Inside Matthew Perry’s Palisades Cottage

Matthew Perry House Pacific Palisades
  1. Shannon says:

    We all deserve happiness, and a nice home; if circumstances are in your favour, enjoy! The decor and views seem calming. A very nice choice.

  2. Vekole says:

    Great weather and the views are spectacular no doubt, but there is no thing warm and cozy about this place. Cold and sterile is how I’d describe it. Too bad considering it’s location.

  3. ET says:

    Very Happy for you Matt… you are EXTREMELY SMART to be downsizing. Less is More, keep it simple. People don’t need all that excessive unused space which is only for stroking their ego. You’ve come to your senses much faster than all the other celebs who want “more, more, more” to waist, waist, waist. It’s a perfect size and so great to not have any STAIRS… no one needs stairs in the older years… good looking out for your future. And ditto the person before me who said…. I hope your new home makes you as happy as you made us all those years.

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