Inside Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin’s Beverly Park Mansion

Justin Bieber House Beverly Park
      1. monique Theresa leary says:

        I always wonder why celebrities need such massive mansions. Yes they have the money to buy them, but do they really need a home that huge? It really is sad when you think of people in other parts of the country, and the world, who can only live in tin shacks and don’t have enough money for food. If I were a rich celebrity, I would use my millions to help others instead of having a palatial home.

        1. Duane F. says:

          Why cant they do..and how do you know they havent? I LOVE it when people feel the need to tell other people how to spend there own money!

      2. Carla Ferro says:

        Congradulations. A house you can make a cozy home . Great neighborhood .Enjoy. God bless .You so deserve to be happy .Great news for a new chapter of your married life .

  1. PoopStein says:

    What a DUMP. What’s with the Home Depot chandeliers everywhere? Horribly tacky and completely out of place. Money does not equal good taste.

    1. Melissa says:

      You should contact them and let them know PoopStein is available for a design consultation. I’m sure your home is magazine perfect.

  2. Vermicmpstr says:

    I was surprised to see that it’s an AGA stove. It’s a learning curve for sure to learn how to cook on them. Perhaps their personal chef is from England and is well-versed in the mechanics of them.

    The furniture is horribly ugly. Staged, but wow. You walk in and see a chair perched stupidly against the wall instead of tucked under the desk, among other idiotic things.

  3. Jim Seaman says:

    Hey Bieb how about you zelle me 25 grand so I can get out of this 20×25 cabin with no terlit!! What a huge house for just two people. Oh well it is what it is!

  4. Susan Clarke Pichette says:

    I love looking at the “Stars” homes…all of them !!
    If I had that kind of money I certainly would be buying one for me and my family….why not ?

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