Inside Lori Loughlin’s Hidden Hills Modern Farmhouse

Lori Loughlin House Hidden Hills
  1. John Sala says:

    Nice place–relatively tasteful unlike its new occupants. Same house here in my place on a pristine 19 mile long glacial remnant lake–3-4 mil. Why pay that price, when you could be here in Spring, Summer, and Fall in a place that isn’t parched–and then spend Winter renting in some place nice??? Duh-ness! Like the Varsity Blues scams. Being rich should never be equated with being smart.

  2. Lisa K Noonan says:

    Do a side by side with her new 1 room home. Also when you look at EVERY picture what’s missing?, oh ya, a sense of family! Not 1 picture of daughters, not 1 trophy for school excellence, not even a term paper marked with an A, on the refrigerator.

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