Megan & Archie! Congratulations on your new home!! May you have a host of family & friends & privacy you fill your days here. Please disregard all the negative banter Megan, your heart is so big & wise. You two together will bring such good into this world. Looking forward to your work ahead & blessings in all your endeavors!!

      5. BRose says:

        I have a feeling that Prince Charles and Camilla will be visiting first before Prince William, Kate and the kids follow. I can see Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie and their husbands, and Zara and Mike Tindall and their children also visiting. I hope they have Savannah and her Sister and parents – Peter Phillips and his now divorced wife over too! Savannah is hilarious and will enjoy the outdoors! Definitely, Prince Edward and his family too. I can’t imagine that HM QE II, Prince Phillip and Princess Anne visiting but one can never rule that out! I bet Prince Phillip and HM QE II are thrilled as punch for Prince Harry and Meghan. Despite all the gossip and alleged tensions, they are a family first and foremost and HM QE II, Prince Phillip and Prince Charles dearly love Prince Harry, Meghan and Master Archie! I am sure HM QE II and Prince Phillip are thrilled that Prince Harry and Meghan have found a lovely home where can feel safe and have some peace and quiet!

    6. Ann says:

      I’d be willing to bet that security and privacy were their biggest considerations and they were (and should be) willing to pay through the nose for it. Archie can run and play in this backyard and they can entertain guests without the worry that there’s paparazzi hiding in the bushes – with an estate this size they won’t be able to get anywhere NEAR the main home. The best they will ever get is H&M&A in their car driving in and out from the entrance. If they got, say, a more “modest” 5 million dollar home in some swanky neighborhood, it wouldn’t have the same security, it just wouldn’t. Look how often other celebrities in less secure neighborhoods get papped on a regular basis.

      Also, I’m sure they plan on expanding their family. Her mother will probably come to live with them. How many family members would they need before people think they “deserve” such a large home? Do you think the previous people who lived in homes like this all had 8 kids? Or that 5 families were living in it?

    7. K Love says:

      Shut up Karen. Mind your own business. I’m sure they are capable and can afford whatever they buy without a Karen’s two cents. Don’t be that person- A dream crusher. I’m happy for them.

    8. It’s just so much for echo warriors. 17 air conditioners, heated pool and sauna the sheer amount of water for the grounds ! IDK , whatever. But the obscene thing about this extravaganza is they owe Brits $3 mil , who are struggling with jobloss and crashing economy. That should be paid first before this much money spent here. Instead they down millions here and tell UK they will pay them back over 10 years. They provide no service to UK and they’ve trashed the RF and the people and yet they don’t pay what they owe first.

      1. Rhonda says:

        Harry and Meghan cannot save the world. Bill Gates can’t save it. Neither can Besos, the Amazon king. No man can save this world. Wealthy people live better than the rest of us. That’s how it is in this life. You just have to accept it and not let it bother you. If you want to help others, do it, but don’t worry about what other people do with their money.

        I see how much more people seem to judge and resent Harry and Meghan. I can’t remember other royal people getting picked on for what they have like this. The way things are going in the United States and around the world, I shouldn’t be surprised.

    9. Whitley says:

      Actually, since you didn’t have to pay for it, it’s not your business. So, thanks for chirping by. Also, since you can’t count, there’s three of them. And perhaps, there will be more. Meanwhile, have a better, less jealous, less racist day. Okay, pumpkin.

    10. Darrell Forney says:

      so, is William and Kate’s home, Amner Hall and royal apartment at Kensington Palace TOO MUCH for two people?

    11. Deborah G Pendleton says:

      I know someone who paid one million for a small 2 bedroom home in a regular neighborhood in california. they actually got a great deal on the place.

  4. It is not just two people. They have a child and may want more. They have other family members. I would love to have the money to buy such a home. Anyone who says they do not love this home is not tell the truth. It is perfect. Enjoy your blessing H & M. @SussexSquad

    1. Pnelphia Blakely says:

      So happy for this young couple who clearly have been through so much. Their new home is absolutely beautiful. May God richly bless their lives and keep them safe from all harm.

    2. ali says:

      What other family members? They have 1 family member, Doria. They ousted both sides of their families. That and 1 more child due to great concern of their carbon foot prints lol Unless they are setting up a hotel for friends, that is a whole lot of bathroom usage lol Hope Archie finally gets some friends- that could end up being a very large and lonely play ground for 1. This lovely estate could end up being a gilded prison for adorable Archie if they are not careful. Typical celebrities. Hope they can finally find they’re happiness there. Bigger isn’t always better. BUT, it is a lovely private estate, so good for them finding this property.

      1. Rhonda says:

        I don’t know about you, Ali. You’re saying some nice things here, but you sound like you’re just “pretending.” The kind words come with a “knife in the back,” you know?


    1. Deb says:

      I feel sorry for the hard working English people who paid for this estate. An estate for two bums. Prince Charles. undoubtedly approved and bankrolled this house for his lazy, indulged son. The monarchy has to go.

    1. Esther Soroka says:

      Saludos y abrazos a los tres. Dios los bendiga. No ignoren que estamos viviendo tiempos malos. No le confien ni por un segundo a Archie a nadie solo a su abuela y a la familia de Harry. A nadie mas. Cuidense,sean sabios, discretos al hablar, n o sean tan naive. Estan rodeados de alguna gente bien, pero bien malas. Meghan no le confies al baby a nadie. Traiganse una niñera de confianza de UK. No le crean mucho a la gente. Investiguen. Infórmense en las redes en que tiempo estamos viviendo. Por qué loe hablo así, por que a travez de las revistas conocí y aprendí a querer a Diana, por cariño a ella me atrevo de aconsejarlos. Ahora Meghan traducile a Harry mi cariño a los tres. Best regards

    2. Alison says:

      Maybe she’ll invite her dad and siblings? Wouldn’t that be lovely to make peace? Also, all her former “best friends”…

  5. Anne says:

    At the end of the day Prince Harry’s grandmother is the Queen of England, his father and brother are going to be the future kings. Even if Harry and Megan had preferred to purchase a less opulent estate-it simply would not due. Prince Charles is footing part of the bill for this estate so that it will be suitable for visits from Harry’s family. The estate is fairytale lovely but make no mistake-it is a gilded cage.

    1. DJR says:

      How old is Harry? And he still needs Daddy’s help to buy a house? How pathetic. And the UK public will not put up with their tax money going toward such unnecessary opulence, especially when many of them are severely struggling right now, due to the UK’s wretched economy. The monarchy may not survive this. ‘Republicans’ (the UK kind, that wish a dissolution of the monarchy) are growing in number, thanks the Charles’ coddling of his second son.

      1. Marie says:

        This is the problem with people today. Too many haters for no reason. Everyone does not have to be the same, in thinking, what the like or how they look! If you do not have the same views. There is something wrong with you in this society. Everyone is different that is what makes the world. If people would take the time to know or get to know people. Don’t dislike people because they have more than you, or do not have the same views. I am so sick and tired of you people that are so shallow. You think you know celebrities and famous people, but you don’t. You do not know what is in their heads. The media decides what kind of people the famous people are and ignorant people believe it. Have you seen Megan or Harry Financial Statements. So if you family was going to give you money, of course you would say…NO. If you do no have a positive attitude, do not make a comment. Did you ever think that maybe you should see what is wrong with you, because you cannot be happy for other people that are successful.

        1. Amber says:

          The commenter above you gave a a specific reason, due to the political and financial situation of how people are struggling today in the UK. And you call him a ‘’hater for no reason’. Huh? The financial status of Harry and Meghan is well known; and public funds of British tax payers are helping to buy this lovely house. Instead of being ignorant, listen to people, open your eyes, and broaden your horizons outside of the US. ‘Haters’ is such an overrated word used to mindlessly throw around when someone is explaining the political situation in the UK and why the monarchy is at risk.

          1. Rhonda says:

            Well, like I said earlier, it seems Harry and Meghan are definitely getting more hate than I’ve ever seen toward the royal family. Yes, there are a lot of HATERS out there… racists and jealous people. Many people are angry that Harry married biracial Meghan and that she was an American actress. She has what many women wish they had. They’re jealous of her success and how she came from humble beginnings and married a prince. And now, she also has more wealth. I’ve seen other blog boards that are just horrible! Mostly women are fighting mad! You cannot believe that some women hate her that much. It’s so bad it’s sickening. When they blog, they go crazy and you can see how jealous they are.

            In my opinion most of the angry people are just jealous.

      2. BRose says:

        You have jumped to your own conclusion about the source of funding for the home without any proof whatsoever! Prince Harry inherited money from his Mother, Princess Diana, and his Great Grandmother, HM Queen Elizabeth. HM QE gave Prince Harry more money than Prince William because she knew that Prince William will eventually be the King. As a Senior Royal, Prince Harry was not allowed to earn his own income. He was expected to work for the British Royal Family – representing HM QE II and the Crown, and Prince Charles. He and Meghan were paid from the Duchy of Cornwall’s Estate funds. They intend to earn their own income but still receive some support from Prince Charles. That is the arrangement that they negotiated to exit their Senior Royal roles. You should ascertain facts before you post disrespectful and untruthful comments that are intended to put down another human being. You will not want to be disrespected so kindly do not do it to another person. Thank you!

  6. Kelly Blue says:

    They must have a hefty savings account. Personally, I liked the Canadian refuge with the forest better.
    They are the only ones who have to be happy with their choice. Wish them well.

        1. Tianna says:

          Great, so why are you here? We certainly don’t want to read your ignorant nonsense. You ladies need a hobby. They are the same SICK crew that chase articles about her all over social media. The FBI need to be brought in on them. They’re crazy and crazy people do crazy things. This is AMERICA, her HOME.

  7. Whitley Gilbert says:

    Actually, since you didn’t have to pay for it, it’s not your business. So, thanks for chirping by. Also, since you can’t count, there’s three of them. And perhaps, there will be more. Meanwhile, Have a better, less jealous, much less racist, less broke-a** day. Okay, Pumpkin.

    1. Ali says:

      The Queen and Prince Charles will not be visiting. Let’s hope that the brother’s will mend and maybe they will visit once. These ppl do 200-300 public engagements a year. Time off is Balmoral and their own private family time. The Senior Royals work non-stop for the betterment of the Brits and the Commonwealth. They get August (4 weeks) off- which is standard for all Brits and Europeans for the year, plus Bank Holidays. That time is precious to spend with the Queen and their own children. PS Commenting on a home is not racist, so get over yourself. So old, so boring. BTW, since you didn’t pay for it, why do you have an opinion?

      1. Rhonda says:

        I know they are not all that close, but I hope Kate makes a visit. I wish she could come alone (sans William) with her children. I still believe she could have a rather nice visit with Harry and Meghan. Take things slowly. The children should also see each other from time to time. I think Kate might enjoy getting away and seeing this part of California.

    1. Denise B. says:

      I love this estate!

      Romantic and lush landscaping and grounds; sea and mountain views; modern sports and entertainment areas both inside and out, including for Archie; bathrooms for family, friends, visitors, fundraising events, etc.; classy decor, furniture, room lay-outs.

      I think it was a bargain!

  8. April Reed says:

    What an amazing place. Master Archie will have plenty of place to play. I’m so happy for them. Princess Diana, would be so happy for her son and his family. Keep strong and be safe.

  9. vcrgain says:

    Frankly it’s way too much house for anybody unless surrounded by a huge bunch of family or friends. Plus this is just way too American ‘faux’ everything for Harry – but then I was never in the market for such property so I could not cope with this much house…..you will have to have at minimum 4 people looking after the house & garden full time. It’s all a big gag-inducing ! I’m sure Meghan could make it way more classy tho ! If this is indeed their new home I hope they will enjoy it & Harry not get homesick too soon. But then once he becomes tuned in to being away from UK he will likely, like me, also a Brit & living in the US for 30+ years, think their ways are very quaint when he does go home !

    1. Ali says:

      The architecture is indicative of the historic Spanish influence on Cali which I happen to love Mediterrean/Spanish architecture. I’m American, lived in England for many many years and I get what you mean though… ‘some’ Americans go for the oversized, bigger than you need calling card manse. Personally, not my thing. Its like the new constructions in England by many celebs and football stars- nothing quaint about them. But though this place is way too big for my taste- the architecture and grounds are nice.

    1. Eden says:

      Congratulations Megan, Harry and Archie! Let the haters keep on hating, and you keep on thriving and be happy. This is well deserved! When they are donating, volunteering and giving in need and indeed, you didn’t see that. You’ll rather they suffer. Never give up! Hold each other up, and keep being great! We love you so dearly.

  10. Natalie says:

    Harry traded in his Royalty and family so that Meghan gets to live near Hollywood ‘royals.’ Isn’t this near the Kardashians? So weird. Ellen had a house there? This is so strange.

    1. Ann says:

      This is actually not very close to the Kardashians. A good hour away, usually 2 hours with traffic. And it’s even further from Hollywood. If they wanted to live in LA with “Hollywood royals”, they could have lived in LA. Were they supposed to check whether Ellen had a house there before they bought their own? LOL. What’s strange about them wanting to live in Southern California? Meghan’s mother lives here and Meghan grew up here, this is the place that makes the MOST sense for them to want to settle, how could it POSSIBLY seem strange to you?

    2. T says:

      Why is this so strange? Her mom lives in Ca and it seems to be private. Where do you want them to live? In England where their own family and their staff sell them out to the rags and are harassed for every move they make?

  11. I am very happy for them ! I love this house they bought, beautiful! They deserve to have their privacy. I respect Prince Harry and Meghan for standing up for the for theirselves. Have a happy life !!!!!!

    1. Ian says:

      then you obviously don’t know how the royal family is funded,not how much profit the country makes on having a royal family. I think you would swop them for some of the presidents that you have had. certainly not all,but they cost more than the royal family and the royal family pays tax on all the earning which put some 40% back in the pot beside all the good ie harry and Meghan do,spending their lives raising money for others,particularly the disabled.
      i hope you can put your hand on your heart and given to the community and other poor souls around the world, where you get the issue of south america from i have no idea what Harry has to do with it. Maybe you think south america is run by such nice people like in Venezuela

    2. Ali says:

      It costs the British taxpayers 1 pound sterling a year per person/year. The Queen alone brings in over $3 Billion in tourism a summer. If Briton lost the Royal family, businesses would lose a lot of money in business they count on- make no mistake. People from all over the world fly in just for the pageantry. They are huge money makers for the Brits and their businesses. England would just become another country with a large cultural city, lovely countryside and historic buildings of a bygone era- nothing distinguishable from other European countries. The Royal family delineates that. I’m not necessarily a royalist, just pragmatic. I do think its cool though they still have this great tradition. Good for Briton.

      1. Rhonda says:

        Interesting info there.

        Frankly, I pretty much lost interest in the Royal Family until Harry and Meghan got together. I even missed William and Kate’s wedding.

  12. Pdaddy says:

    Congralation_I am loving it_its every thing the family needs_ almost total privacy _ enjoy your new home_you guys deserves it..
    Be safe, stay healthy and continue loving each other.?

      1. gioconda says:

        You grew up in Montecito? That’s where Oprah & the former Shah of Iran – Reza Pahlavi’s sister have homes & Michael Jackson had his legendary ranch with a full sized roller coaster & where wild animals like giraffes roamed around. Good grief @Richard – you must be wealthy. Looking for a roommate?

  13. Elva Espinoza says:

    I agree, huge house for 3 people. Good thing Harry has his dad to help them out. Millions losing their homes but glad they got a 14.7 million home!

    1. Don says:

      But they bought it for a steal from a Russian businessman who took a $10 million loss on the sale. So they got a $24 million estate for only $14 million. Pretty smart house hunting if you ask me. I’m sure they have already budgeted well for taxes and the hired help.

    2. Maria says:

      Their budget was $35 million besides the future kings Charles and William may visit them and their families are big.. Not even mention the other European cousins who are royal too.
      It’s a small place comparing queen Elizabeth palaces and castles she has.
      I visited each of them and they are priceless. This home is perfect for a prince.

    3. Darrell Forney says:

      did you have any problems with Queen Elizabeth gifting Amner Hall to William and Kate? Nice to have a Grandma who is Queen and worth untold millions?

  14. Christine Distelhorst says:

    That is a grand house with everything a famous couple needs! Even the playground for Archie and his play mates! I hope they enjoy their home! I also hope they invite Prince William and Duchess Katherine over for a visited Don’t you know the kids would love the playground??

  15. Glenn says:

    Knew a couple in California who built a 9000 sq ft home just for them. The man was the owner of a gasoline company so had the bucks for it. I walked through the home with him and asked; “Ted; your home is so large and is over 3 stories tall. When will you ever see your wife? He replied; “that’s the whole idea my friend. I will play pool in the club room in the basement and she will spend days in the 3rd floor tower and maybe we’ll see each other at dinner; or maybe not”. Yep; money can’t buy happiness that’s for sure.

    1. Rhonda says:

      …. uh, that’s your friends and that is a sad situation. But, that’s not Harry and Meghan. I don’t think Harry is “typical” in any way. He adored his mother, for one. Men like that are usually very devoted. He also had went through emotional grief and depression. He’s been humbled by life and he’s holding on tight to the good things he has now.

  16. Marisa Knox says:

    Congratulation’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and baby Archie. Welcome to the United States. So glad that you were able to find a home you can call your own. From the pictures, it is beautiful. I love the children’s play area and I am sure you both will enjoy it while playing with Archie. Beautiful!!!

  17. Marilyn B says:

    If it’s one thing I hate Debby Sinclair, it is people posting who don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, etc. Should have listened to your grammar teacher! Mitsubishi you are just downright evil and envious. Your comment is the most toxic. If you don’t have anything good to say, shut up. In some countries some people live in match boxes and park their only automobile in a pencil box. The house was already built that way. They can afford it. It is not your Yen. So, get on with your life. Fabulous house Harry & Meghan. Enjoy!

  18. Linda S McFadden says:

    I sure hope Megan and Harry, who are making a statement about goodness, kindness, and equality for all, will invite their family, friends, and those who they work with, who are not as fortunate as they are to their home. It would really illustrate what they truly value.

  19. seymour glass says:

    Dear Harry….Congrats on living normal life in the USA. Also, you should know that 90% of us “normal” folk don’t have 16 bathrooms. All you did was trade one spotlight for another. Also, people who give from the heart don’t do it in front of cameras. With all the people here who are on the verge of being evicted and have lost their jobs, it’s good to know that you are staying “humble” with 14000 square feet. I’m sure the people of England are so proud.

  20. Satori says:

    People are born into different levels of financial wealth. I used to think that all rich people should give everything away to poor people, so everyone will be happy. It does not quite go this way, because we don’t know the big picture and lessons we all have to learn.
    Living in a tiny two bedroom rental apartment, I may decided that their house is ridiculous, but it is their money and I know for certain that they give away much more than I will ever be able to.
    They are awesome couple, went through a lot and they deserve this heaven.
    More so than Trump, Kardashins and alike.

  21. ms p says:

    I think you need to stop worrying about what HM purchased with their own money…let it go. Does anyone tell you how much to spend on your home if you have one….back off and give them a brake, they deserve a bigger house…like a castle….

  22. Maryadelia Mantle says:

    I’m not rich but people moan and groan when someone spends money, but do they realize how many people will have work because of this beautiful place…..the two of them aren’t going to be doing the cleaning, gardening and all that stuff. Many people will have jobs because they bought this place. I think it’s great.

  23. Lynn says:

    Beautiful estate! Well worth the money. Here in San Jose this week a house was posted for $12,500,000. It had less than a 2 acre lot with no privacy. But it did have gilt gold tops to the ornate white marble columns throughout the main floor. The schools in the neighborhood weren’t that good.

  24. Linda K Hudak says:

    Nice little starter home. They are fitting right in with all the Hollywood idiots! She definitely got what she wanted. Is Harry happy?

  25. Donna Baardsen says:

    Stunning, beautiful! And, it appears, it’s near the ocean too. The royal family has numerous palaces far, far greater than this, so I see no problem with their purchasing such a breathtaking home and property. Good for them! I hope they fill it with lot’s of children too.

  26. Karen Palmer says:

    Absolutely heavenly and after the hell they put this couple through in the past, they both deserve this. I am so thrilled for Harry, Meghan and their son Archie. This entire estate embodies their personalities. The both seem to be God fearing, down to earth good people with kind hearts and so willing to help the world. Look at his amazing Invictus Games for our war heroes and the way she has always from eleven years old wrote a letter for equal woman’s rights. I love this family – Enjoy the beautiful gardens, the outdoors, the gorgeous home you have purchased and always continue to be the down to earth family that you are. I love you guys!!! How about that? Love Karen Palmer – Brockway, Pennsylvania – If you get time Meghan, send me a note.

  27. DarimaKhor says:

    That is a stunning home. It looks like a fairy tale compound. Someone is going to have to live in it, so why not them. It is a perfect home for Archie to play in as well.

  28. Melody Parker says:

    Wonderful they could find a property with such privacy! It will be a beautiful entertaining place. I’m sure William and Kate and family will be comfortable staying there for a visit. I just hope they can find adequate and discrete staff to take care of the estate.

  29. me says:

    So many lackeys saying “they deserve it”deserve it for what??for being rich!!!pathetic you lot are…they are leeches…she is by proxy!!scum of the earth the lot of them, leeching off the British people and giving nothing..disgusting.

  30. JMare says:

    Poor Harry! Forced to leave his country and relatives because his wife wants what she never had-a life as a Hollywood A-Lister! I hope Harry has a happy life, but it’s not very likely given his wife’s desires. Again, poor, poor, Harry!!!!

  31. Alec Wenton says:

    Great! Archie will sure grow up to be a normal kid in a massive mansion bigger than the Queen’s Balmoral Estate, surrounded by Oprah and Ellen. And there are so many other “normal” kids for him to play with in that 10 acre zoned area.

    And Gwyneth can just come down the road and hand deliver a $300 vibrator for Meghan from the Goop catalog whenever Harry is away on a trip.

  32. Manuela says:

    What a dreadful place, all tatty wood, the furniture looks like its for sale in a 2nd hand shop! needs lots of work, how can they afford it, well thats for them to work out, seen better houses on my street, and for far less bucks!!

  33. Rita Shane says:

    Absolutely exquisite. I personally have seen many homes selling real estate and I think the previous owner thought of almost everything. The gardens are a wonderland of design to temp anyone to want to stay for a very long visit.
    Many large estates are not homey but I think this one would make you feel very relaxed and cozy in such a well thought out design. Entertaining will be something they will definitely want to do and the home is definitely ready to welcome many guests at a time. Being ready to embrace little ones also with the play area and the grounds. Good choice for Harry and Meghan and Archie. Congratulations and be happy for the est of your life.

  34. Lynda says:

    How can they continue to whine that they have had to struggle? Megan claims racism and Harry claims mental struggles due to trauma of mothers death. Stand in line with millions of people who have dealt with the same issues without the comfort of millions of dollars and perks of royalty. The average American has NO INTEREST in your political voice. You want privacy– go away and keep quiet. We will forget you’re here! They both abandoned their families which would have provided the comfort and support in a healthy way— instead they seek comfort from law suits and celebrity status. We have more important concerns than your self centered lives.

  35. Gerry Vasquez says:

    Your estate is beautiful and well deserved, I am sure you mother Diana would be so proud of you Harry and I am sure she loves Megan and Archie. I wish you all the best in your new home and may God bless you and your family in Jesus name. Lots of love from Whittier, California.

  36. Lareine says:

    This ostentatious residence is so typical of these 2 spoiled phonies who so frequently masquerade as down to earth and socially conscious, as well as claiming that they want their child to have a “normal upbringing.”

  37. june says:

    Kudos to Harry and Megan.Awesome home for the Family.
    Live your life and care not what others say.You are both generous to your charities and you deserve to have a choice in where you live and what house you buy.
    Love your Family!!


    Beautiful house with beautiful & exceptional gardens in a paradisical location. The house is built on land from the McCormick estate of 87 acres, whose main house was demolished in 1925 & which inspired the novel “Raven Rock” based on the tortured life of the McCormick family whose son was schizophrenic. This mentally ill child was watched from the house with binoculars by his mother. This history of the McCormick family and the land of the McCormick estate on which the estate of Harry and Meghan is built may be significant and a dark foreboding. The son was never cured of schizophrenia and the family lived a very unhappy life, notwithstanding their beautiful house. However if I were to live in Montecito I’d chose a house just like this. They got it for a real bargain. The seller originally brought the property for over $25 million and took a $10 million finanacial loss selling it for 15 million to the Sussexes.

  39. Ronnie says:

    Not that it matters to any of us, but I’m just wondering how they can afford a house like this. Usually you have a high-paying job before you purchase a high-priced house, which will also require high costs in upkeep. Neither one of them has a “job.” The Royal Family is not going to support them if they are not working for the Royal Family and Prince Charles is not going to support them indefinitely. Their current resources will only go so far, especially without a healthy income-producing resource. They said they wanted to be financially self-sustaining, and yet, their current projects don’t sound too financially promising, especially in these financially down-turned times… Archewell and Travelyst… How realistic are these ventures? I think they are big dreamers… Time will tell…

  40. laura B. says:

    This is perfect for them. I used to work in Montecito. (I live about 20 minutes from there) and it is a very private and fairly paparazzi free place. It is common to see Ellen around town and other celebrities. It makes no difference to the other residents. They can relatively live their life there like a normal person. I am sure they will modernize and furnish the home a little bit to their taste and the outdoor grounds probably feel pretty familiar for Harry. They need the space for privacy, nannies, housekeepers, administration, guests, etc. The Santa Barbara airport is about 20 – 30 minutes away so family can fly in and avoid LAX.
    I had a feeling this is where they would end up and if I was them, I’d choose Montecito as well.

  41. Tianna says:

    I love it! It’s not a McMansion. The grounds are as stunningly beautiful as the house. Meghan has excellent taste. I’d love to see the house and grounds in about two years after they’ve added their personal touches. I’ve read Harry loves gardening which is not surprising when one factors in the fact that he grew-up visiting/living at High Grove. There’s lots of room for Archie to play. I’m so happy for Harry, Meghan, Archie and any additional family members. After what they were put through by those racists in the rightwing British media, NOTHING is too good for the Sussexes. We love you,#SussexSquad.

  42. Skeezix says:

    Nice digs for two people who are basically unemployed. Oh, right. I forgot that he gets an allowance from his pa. Well, anything is possible in good ol’ Cali. Maybe there’s a market for expat royalty, just in case the freebies dry up.

  43. Rhonda says:

    I have nothing but love for them! This home reminds me of a home you might find in England. Just the design and the greenery. However, in Santa Barbara they have the wonderful sunshine. It is a beautiful home. God bless Harry, Meghan and their family forever!!!

  44. Patricia says:

    Girllll, you married a prince. You deserve to live like royalty. So happy for you guys. God’s richest blessings to you both, #team/harry&Megan-all the way!!!

  45. Delor L. Adams says:

    Now Meghan is able to invite for black relatives over to meet Prince Harry and baby Archie as she reunite and they can stay for the weekend.

  46. Christine Bravo says:

    Congratulations Meghan & Harry I am so happy for the both of you, your home is beautiful
    I wish you all the happiness and love that you both have for each other, enjoy your home . I wish one day I could meet you and Harry. God bless you all & be safe

  47. louise says:

    They can’t walk the talk. She got it all her way. She is now amongst hollywood royalty. She was trying to make it there afterall. They divorced themselves from the royal family but they still want the perks. They want to say they are making it on their own and that their focus are their charities. But none of this reflects making it on your own or humility of a charitable soul. I did love Harry once.

    1. Laaraine Nash says:

      I feel sorry for Harry. Megan is a gold digger and married him for his money and prestige, more prestige I think. Harry is the one that chose to leave his royalty trappings behind so I see no reason he should need them now. So much for their charities, it is suppose to make a B list actress look like an A list, but it doesn’t work. She’s more like a C list actress.

  48. Dianne Ducheno says:

    So happy for Harry , Meaghan & Archie .. This place is beautiful and yes way out of reach for many of us . Reality is we each have our own piece of Heaven as our budgets will allow . Yes he was royal and always will be in many eyes but they are both doing their own thing now and although he may get some of his estate from Prince Charles in reality it too is from Princess Diana’s estate . Many famous people have homes of this size and still only have 3 maybe 4 family members living with them .. Always room for a sudden drop in from family & friends .. Be happy for them not jealous .. Enjoy your home and may Archie have a ton of hours of fun through out the home and property ..

  49. Suzanne says:

    An absolutely beautiful home for them, the playground is perfect as well. So, so happy for them, and wish them all the happiness in the world.

  50. Gail Howell says:

    So happy for them. What a beautiful place and room to expand the family eventually. Even though it’s not in England it has that palatial European air to it. I hope they will live happily ever after!

  51. Dr. Absaroke says:

    Absolutely fabulous! This house looks to be the ideal SoCal place to hang; especially if you’re royalty. Splendid landscaping. love the pool area, the house is huge yet has a cozy feel to it. Well, the fireplace in the bath might be a tad much but otherwise- splendid choice!

  52. WS2 says:

    I am confused by people saying “they deserve it”. They deserve it why? They can afford it, that is a different story. They don’t “deserve” a house that could house 10 families. They didn’t “deserve” Frogmore either, which is a tiny shack by comparison and still more than 99+% of the Earth population can afford.

  53. Judith LeClair says:

    Beautiful Estate! For A sweet Beautiful Couple & their Darling Baby Boy & hopefully future children!
    God Bless them! Love Their New Home!

  54. Lydia Elliott says:

    Yes—the estate is beautiful. I would hate to think I had to clean the place or just the BRs’! Need way more money for all the people needed to keep the mansion and pay those high property taxes!

  55. L. Snow says:

    The extensive gardens and the views are beautiful and the home reminds one of something in Europe. Too bad they can’t have all that and live closer to family. I foresee little Archie growing up with all that room and fun playground equipment all alone! I doubt he’ll ever really know how fun it is to be able to play with cousins and enjoy his extended family.

  56. Jo Ann Noriega says:

    Beautiful home and its a dream for some people. If they have it why not. I would rather live in home that’s humble and simple with a lot of love that you could do to it. 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths, swimming pool and jacuzzie of course for entertaining. Just a very nice setting and live simple. Yet, I do wish them the best and my blessings to them and there son.

  57. amato says:

    This is an amazing house. For those of you that took time to write such mean spirited comments–you are giving the world a lense into your empty souls–try to wake up and see that your negative energy only serves to hold you, hostage, in the delusions of lack.

  58. Sandy says:

    I feel so sorry for Archie having not the chance to know enjoy and grow up with his cousins in England and not able for the world to enjoy him like we all have enjoyed his England cousins. He has a beautiful home but no family except his parents to enjoy it with. I wish them well but I do think someday they will regret the move from England and the family they lost and also what Archie has lost

    1. Rhonda says:

      I see what you are saying, but I do not think Meghan would ever want to return to England. Harry could want to return years down the line or keep a residence there for regular visits. But Harry could also completely fall in love with his new community. He has a wife who will help make his adjustment to the USA easier. Also, he has wanted to get away from how he grew up.

      In the US, I’ve seen many people leave home states and fall in love with California and other states–for good! They never return to their home states.

    2. Deborah G Pendleton says:

      I hope not. I’m sure he’ll make lots of school friends where he is. many people grow up with no cousins. my kids did and they felt no loss

  59. Genea says:

    I’m totally THRILLED for you and your beautiful family. May you have the peace and privacy you deserve. Here’s to building amazing memories in your home.

  60. Objective and unbiased says:

    If only they could be as gracious, generous and kind as William and Kate. No wonder they don’t want to be in England, how awful they look by that comparison.

  61. JEFF says:

    They both seem like nice people. They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. It must be hard for him to grow up as an equal to his brother, then to be cast aside once his brother produced an heir. I’d leave too. Suddenly. he has no role. The British press bashes him for accepting money from the government, then he is criticized for going out on his own.

  62. Nancy Caduto says:

    She married him for his title and money and then didn’t get what she wanted couldn’t even deal with rules which she knew was going to happen. She has a title Prince Harry has a title and they deny their son a title what a shame. She was an actress and not a huge one she played in a sitcom and that’s it. Prince Harry has always been of royal blood and from a royal family its a shame he gave up all his mom stood for and what she put up with. She has i think tried to destroy things and it didn’t happen like she wanted it too so she decided to start a war on her own and that’s a shame and her son is left out of being royal which is not fair and Harry should stick up for him his mother would of stuck up for him. I think that Harry better start thinking of things he gave up the charities in London that he has helped for years and his family friends are friends and family is forever. I don’t understand about the paparazzi she doesn’t want it but she is always sticking her face into things so they follow her around she knows that if she doesn’t keep her name in the news than she has. nothing so she does what she needs too. I just hope she doesn’t ruin the royal family. I am just so tired of every tiime you pick up a newspaper or a magaziine its about her first and Harry is in the back ground. Well I hope the royal family stays strong.

  63. Cathy Sanford says:

    I didn’t read the comments already posted. I don’t care what anyone else has to say. Price Harry, I hope you find peace with your Mum’s death. I understand how much it hurts to lose your Mother. Mine died from cancer and it was so hard to watch her suffer and it was 27 years ago. You and your family deserve to live your lives as all of us do. I understand the hurt people cause by their words. The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is something we said as children. But words hurt more than sticks and stones. I have been bullied by family members, schoolmates, and others my entire life. But I choose not to let them get to me! It was after I had children when I realized these people were jealous. I didn’t need to know how they felt. My wish for you, Megan, and Archie is to have a long happy life. I also understand the curiosity surrounding you and your family. Anyone who loved Princess Diana always wanted the best for her boys she loved so deeply! I am happy you found someone who loves you and wants what is best for her family as much as you do! I don’t want Archie served on a platter. But I think a picture a couple of times a year would help satisfy the people who do love you and your family. You have always been in the public eye. It’s hard for some to let that go as you try to become normal private citizens. But it’s hard to see that happening. Megan has been in the public eye before the two of you met. And the careers you both seek will keep you there, as well the curiosity. I hope you have the privacy you seek! Everyone in this thread of comments has that. The Bible says “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” May God bless you and your family and keep you safe!

  64. Carmelita Puno says:

    Yes, that house is really beautiful! You two are just perfect and Archie will be just fineI’m sure because you have lots of love to offer! Do not bother with the bad comments here. They pretend to be knowledgeable about the British Monarchy. You live your life the way you see fit. We know you are doing great in your Charities. Live, Love, Laugh… Good luck in all your endeavors, God Bless You Always…

  65. Rhonda says:

    I have been waiting and waiting to see where Harry, Meghan and Archie would finally settle. Now that I’ve seen their lovely abode, I am quite happy with their choice and am praying for them, that everything turns out the way they want it to.

    Unfortunately, the disagreements here seem to be more about Meghan Markle than their home. People who don’t like her can’t seem to ignore anything she does. That’s why she seems to dominate the tabloids. Thankfully, I sense somewhat mature individuals with life experience here (unlike most other sites), and the good outweighs the evil.

    The home itself is just so beautiful and they are in an ideal location near the beautiful breezy beaches, with people and community who will likely be protective of them and wish them happiness.

    1. Annette says:

      I’m Canadian and felt that the couple would have more opportunity and privacy to live life in California. These two people have been through enough are very productive and have a heart for others as Harry’s mom did and taught her boys. Harry and William were very much loved by their mother and knew it. Now, about their new property and Home, many may not understand that that they need such a large home because of who they are. The door is open for eventual reconciliation and hospitality. We never stop loving family, but sometimes, we need to distance ourselves in order to not be destroyed. Megan’s dad did leak out to the press when he should not have done so. We need time to recover from wrongs done and learn to trust . In time, if those who are jealous and controlling are willing to change, then, there is hope that mutual respect can be restored on both sides and unconditional love can heal this family which I truly believe all parties would hope for. Harry and Megan are not alone having to distance themselves from harmful family behaviours. I’m certain Harry , no matter what he had to give up, didn’t want Megan to go through what Diana did. I wish them a wonderful life. It took a lot of courage , not without pain for Harry, to come to the decision to break away. I also believe that eventually, the Royals will understand what happened
      here. Also they know that Harry’s heart is broken because he does love his family, but he needed to make a decision to protect the woman he loves. The marriage between Harry’s dad and His mom was a manipulation by family member when they already knew that Charles was in love with Carmela. Charles’s mother was not a loving mother and his dad sent him to a boarding school that took him away from home and he hated it there. On all sides, people carry past hurts and are damaged
      Individuals. We’re all wounded and need partners who understand and love us unconditionally which helps us heal. Diana was a loner, she didn’t like parties and kept to herself, she was catapulted into a destructive life which caused her depression, to the point of suicidal attempts. The other woman, Camila, was always a part of this marriage. Like Diana said, it was a marriage of three. Sadly. I wish Harry and Megan a happy, prosperous loving life with eventual acceptance and reconciliation with their families. May God have mercy on us all for we never stop loving and thinking about our family. It’s just safer to get way before they destroy us.
      We have so much to be grateful for. We need to dwell on what’s right in our life.
      Harry, Megan and Archie, I love you and I love my Queen, for she, as a young child, sacrificed her life for us all. We need to forgive as God forgives us. I know you love your family deep in your hearts. May God guide you and abundantly bless you. AA:)

  66. Karen t. says:

    Welcome. May all who enter do so with a happy heart. May all who live here be showered with love and sheltered by hope, graced each day with a grateful spirit. And through life’s trials, may each heart keep its compassion, comforted by the peace kept within these walls.” Blessing KT

  67. Annie says:

    Wow. This post is about a beautiful home, not your personal opinions about two people who just happen to live there.
    Just look at all you children and your gossip here. So sad. Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners?

  68. p41oh says:

    People are entitled to their opinions. Not sure why some people here think they have the right to chastise others for expressing their opinions. By doing so, you are doing the same thing that they are. Just sayin’.

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