A Look at Shaquille O’Neal’s Orlando Mega-Mansion

Shaquille O'Neal House Orlando
  1. Katie Carroll says:

    Oh I love to live in This dream house for one winter. It would be like living in paradise ❤️.Great taste you have. I’m so poor worked all my life & still could never afford something so beautiful. I love it 😍♥️

  2. Angelo says:

    I truly love Shaquille’s house and the beautiful touches he added. I have always dream of a fantastic home like this and Shaquille’s home has everything. Thanks Shaq for sharing what hard work and a strong business mind can make dreams come true!

  3. Richard B Avery says:

    It’s a lovely estate with all the vacation amenities one could possibly want very large and nice lake on the back, if it doesn’t sell why not use it as an exclusive Airbnb? At $4,000 per night and 3 night minimum! I am glad his estate is not overdone but understated elegance. I really like it and wish Shaq luck in selling it

  4. Patrick Bowman says:

    What a beautiful house you have. I had the privilege to meet Mr. O’Neal a couple of times when I lived in Virginia. God is great my friend.

  5. JC Prichard says:

    My wife(49)and I(52)are both disabled. She use to be an ICU nurse who became disabled by ending up on her own floor as a patient. I use to be a sales representative, who has Crohn’s Disease. I’ve 26 surgeries with 7-10 feet of intestines left. This would be perfect for us, because of how many BATHROOMS 🚽 🤣🤣🤣(True Story🤣). It would take me a week to get to other end of house tho, because of my multiple back surgeries 😬😬🤭… WOW!! Don’t think we could afford the drapes!!! WHAT A DREAM!!!! I have been a super fan of Shaq since I read bout him in when he was in high school… WHAT A MAN…… His attitude, his wit, his mind, HIS HEART is AWESOME!!

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