A Look Around Bravo Star Teresa Giudice’s Opulent New Jersey Mansion

Teresa Giudice House
    1. JoAnn says:

      It may not be everyone’s taste but keep your rude comments to yourself. People now think it’s okay to just be rude because they can hide behind these platforms. A family lives there. Just look and leave!

      1. John says:

        Miss, when someone makes a career of living their trashy lives in the public eye, it is not only reasonable but expected that they undergo a level of scrutiny that others don’t merit. Your comment is not only rude, but in poor taste and reflecting your lack of social awareness.

    1. JT says:

      It’s really a gorgeous home inside. The outside could use some updating, but that wouldn’t be at all difficult to accomplish. The people saying nasty things probably live in a house on wheels.

      1. Lisa Clement says:

        That home is stunning. I wish I could afford it. Treasea worked hard to pay back all the money Joe did. When people get on here saying nast things about her and her home they are jealous of her.

    1. Candice says:

      This family has been through so much ,I love watching Real housewives of New Jersey .Teresa you are amazing ,house is beautiful .If nobody can say anything nice don’t say nothing at all

    1. Alexander Kava says:

      Hope she finds way to keep it- I mean probably lots of memories there with her kids, family, etc. That’s unfortunate if she needs the $ but could also be time for her to move on maybe. tough position to be in

  1. Jack Spears says:

    Teresa did a makeover on this house that really feminized the look! Much of the original wood work has been painted white and the. outcome is fabulous. Love the changes and the look.

  2. Patrick says:

    The one thing that bothers me the most is why the foyer chandelier is not centered with the staircase…and that’s just the beginning. you don’t have enough space on here for me to finish! Tear down and start over.

  3. danny D says:

    They were going for “Las Vegas Chic” and they Nailed it! I Think one could buy it film Horror movies in it for extra cash.

  4. Marge says:

    Theresa….gaudy, gaudy, gaudy… And like you said long ago – why would I want to live in someone else’s dirty house.. I’ll never do that again, since I had to when we first got married.

    I hope you have to pay fortune to keep this monstrosity clean, while you wait for some sucker to come up the the money!!!

  5. NC says:

    I do like the pool area & yard although for that price they could have added some sod to the bare areas however I cannot say I liked too much of the interior.

  6. Janice Powell says:

    Hello from NZ!!! Love the grounds but the house looks too big, dark masculine tones or too much white and not enough balance. The place is pretty impressive though.

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